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Anderson thanks but Sonnen denies invitation to train the team TUF Brazil 3

Former middleweight champion says he will not be in Brazil during the recording of the attraction, which will air in 2014

Chael Sonnen surprised to invite your archrival Anderson Silva to be one of the coaches of your team in the third edition of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3 team against Wanderlei Silva . However , as the U.S. expected , it will not happen .

Claiming to be with the full schedule during the recording of the program , the former middleweight champion said he can not answer the call . " I think cool that he remembered me , but unfortunately I will not be in Brazil ," Anderson said at a news conference on a visit to the community of Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro . " If I had the time , were in Brazil and Wanderlei not ask me , sure would. I think it's valid for the sport . "

Even without being able to participate in the appeal , the record of title defenses in the UFC praised the appointment of leaders for the third season and provides a great contest between the two teams . " I think it will be a pretty cool TUF since Wanderlei and Chael are great athletes . Sonnen promoted the two fights he did to me in the wrong way , but he is a great athlete , a great man , and I hope they make a great fight too, " he concluded.

The next appointment will be in the UFC Anderson on December 28 , when attempts to regain belt in rematch against Chris Weidman , who defeated him in July .

"I'm not finished yet," says Henderson after suffering first career knockout

Veteran claims that he was in good shape for combat in Goiania and avoids blame referee for the interruption

Imagem Postada

Knocked out for the first time last Saturday at UFC Fight Night 32 , Dan Henderson denied any possibility of retirement after his third consecutive defeat .
At the event held in Goiânia ( GO ) , veteran of 43 years could not resist the urge to Vitor Belfort and succumbed after just over a minute into the fight . Although the fighting have marked the defeat faster throughout its long career, Hendo said in an interview with the American channel Fox Sports, which was well prepared physically and downplayed any possibility of hanging up his gloves .

" Certainly , I 'm not finished . I was caught , but I was prepared for this fight . It happens , I guess, " said the American . " After 16 years of fighting , it would happen sooner or later . "

Henderson claimed that he was still defending himself after the Brazilian high kick , but avoided blaming the referee Dan Miragliotta for the interruption.

" I was caught by a good upper , but I thought he was still aware of what was happening . I know he gave me a high kick , and I definitely was dizzy , but I'd like to continue the struggle for a little while . However , the referee is there to protect us , so I can not complain too much . "

Although the sequence of negative results , Henderson believes he has shown in his last fights he is still able to compete at a high level .

" I was knocked out in this fight , but in the last two [ against Lyoto Machida and Rashad Evans ] I could easily have won , but it did not. So , I lacked a bit of luck the last three fights, " he said.
" But I feel good about my body and I feel I am able to continue. Honestly , I did not feel so well for a while . It was just a bad night . "

The fight against Belfort marked the end of the current contract with the UFC Henderson

Dana rips compliments and says Belfort rematch against Anderson can be in the stadium

President said that possible title fight between Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort can be held in a soccer stadium in Brazil

Vitor Belfort was not aware of veteran Dan Henderson, knocked out the U.S. in the main event of UFC Fight Night 32 and avenged their defeat to rivals in 2006. With the triumph, the Brazilian won the right to compete in the middleweight belt against the winner of the fight between Chris Weidman and Anderson, who meet in December. And, in case of triumph of Anderson, the duel between the Brazilians may be the biggest in the history of Ultimate.

The president of the franchise, Dana White revealed after the event in Goiânia, in the early hours of Sunday (10) that a possible fight between Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort could be held in Brazil, and for the first time ever in a football stadium .

Vitor Belfort acerta Dan Henderson 445x296 Dana rasga elogios a Belfort e diz que possível revanche contra Anderson pode ser em estádio
"The middleweight division is very strong, there are many possibilities. Imagine if we Anderson vs. Vitor here in a football stadium? Weidman and Anderson will clash at UFC 168 and will be our biggest event of all time. The winner will face Vitor Belfort unless something crazy happens and someone get hurt, "said White, who spared no praise for Belfort due to its performance.

"Great night for Vitor. He did something no one had done before in 39 fights. Dan Henderson knocked out. He is a better fighter than he was as a young man, is more composed than when young, better mentally. I am enraptured by his performance today. We have to see how it goes Weidman vs. Anderson, but he is the next ..., "White added.

