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Next title shot for chael sonnen.

After being defeated by Jon Jones in the UFC Chael Sonnen American became a laughingstock among MMA fans. In an assembly made ​​by fans, the fighter would be "challenging" the bantamweight champion of the UFC, Ronda Rousey. The fighter who hinted that he might retire from MMA after the fight, did not confirm if it really will be away from the sport.
Sonnen is currently a commentator for UFC Tonight program, the American television network FOX.

Recovery Jon Jones Lyoto defines the future of the UFC.

Brazil may face Swede Alexander Gustafsson if the champion does not recover.


The unusual injury to Jon Jones, who broke his toe during the fight with Chael Sonnen, left some doubt about how long the U.S. will need to re-train normally.
And, if you need five or more months of recovery, which would prevent the athlete to compete this year, the injury will also affect the fate of the Brazilian Lyoto Machida, number one in line for a title light heavyweight (93 kg) .
In an interview with "MMA Junkie" Lyoto's manager revealed that if Jones can not compete, the fighter would accept face Swede Alexander Gustafsson.
We talked about it and basically feel that Machida Jon Jones is not able to fight until November or December, so he would rather accept the fight with Gustafsson. If Jon Jones can fight in August or September, there would love to fight Machida for the belt.
After winning the American Dan Henderson by points in his last appearance in the Octagon, Lyoto was confirmed as the main name to challenge the champion of the division. But rumors of a superfight against Anderson Silva Jon Jones and current injury the athlete can change the course of karate, former heavyweight champion.

Jon Jones has left big toe put in place and thanked the medical staff.


The heavyweight champion of the UFC, Jon Jones, was relieved after being referred to a hospital in Newark. He had left big toe reattached in place, took place in points and thanked the medical staff who attended, shortly after victory over Chael Sonnen by TKO in the first round, issue 159.

[UFC 159] With broken toe, Jones and Sonnen grinds equals record heavyweight.

Chael Sonnen may be controversial and good at promoting fights, but Jon Jones again proved that it is the greatest talent MMA today. In major combat Issue 159, Saturday (27), the light heavyweight champion 'sliced' the loudmouth with sharp elbows ever, secured the TKO in the first round and achieved the record for consecutive title defenses in the history of the division five, equaling the mark of Tito Ortiz.
Bones crunched Sonnen was sent to attack the base of courage. Jones accepted the short and fixed his opponent on the ground with ease, repeatedly, to exercise full of ground and pound elbows features - and targeted enforcement. Thus, gradually massacred the opponent on the ground until the referee stops and enact technical knockout in just under 30 seconds to the end.
Broken toe.

The most unusual - At the time of the interview yet in the Octagon, Jones realized he had broken his left big toe. The camera filmed the bizarre injury and heavyweight champion realized that if the fight went to the second round, obviously would not be able to continue. Ie, Chael Sonnen, theoretically, was almost 30 seconds to get the belt heavyweight UFC.

"My coaches have asked for action against Sonnen. Was what I did. Did not feel pain (the thumb) on time, just then I saw a little blood", endorsed the champion.
"When he (Jones) goes to 'kill', there's no stopping it. Need to think about which category will be (medium or heavyweight.) Do not wanna be one of these guys who are floating between divisões.Esta probably was my last chance, "said Sonnen.
[After the fight] About toes, elbows, and titles supermatches.
Control - Belcher and Bisping began fighting with dynamic exchanges of blows, to ensure benefits. In the second stage, Bisping took control actions more explicitly with jabs, and kicks directly placed on the legs of the opponent. Belcher was constantly changing base, but could not pursue his game.
In the final step, Bisping applied good direct right. Even little explosive or exciting, the pattern of the fight unless assured his points victory over a liability Belcher, who also received an accidental finger in the eye, causing dangerous cut in the eyelid and forced the referee end the fight just before the time expires.

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If Anderson Silva hit 77kg, GSP accept face it

Super fight between Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva would happen if the Brazilian can download up to 77kg.

A few years ago Georges Saint Pierre ponders the possibility of rising to the category average weight, but the welterweight champion revealed during editing program The Joe Rogan Experience that is easier for him to lose weight and fight in the lightweight division.
"I do not cut much weight [77kg to fight]. It would be easier for me to fight with 70kg to 84kg fight. With 70kg I would be on my weight more naturally "- explained. "There are guys in the lightweight weighing about 86kg like me. They think I'm great because I have a lot of structure, but I'm no big guy, I'm not dense. "
The fight world like that ST-Pierre went up to middleweight to face Anderson Silva - in what would be the battle between two of the most dominant champions of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The Canadian does not rule out the fight but says that the organization and the fighters will have to decide which division confrontation occur.
"Anderson is very large. It weighs 104kg. He is a really great guy and I'm 86kg. It is much difference in weight. If this fight happen one day, we will have to decide in which weight class and everything. "
It is generally agreed that the super fight should happen in a weight class but usually combined President Dana White stated that the clash has to be done in the class of medium or medium medium to be valid for a belt.
There are about twelve years old, Anderson Silva competed with 76kg and even 'Spider' has said he is able to make the cut weight again. GSP said he would accept the fight if the fighter's X-Gym really get down to the limit of their division.
"If he can hit 77kg, it can weigh 77kg, I can weigh 77kg and all will be well" - said.
Georges will wait for the fight between Anderson and Chris Weidman at UFC 162 in July, to decide his next challenge in the organization. Dana White has already stated that it will hold a super fight between Silva and St-Pierre if he chooses to fight for what is noted as the largest of the twenty years of the Ultimate, but the king of the welterweights implies that face Johny Hendricks.
"We'll see. Anderson will fight with Weidman and Hendricks is hysterical. He wants to fight me. We will see what will happen in the future - will probably be the Hendricks "- he said.
I think he had already reported some time ago.

