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With kiss Weidman Anderson Silva beats weight for UFC 162

The Brazilian Anderson Silva returns to the Octagon this Saturday (06), to defend the middleweight belt in front of American Chris Weidman. But before the collision, the athletes had a moment unprecedented in weighing the show.

After spiking 83.5 kg, almost 500 grams below the allowed limit, Anderson went to seen and reached out to touch his lip at the mouth of the rival. Weidman did not back down and the fighters were separated by Dana White, president of the franchise, with a smile.

After the 'kiss', Anderson kept the weighted speech and praised his rival. "All fighters are in the UFC are great. They are the best fighters in the world. Tomorrow he will have a chance to win the belt. Let's see what happens, "he said.

Check out the official weigh-in results from UFC 162:

Main card

-84 Kg. Anderson Silva (83.5 kilograms.) Vs. Chris Weidman (84 pounds.);

Up to 65.8 kg. Frankie Edgar (66.2 kg.) Vs. Charles Oliveira (65.2 kilograms.);

-84 Kg.: Roger Gracie (84.4 kg.) Vs. Tim Kennedy (84.4 kilograms.);

-84 Kg.: Tim Boetsch (84.4 kg.) Vs. Mark Munoz (84 pounds.);

Up to 65.8 kg. Dennis Siver (65.8 kilograms.) Vs. Cub Swanson (65.2 kilograms.);

Preliminary card

-84 Kg. Andrew Craig (84.4 kilograms.) Vs. Chris Leben (84.4 kilograms.);

Up to 70.3 kg. Norman Parke (70.8 kg.) Vs. Kazuki Tokudome (70.3 kg.);

Up to 120 kg.: Gabriel Gonzaga (118.9 kg.) Vs. Dave Herman (109.8);

Up to 70.3 kg. Edson Barbosa (70.3 kilograms.) Vs. Rafaello Oliveira (70.3 kg.);

Up to 77.1 kg.: Seth Baczynski (77.1 kg) vs. Brian Melancon (77.1 kilograms.);

Up to 77.1 kg. David Mitchell (77.6 kilograms.) Vs. Mike Pierce (77.6);

* Fights are not valid for belt has a tolerance of 0.5 kg.

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