UFC 159: Chael Sonnen no longer sells fights as before

Chael Sonnen shows to be tired of playing the role that made ​​him famous in MMA.

It is not easy to play the role of villain throughout his career and the main actor of the Ultimate Fighting Championship signs of tiredness.
Chael Sonnen has been highlighted in major news mixed martial arts around the world (and many millions of dollars) thanks to controversial statements aimed at celebrities mixed martial arts.
The gangster of Oregon, as he likes to be called, spared no offense to Brazilian fighters, which deserves the middleweight champion Anderson Silva, who was defeated by the two opportunities that they faced.
But beyond talker, Chael does not lose the pose and is a fighter who does not waste opportunities. Although it was completed in the first fight against the Spider and knocked out in the rematch, until recently he said the best athlete of weight and did not understand the scoring system fights.
Undoubtedly, Sonnen is a playful, but also an opportunist. When Dan Henderson said it could not face Jon Jones to eight days of fighting main event of UFC 151, Chael P promptly offered to accept the challenge. The event was eventually canceled, but the talkative once again was the beneficiary of the situation.
Jones defended the belt for the fourth consecutive time against Vitor Belfort, who finished in fourth round clash finalized and Dana White stunned the world by announcing that the fight champion protagonizaria TUF 17 with Chael Sonnen in the role of coaches in the reality show.
And the announcement does not summarized the program that gives the winner a contract with the UFC. The President confirmed as Chael next contestant in line for belt dispute even without having done a single fight in the category. The reason: Sonnen was the only man who was willing to face Bones when Henderson got hurt.
Athlete of Team Quest shone in reality and put two of his men in the final. Kelvin Gastelum Uriah Hall defeated the favorite to become the 17th The Ultimate Fighter Chael and has established itself as the best coach in the show.
But the behavior of communicative fight promoter changed after TUF. The provocative challenger has been overly respectful regarding Johnny, a fact that is surprising among journalists accompanying him for some time.
The respect shown to Jones is not the greatest sign of fatigue Chael. His interviews are no longer bright as in other times, and believe me, he can not attract attention to their struggle through its main feature: a sharp tongue.
In an interview with ESPN regarding the fight next Saturday, the 27th, when asked about his hatred of the people, Sonnen went on a tangent, said he does not hate people, especially women, and asked to touch the hair of the reporter who interviewed .
The episode, although it was funny, it was considered bizarre by the international press. "Can I touch your hair? Can you feel it? By the way, I love your hair. This has never happened before? Because everyone sitting in this chair is thinking about it, I can assure you. This is real hair, people, and is very soft, "he joked.
Without much enthusiasm, he added that it will take the belt from Jones, he does not think title fights and they do find it, as well as the main events of fighting and self-styled most interesting man in the world.
No, his former rival Anderson Silva of more interest to those who have become accustomed to seeing him shock the world with his rhetoric unmatched in the sport. He no longer answers the questions with the same courage and runs away, who would say, the controversy.
Chael Sonnen, to tell the truth, is nearing the end of the line. He is the underdog against Jon Jones at UFC 151 and the only certainty about the future is that it will remain in the heavyweight category, the fiercer the organization.
If the odds of the bookmakers are confirmed, it will be beaten by Bones and the trend is that the poor results insist cross his path in the Octagon, as the technique and explosion of 93kg fighters, mostly, are over capacity the representative of Oregon.
Chael, that shone as a coach, you must continue the career commentator on UFC Tonight program, but will be remembered as the perennial challenger that failed in title fights, unless you perform the improbable: defeat Jon Jones at UFC 159.

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Chins Hard UFC


When a fighter has the amazing ability to absorb blows, we say he has a hard chin. Takes punches, but does not erase, and therefore, it becomes very difficult to knock him out. This is the case of the American Roy Nelson, who returns to the Octagon tomorrow at UFC 159. Gordo, or the American MMA fighter looks. Even opposing the aesthetic form of the majority, Nelson is considered one of the best fighters in the category. Besides the hard chin - the athlete has only been knocked out once in his 25 fights, and resist the beatings provided by Gypsy and Werdum - American also has a very strong right arm, responsible for 11 knockouts in his 18 career victories. So, is favorite for the duel before Cheick Kongo. Having a hard chin really helps define the outcome of a fight. Which brings us to the curious: who are the fighters with chin harder than UFC?

Prepared a list of some fighters to start the discussion, which will certainly have twists and turns. Dan Henderson and Mauricio Shogun: American made ​​37 fights and was never knocked out. Both have very heavy right arm and clashed at UFC 139. After five rounds played, where the two received blows very strong, both were still standing at the end of the fight. That have proved tough chin, as well as the former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar. The U.S. has never been knocked out and proved against Gray Maynard, who can hold a huge amount of hits and keep whole. Expanded the list and the reasons for each choice.

Continuing the discussion begun in the column this Friday (26), followed by listing of the toughest chins in the UFC. Besides those mentioned in the column, we can still highlight more fighters. 

-Anderson Silva

He lowers his guard, opponents attack and nothing happens. In 15 years of fighting and with 37 fights on his record, the Spider has never been knocked out. Even giving chances, literally, for the opponents do it. Generally, the opposite happens. Anderson Silva who just knocking out opponents.

- Clay Guida


Always warrior, Clay Guida shows a willingness and determination in single combat. Even with 12 losses in his career, the American has never been knocked out. In 2009, he faced Diego Sanchez at the TUF 9 Finale: caught, but was defeated after three rounds by the judges' decision.

- Mark Hunt


The heavyweight Mark Hunt just suffered a knockout career. Was the maximum allowed. Faced two legends, Cro Cop's kicks and punches Fedor, but Hunt refused to fall. With great absorbing blows, the New Zealander deserves the list.

- Takanori Gomi

Takanori Gomi

I know that the post refers to UFC fighters, but worth an exception to Takanori Gomi, who has one of the toughest chins in MMA. The Japanese PRIDE made ​​history with his 41 fights and no losses by knockout. The main attempt was to fight Takuya Kuwabara, who applied several kicks, but Gomi's chin continued strong.

- Stephan Bonnar


The eight defeats Career Bonnar were ugly. Especially against Jon Jones, Lyoto Machida, Forrest Griffin and Rashad Evans. Great fights, but they had the same build: hit the U.S.. Still, the tough Stephan Bonnar endured to the end. The aforementioned, three losses were by decision and one by medical intervention. The resistance Stephan Bonnar closes our list.
And you agree with our selection? Remember to add someone else on the list? Join in the comments.

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Countdown to UFC 159 with Jones vs.Sonnen

The Ultimate Fighting Championship had announced the date and place of confrontation in which the champion Jon Jones will defend the belt of light-heavyweight against challenger Chael Sonnen, but now the event has the traditional numbering editions featuring the greatest show of MMA today.
The UFC 159: "Jones vs. Sonnen" will be held at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, where the coaches of the seventeenth season of the reality show The Ultimate Fighter will face off in the Octagon in confrontation valid by weight division title until ninety three pounds.
Johnny Bones reached the top of the world by defeating Mauricio Rua at UFC 128 in March 2011, and successfully defended the belt against former champions Quinton Jackson, Lyoto Machida, Rashad Evans, Vitor Belfort, his latest victim, who accepted the challenge in a short time for preparation.Chael is not ex-champ and has no merit to face the champion. After two unsuccessful attempts to dispute the middleweight belt, in which he was defeated by Anderson Silva, he offered to save the card for UFC 151, which was not performed due to knee injury to Dan Henderson. Sonnen, who had nothing to lose, called Dana White and made ​​available to the organization, but had his name refused by Jones and by his team, the Jackson's MMA. They suspected that Henderson, a longtime friend and teammate, had revealed the injury before the official announcement for the loudmouth won preparation time and emerge as the savior of the card at the last moment.
Chael Sonnen fell in through the dome of the UFC, and even without having done a single fight in the category, was awarded the opportunity to face the world number one. He is the underdog for the duel but there are those who believe in his ability to knock down the opponent and drag it out on top to win by points.

- Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen;
- Alan Belcher vs. Michael Bisping;
- Cheick Kongo vs. Roy Nelson;
- Phil Davis vs. vini magalhaes;
- Pat Healy vs. Jim Miller;
Lutas Preliminares
- Johnny Bedford vs. Erik Perez;
- Ovince St. Preux vs. Gian Villante;
- Sheila Gaff vs. Sara McMann;
- Rustam Khabilov vs. Yancy Medeiros;
- Leonard Garcia vs. Cody McKenzie;
- Nick Catone vs. James Head;
- Kurt Holobaugh vs. Steven Siler.

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Dana video blog shows behind the scenes of UFC 158: GSP X Diaz

Foto: Reprodução/Youtube.
UFC president is responsible for managing all the gigantic structure necessary for the maintenance of the promotion shows. Making a comparison with our known soccer, Dana would be the leader responsible for the daily contact with the athletes, a reminder in case of slips and voice that praises when success appears. A kind of Football Manager whom the company relies heavily for its success.

In another edition of his traditional video blog, Dana White showed all that was behind the curtains of the troubled UFC 158: GSP X Diaz. In attraction, welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre completely dominated Nick Diaz fighting in five rounds. In the second most important fight, Johny Hendricks is accredited as the main challenger to overcome the same category Carlos Condit in a major combat level.

See the video blog this week.

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Away from MMA, 'Tiger' believes Ricardo Arona around easier to Submission

Fans of Ricardo Arona were "orphans" on September 12, 2009, when the beast beat former UFC champion, Marvin Eastman, by unanimous decision of the judges side in his last professional fight.

The "Brazilian Tiger" goes away from training. The focus and attention of Arona are focused on completing the work of the training center to be opened in the first half of 2013, in Niterói, his hometown. But he did not rule out a return to the cages at the end of 2013.

"I'm just now finishing the works of my Training Center. Just stopping for a time works, but is now closing. I want to start training for the end of the year to make a fight, going through a refresher in my workouts. If all goes well, at the end of the year to fight back, "he said in an interview with tatami.

Last month, Arona had his name linked in a rematch against an old nemesis. The duel was against Rameau Sokoudjou, who knocked him out for the Pride, but the fighter himself is keen to reject the rumor, although it shows is still a matter of greed of many events.

"I was not looking for that event, no conversation rolled. I heard this rumor three days ago, but not even a passing speculation, false speculation. I always get offers to fight, but actually have nothing closed yet. I'm taking care of my private life and then think back 100%, "he said.

Around the Submission 'easier'
Arona shone on issues that participated in the ADCC.

Ricardo Arona trod a path of success also in grappling. Unbeaten in the Submission, the black belt of his namesake Liborio won weight and absolute at ADCC 2001, dispatching the likes of Tito Ortiz, Jon Olav Einemo, Saulo Ribeiro and Vitor Belfort. In the 2003 edition of the biggest competition in the world of grappling, Arona was crowned champion superfight to overcome American Mark Kerr.

And it may be just the Submission that Ricardo Arona return to active duty: "I'm still weighing things, I know what it's worth to me. I want back training Jiu-Jitsu, but to compete is already something more complicated. If it was a fight in the Submission, it would be easier for me. I could train in less time and be ready to fight. "

"One thing is certain: I will return, I'm just waiting for the right time," ends with conviction

source information.

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Boxer challenges undefeated heavyweight champion of the UFC and MMA calls "junk"

Tyson Fury, boxeado inglês de 24 anos, desafiou campeão do UFC e criticou duramente o MMA.

Tyson Fury, British boxer of 24 years, claimed to be the "world's best" and even said sure in a knockout of Cain Velasquez

The rivalry between boxing and MMA seemed to have cooled after Randy Couture beat James Toney with ease, boxer who challenged the American member of the UFC Hall of Fame and made several criticisms of the fastest growing sport in the world in 2010. But an Englishman two feet and six inches in height seems to follow the same path Toney.

The target time is the UFC fighter Cain Velasquez, current heavyweight champion of the Ultimate. Tyson Fury, British boxer of 24 years who has never been champion in any organization in his career, has heavily criticized the U.S. the site "":

- "The belt does not mean anything. I am the best in the world. If you have the desire to face Velasquez? One million percent yes. I challenged him three times. He is a little boy who does not want to fight. Said not on live television, "said the Englishman remains undefeated in his boxing career.

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In search of the reaction, Nate Diaz wants to put on weight after the UFC on FOX 7

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

The fight against Josh Thomson, on the main card of UFC on FOX 7, this Saturday in San Jose, Calif., will mark the farewell of lightweight Nate Diaz. The athlete, who will see action in the home state, thinking of moving to the welterweight division in which they have been between 2010 and 2012 and has the Canadian champion Georges St-Pierre.

Nate Diaz coming off a loss to Ben Henderson by unanimous decision at UFC on FOX 5, last December, when the lightweight champion retained the belt. The Californian seeks victory against Josh Thomson experienced, but admitted that it should move up in weight and fight between welterweight, fellow brother, Nick Diaz.

"I do not think there is anything for me in the lightweight division. I've snapped and fought all the category. The only person who beat me was Ben, but Gil (referring to Gilbert Melendez, rival champion in the main event of UFC on FOX 7) will deal with it on Saturday. I have no motivation to fight all the guys again. Rather face someone new, "emphasized the fighter in an interview with MMAJunkie.

In fact, since winning the fifth season of The Ultimate Fighter, Nate Diaz fought 13 times in the lightweight division, with record of nine wins and four losses in the UFC. As a chance for revenge on Ben Henderson declined with the arrival of training partner and Strikeforce champion Gilbert Melendez, he admitted higher division.

"I'm in lightweight division for seven or eight years, probably more than any other division. So, unless they have something really cool to offer in light or a very cool fight that interests me ... yes, I'm out, "reaffirmed the Californian, who has four fights between UFC welterweight, with two wins and two losses.

Mousasi is considering moving to the category of Anderson Silva at UFC


Newcomer to the UFC, and now with a status of potential challengers to his belt light heavyweight (93 kg), Iranian Gegard Mousadi makes mystery about his future in the event, but recently he considered the possibility of competing in the division of Anderson Silva.

Former champion several events between light heavyweight and middleweight (84 kg), Mousasi debuted with points victory over Ilir Latifi at his last presentation, and motivated by good phase resolved questioning fans about a possible change of status through your Twitter account.

- Guys, what do you think if I go down to middleweight (84 k)? I'm curious what you think about it.

At 27 years old, Mousasi accumulates a respected cartel with 34 wins and only three losses, which puts him as top contender in any weight division in the UFC.
If you drive to compete among the average, Iranian would be a great challenge for the Spider, which virtually swept their division in recent years.

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Guess the UFC On FOX 7

The lightweight title is featured on the UFC On FOX 7, held every Saturday in the United States. The champion Ben Henderson puts merit on the line against former Strikeforce champion Gilbert Melendez, who finally debut at Ultimate, directly into a title fight.

Two other former champions today too late Strikeforce debut at Ultimate. Josh Thomson and Daniel Cormier. The Brazilian Hugo Wolverine is the only Brazilian on the card. Check out analysis and forecasts for the major fights of the night.
Ben Henderson x Gilbert Melendez
Henderson has held the crown of light with solid pattern and passionate struggle. With privileged physical for the division champion hits the weight limit of 70kg a day earlier, but clearly presents itself to the fight with at least 6 or 7 pounds more a handicap (fair or not) used by many fighters who take advantage weighing the trade the day before the fighting.
Left, the champion has great firepower in his left hand and has good variety of elaborate counterattacks against right-handed opponents. Chutes breakers are also part of the arsenal, marked as wrestling and cohesive.
With seven straight wins, Melendez is a guy prone to trade blows. Former Strikeforce champion has solid jabs - but still relies almost exlcusivamente power of his right hand - as well as systematic attempts to falls, for elboradas not exposed to counterattacks.

Melendez will have to invest heavily in the game drowns. To take Henderson's comfort zone and undermine the powerful blows of volume, is the most suitable blocking or dodging the (almost) inevitávies kicks and then try to corner him against the bars of the octagon, the moment he seems more vulnerable.
Already recipe keeper belt is butchering with kicks and attest characteristic advantages in clinches and drops aggressive.
GUESS: two guys are accustomed to disputes five rounds and promises to challenge the frantic search for the typical angulation battles handed southpaw x.
Overall, Melendez should not bring anything that surprises Henderson. But the defiant stubbornness in wanting to show service in the new organization can be providential. Unless you can fit solid game of movement and attacks, athleticism and technical dominant champion again be sovereign. Henderson wins on points decision


Daniel Cormier x Frank Mir
Heavyweight duel that brings Cormier awaited debut in the UFC. Strikeforce GP champion wrestler and high strain, the fighter will have good chance to prove he has the ability to be among the heads of the division immediately.
The veteran Mir follows dangerous, but do not get rid of the fame of 'yellow' when hit most severely, and show unreliable in timing entries falls in recent presentations. Even so, the ground game follows one of the most efficient and lethal category, with guard work cohesive and good variety of finishes.
By pedigree in wrestling, Cormier hardly be placed in the soil at a disadvantage unless Mir pull guard and try any submission. Cormier knows leverage loopholes in grappling to put heavy cross and uppercuts, and has built piecemeal in boxing skills.
GUESS: Cormier wins by TKO.
Nate Diaz vs. Josh Thomson
Diaz was summarily defeated by Ben Henderson title shot in the UFC On FOX 5 (December 2012). Thomson is a former Strikeforce champion who penou during his career by the amount of bruising.
The game's provocative Diaz with open guard and sloppy punches is jaded, but the Californian follows dangerous opponents that stop in front of her, and always makes it worth the larger scale (as is the case here). Thomson has precise combinations of jabs and kicks / knees, that it uses to maintain and esgrimar offensiveness without risking too much.
On the ground, Diaz is always attentive to pounce and try any submission, but Thomson is very active defensively, escaped hip and enough skill to get rid of most of the snags.
GUESS: Nate Diaz wins by decision or submission.

Nate Diaz

Matt Brown x Jordan Mein
Jordan left good impression when winning Dan Miller, issue 158 in March, when it debuted the organization. Now, joined as a replacement for Dan Hardy this commitment and will have great litmus test when they face Brown, which comes packed with four consecutive victories in the organization and has proven tough nut to crack, especially for power-absorbing blows above average.
GUESS: Combat promises, wherever taken. Jordan has more polished standup game and great defensive power on the ground. But this time will not be enough against the combative style of experienced opponent. Brown wins by knockout.

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Edson Barboza faced John Makdessi at UFC 162

Lightweight attend the event which will be held in July in Las Vegas

Another Brazilian was added to the UFC 162 card in Las Vegas. Edson Barboza is the fourth Brazilian to join the event, which will be held on July 6. The lightweight John Makdessi will face Canadian that comes from victory over Daron Cruickshank at UFC 158. The Brazilian comes from victory over compatriot Lucas "Miner" Martins, UFC Sao Paulo in January.

Edson Barboza venceu Lucas Mineiro no UFC São Paulo (Foto: Marcos Ribolli /

The fighter Freiburg joins Anderson Silva, Charles Oliveira and Roger Gracie and seeks its twelfth career win and sixth in Ultimate.

UFC 162
July 6, 2013, in Las Vegas (USA)

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British lightweight Colin Fletcher, 'Freakshow', is sacked by UFC Fighter, famous for his bizarre visual, was defeated by Mike Ricci at UFC 158, the duel of the vice-champions of issues 16 and 'TheSmashes'

O corpo tatuado de Colin Fletcher durante a pesagem do UFC (Foto: Getty Images)The defeat by unanimous decision in the fight against bad Canadian Mike Ricci at UFC 158 proved costly to the British Colin "Freakshow" Fletcher. The UFC announced the Monday that he is no longer part of the team event fighters. At 30 years old, the fighter could not hide his disappointment with the news, which reported on his Twitter account:

- Is it just me or be fired after only one official fight in the UFC seems precipitation? I know I did not do my best, but the fight was not that bad. Okay ... - Wrote the fighter.
Fletcher reached the finals of "TUF: TheSmashes" among athletes from Britain and Australia, and was defeated in the final of the Irish lightweights Norman Parke, his teammate. Since Mike Ricci was a finalist for TUF 16, being beaten by American Colton Smith, the season of the reality show that UFC president Dana White, ranked as the worst in the history of the program todoa.

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Because, UFC?

Ultimate Fighting Championship has been the marriage of economic struggles of the events of the second echelon of the organization, called the UFC on Fox, UFC on FX and UFC on Fuel TV.

The increased demand for events and the expansion of the franchise worldwide justifies cards that, in most cases, only the main fight has appeal to fans of mixed martial arts.

The measure is needed especially for the high cost of production and logistics overseas. In contrast, invests in opportunities to local fighters, resulting in dissatisfaction of the public eager for epic battles.

The British, for example, has complained that the presence of idols which is the main market for the Ultimate in Europe and this will be the trend of the countries that host cards outside the United States.

Brazil was awarded renowned players like Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo and Vitor Belfort, but, except for the first show in Rio de Janeiro, which marked the UFC's return to the birthplace of the sport, the remaining cards are notorious for similarity the national event.

Paradoxically, the athletes give themselves scaled such that, mere adjuncts in search of career consolidation, the stars are ephemeral performances that often are not repeated, but serve the purpose of presenting a show to justify the value of the ticket paid by the public.

Although the donation of fighters compensates the absence of unforgettable stars, the UFC will have to review the strategy of promoting events by placing at least two fights organizations to avoid fiascos like UFC 151, which tarnished the legacy of the organization as the only card canceled in twenty years of operations.

When Dan Henderson announced the knee injury a few days before the fight against Jon Jones, president Dana White found himself in the midst of chaos, as the co-main meeting Jake Ellenberger and Jay Hieron, who under normal circumstances, would never do to struggle to fund a show of that magnitude.

The UFC on Fuel TV 9 suffered the same ailment. With the departure of Alexander Gustafsson's second Swedish edition, Gegard Mousasi was at the mercy of a competitor who is worthy to face him the five days of the confrontation. After bad joke of Wanderlei Silva and Vitor Belfort failed attempt to save the main event and the Ilir Latifi incognito, of Sweden, took the post of deputy star maximum.

Only the future will reveal unfortunate occurrences for the Ultimate Fighting Championship - and their customers - or the organization's ability to get ahead in contingency situations common in a physical contact sport that requires its practitioners to practice high-level physical and technical.

Images: disclosure

Mousasi reveals that fought against Latif serious injury and will need surgery

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

After the victory over Ilir Latif, in a unanimous decision at UFC on Fuel TV 9 in Stockholm, Sweden, Gegard Mousasi revealed he had suffered an injury before the match and will need to undergo a surgical procedure. The Armenian fighter gave no details of the injury, but said the problem is not simple.

"I do not wanna talk about it much, but I can say with 95% certainty that this injury would make me give up any fight. Prefer I not cancel the show, but do not know what will happen now with this injury. Want not tell what it is yet, but it's not small, "he said at the press conference after the event at the Ericsson Globe Arena.

UFC President, Dana White, Gegard Mousasi praised for continuing the card of UFC on Fuel TV 9 even after Alexander Gustafsson be cut issue because of a cut on the left eyebrow. Gustafsson was replaced by Ilir Latifi unknown, his training partner, but the Armenian preferred to follow the event not to cause even more frustration for fans of MMA.

"Mousasi had a knee problem during their camp. He sought a doctor who said 'you can fight, but then will have to operate." Mousasi fight because he wanted to face third-placed ranking light heavyweight, he did not want to miss this opportunity, he came here to face Gustafsson, but the Swede was unable to fight for MMA federation site. even with the change of opponent, Mousasi has accepted the duel and won, "congratulated the trustee, who also could not say when the Armenian back into action in the Octagon.

With the victory over Latifi, Gegard Mousasi is now a cartel with 34 wins and only three defeats. The Armenian is the tenth-placed official raking light heavyweight Ultimate.

Ross Pearson 'spoils' debut of the son of Randy Couture in the UFC and wins in Sweden

Getty Images/UFC

In the fight co-main event of UFC on Fuel TV 9 in Stockholm, Sweden, Englishman Ross Pearson "spoiled" the debut of Ryan Couture, son of legend Randy Couture in the UFC.

In the second round of the confrontation, Ross Pearson hit a beautiful cross from the left to the chin of his opponent, who fell groggy in the Octagon. He also struck an opponent for a few more seconds until the referee ending the fight by TKO.

Ross Pearson won a second straight win in the UFC. In December last year, he defeated George Sotiropoulos by knockout in the third round. Now, English is back in good standing within the category of light and can face a top 10-ranked athlete in his next fight.

Ryan Couture, meanwhile, suffered its second setback in the career. He had four straight victories in Strikeforce extinct.

Diego Brandao finish Pablo Garza in the 1st round and can enter the UFC ranking


Single Brazilian fighter on the card of UFC on Fuel TV 9 in Stockholm, Sweden, Diego Brandao successfully represented the country and won an important victory in the first round of the American Pablo Garza, the category of feathers.

Even with the handicap scale, Diego Brandao gave no chance to the opponent in the standup and on the ground. The Ceará threatened Pablo Garza with flying knees, and when he had the opportunity to corner the opponent in the grid, dropped with an amazing double leg.

In the struggle of land, Diego Brandao quickly passed guard, made ​​the finished assembled and Pablo Garza with an arm triangle. When interviewed after the fight, the athlete tupiniquim not bother with the Swedes present at Erickson Arena Globe and thanked his training partners in Portuguese. Furthermore, he confirmed that his tactic was always to defeat the U.S. using jiu-jitsu.

The victory over Pablo Garza was the third of Diego Brandao in the UFC. He debuted in the organization in December 2011 to compete in the Grand Final of the 14th edition of TUF in the U.S.. The Ceara defeated Dennis Bermudez and was crowned the first champion of the Brazilian reality show.

In May last year, Diego Brandao returned to the Octagon against Darren Elkins, but was defeated. He recovered in October by beating Joey Gambino at UFC 153 in Rio de Janeiro.

sábado, 6 de abril de 2013

Watch the UFC on FUEL weighing 9 in Sweden

Watch the official weigh-in UFC on FUEL 9, which happened in Sweden on Saturday.

With the main fight between Ilir Latifi Swede, Alexander Gustafsson companion that was vetoed for the event, facing the Armenian Gegard Mousasi, the event takes place in Stockholm.

Brazil will be represented by Diego Brandao, who faces Pablo Garza this edition.

UFC 159: Jones vs Sonnen Extended Promo!

The Ultimate released the extended trailer of UFC 159, which takes place on April 27 in New Jersey in the United States.

Doing a little back in time, since the cancellation of UFC 151, the trailer tells us about the events, when Chael Sonnen offered for the first time to face the heavyweight champion of the UFC light heavyweight Jon Jones.

But the relationship between Jones and Sonnen changed with the participation of both as coaches on the reality show of fights in the UFC, The Ultimate Fighter.

Despite the mutual respect provocations continue, with both promising to win the battle.

In addition, the trailer promotes the co-main event of the card, Michael Bisping between English and American Alan Belcher, and all the controversy of provocations from both fighters.

quinta-feira, 4 de abril de 2013

Dana White publishes photo Fighter "cured" and criticizes the UFC veto


Once the Swedish MMA Federation announced the veto fighter Alexander Gustafsson, who would make the main event this Saturday (6), the event hastened to hire Ilir Latifi to face Gegard Mousasi on the card of UFC on Fuel 9.

However, the measure did not please the boss forced the UFC, Dana White, who posted on Twitter their dissatisfaction with the decision of the Swedish entity along with a photo to prove that the athlete would be able to compete.

- The photo was taken from Gustafsson on Wednesday and you can not see this cut. It was the worst decision I've ever seen.

Without the card and Gustafsosn Latifi as a substitute, is expected to get a victory accredit Mousasi to a title fight, as expected in a dispute against the Swede.

See the complete card of the show this Saturday

Gegard Mousasi Ilir Latifi x
Ross Pearson Ryan Couture x
Matt Mitrione x Philip De Fries
Brad Pickett x Mike Easton
Diego Brandao x Pablo Garza
Akira Corassani x Robert Peralta
Reza Madadi x Michael Johnson
Tor Troéng x Adam Cella
Chris Spang x Adlan Amagov
Marcus Brimage x Conor McGregor
Ben Ryan Alloway x LaFlare
Michael Kuiper x Tom Lawlor
Papy Abedi x Besam Yousef

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If one day was called MMA, MMA (stands for mixed martial arts) today has several rules that make it impossible to use the old name to the letter. The "transformation" was starting at the beginning of last decade, when the athletic commissions in the United States began to develop a set of rules. Until 2005, the state of California officially sanctioned the sport, taking advantage of a work of Nevada. Since then, commissions of other states have adopted these standards, ranging from determining compliance and width of the fighting area, define the weight of gloves, as well as decide the limits of actions of the fighters in the fighting.
The UFC needs to follow the rules of the states that will hold an event. Outside the United States, the Ultimate also have to submit to local legislation. But there were few times we had trouble. As at UFC 97, when the athletic commission in Quebec, Canada, wanted to veto the elbows and knees, and it was also open to protective count after knockdowns. Organizers of the Ultimate edition only able to perform after long negotiations.

Also up was the time of David duels x Goliath. Nowadays, there are nine categories of weight MMA, ranging from flies (up to 56.7 kg) at superheavy (above 120kg). However, the UFC still has neither the heaviest. The fighters need reach the limit of their categories in weighing, taking place the day before the fight, and there is a tolerance of a pound, about 450g.No set of rules used by the UFC, competitors must wear gloves that weigh about four ounces (113g). Some slightly heavier can be used, but if they are approved by the committee. The fighters are prohibited from using any type of shirt or shoes during fights. And the shorts also have to be approved by the athletic commission. Moreover, they are required to wear a mouthguard and jockstrap, which protects the genital region.
If by chance the athlete is overweight, the commission may allow execution of combat, since it considers that this can still be "fair, safe and competitive." In such cases, the fighters often fined by the event.
The fighting in the UFC are played over three rounds. The exception is the title fights and fights ending the event, which can go up to five.
With fighting ongoing, there are dozens of items that are considered failures (see list at end of article). All these restrictions are evaluated solely by the referee which is inside the fighting area. He is the only one authorized to stop the fight to warn, penalize competitors with loss of point or even disqualify them.
Two current UFC champions, for example, were victims of cartels and fouled their disqualification for acting against the rule. The holder of the heavyweight belt, Jon Jones, has only a setback in his career: all because he applied an illegal elbow on Matt Hamill in December 2009. Since Anderson Silva hit a "pedaling" on Yushin Okami while the Japanese had fours on the ground in 2006, and had also decreed defeat. It was the last of the Spider, which until now had avenged themselves upon Okami at UFC 134 in Rio
The controversial
From the outside, the combat is evaluated by three judges, who are not in the UFC, but the athletic commissions. They should stay in different places, assessing the aggressiveness in the exchange of blows, attempts to control the area and finishing the fight. The trio can not take into consideration in judging the round, some punishment, with the loss of points, the referee assessed to be unnecessary.
Jurors have to score the round as follows: 10 to 9 when a fighter winning by a slight advantage; 10-8 if the winner within five minutes has great advantage, and 10-7 overall domain if one of the fighters. There is also the possibility of a tie (10-10), when there is complete balance, but jurors to avoid maximum enact equality.
As the judgment is subjective, fights that end up in the hands of jurors often end in controversy, generating discussion among fans and giving even more spice to the sport.
Check out what is considered missing within the rules used by the UFC:
- Give headbutt
- Apply any kind of coup that put the finger in the eye
- Biting
- Spitting at opponent
- Pull the hair
- Grab the mouth
- Attacking the genital region
- Handle small joints
- Striking with the elbow from the top down
- Striking the spine or the back of the head
- Crash kidney with the heel
- To strike or hold the throat
- Gripping, pinching or twisting the flesh or skin
- Grabbing the clavicle
- Kicking the head of a fallen opponent
- Apply kneeing the head of a fallen rival
- Stepping on a fallen opponent
- Hold the grid
- Holding the shorts or gloves of the opponent
- Using abusive language in the fighting area
- Use unsportsmanlike conduct that may cause damage to opponent
- Attacking an opponent in range
- Attacking an opponent when he is under the care of the referee
- Attacking an opponent after the bell has touched the end of the round
- Timidity, including, without limitation, avoiding contact or drop the mouthguard intentionally and consistently, or faking injury
- Throwing an opponent out of the fighting area
- Disregarding the instructions given by the referee
- Throwing an opponent against the canvas on his head or spine
- Take help of team members
- Apply any foreign substance on hair or body to gain an advantage