- Check the details of the struggles of the Main Card


Vitor Belfort beat Dan Henderson by KO round 1 of the 1m17s

Cezar Mutante Daniel Sarafian won by split decision (28-29, 30-27 and 30-28)

Rafael Feijao beat Igor Pokrajac by TKO (abandonment) at 1m18s of round 1

Brandon Thatch Paulo Thiago won by TKO (abandonment) at 2m10s of round 1

Ryan LaFlare Ponzinibbio Santiago won by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27 and 30-27)

Jason Ron Jeremy Stephens won by knockout in round 1 to 40s


Sam Sicilia Godofredo Pepey won by TKO in the first round of 1m42s

Omari Akhmedov Bodão Thiago won by knockout at 3m31s of round 1

Thiago Tavares Justin Salas won by submission (rear naked choke) at 2m38s of round 1

Adriano Martins Daron Cruickshank won by submission (kimura) at 2m49s of round 2

Dustin Jose Maria Ortiz won by TKO No Chance to 3m19s of round 3

Rony Jason soca wall after knockout and ends the night in hospital

Brazilian fighter was knocked out in just 40 seconds of fighting in Goiania, Jeremy Stephens

The loss to Jeremy Stephens at UFC Fight Night 32 event held last Saturday (09), in Goiania, struck an emotional chord of the Brazilian Ron Jason. After leaving the octagon crying, the athlete had a lack of Ceará in the locker room and ended up injuring his hand.

According to Dana White, president of the franchise, Jason took a few punches on the wall after suffered knockout in just 40 seconds into the fight and had to be taken to hospital. "It happens. Young guys with him after a big defeat like that do stupid things ... But it happens, "said the leader.

Rony Jason chora apos derrota 445x296 Rony Jason soca parede após nocaute e termina a noite no hospital
After being referred to the Orthopaedic Hospital of Goiânia, Jason was then released and said he did not suffer any fracture in his hand, as had been speculated. "I would like to apologize to anyone who believes in me, I am very sad about the defeat. I did not break my hand, I'm right now in the hotel, "wrote the fighter on his Twitter account.

At 39, Mirko Cro Cop is finalized in MMA event in Russia

To the grief of fans, the brilliant performances of Mirko Cro Cop MMA trapped in the past. The Croatian, who lost four of his last five fights, was finalized by Alexey Oleinik in Legend - Part 2, occurred in Russia, last Friday (8).
Out of UFC since October 2011 - when he was knocked out by Roy Nelson - the heavyweight in Pride shone 39 years long. In 23 clashes
he lost only four at the now defunct tournament.

The legendary Croatian can not repeat his memorable performances of the season in which shone the Pride (UFC Photo)

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Chael Sonnen calls Spider, confesses that he is concerned about their safety in Brazil. Around to criticize and Wanderlei Silva: It's horrible!

Chael Sonnen mostra preocupação com sua ida ao país - Reprodução Youtube

After being confirmed by the UFC as one of the coaches of the next edition of the Brazilian reality show struggles of the organization , The Ultimate Fighter Brazil with Wanderlei Silva , Chael Sonnen American confessed he is worried about his stay in the country .

Sonnen should be coming to Brazil for the recordings of the program , which should take place in January 2014 , showed that he is concerned with the reception that Brazilians can give him after his remarks weighed on the country .

" Yes. I can tell you this : I never asked for the approval of the public , whether in Brazil or the U.S. . And I will not start now .

A fan can do what you want when it is related to boos , screams or something. And I can do the same thing . I can say and do whatever I want .

I can not touch a fan, and a fan can not touch me . That's the deal . I will not do anything , since the fans did not do anything . " The fighter said in an interview with , when asked if he was worried about his future coming to the country .

Sonnen took the opportunity to again criticize his future opponent, Wanderlei Silva .

"It's an easy fight . Wanderlei is horrible . His fights in Japan were a farce . People treated him as a champion of the event there ( the now defunct Japanese Pride event ) , and it makes me very angry .

The fighter was also bothered after recording the video where he and Wanderlei met in Las Vegas , but promises to respect the Brazilian if treated with respect.

" Wanderlei has to be very careful when you do that . I do not know Wanderlei Silva . When he comes to me and threatens me , I'll defend myself .

If he comes privately and want to tell me a few things , I will listen. Even though I did not like what he is talking about , I'll listen.

But if he approaches me publicly , and still takes friends with him , I have no choice but to return .

He has to be very careful . He should not do that , especially with a guy like me . " Said the fighter .

Sonnen reconfirmed that his invitation to Anderson Silva to join their team in the program is true .

" Anderson Silva will officially invited . I called Ed Soares ( manager) to help me , but Ed was in Iowa to work and could not talk . But Anderson Silva will be invited . " Confirmed Sonnen .

Before devoting himself to reality , Sonnen will face Rashad Evans at UFC 167 on Nov. 16 in Las Vegas .

Dana White confirms injury and denies holding Velasquez UFC 172 in Mexico

Bruising on the left shoulder of the champion was announced by his manager Bob Cook

Velasquez Cigano 445x307 Dana White confirma lesão de Velasquez e nega realização do UFC 172 no México
C.Velasquez injured his shoulder in the win over Gypsy. Photo: Josh Hedges / UFC

The next title defense of Cain Velasquez should not happen in April . On Tuesday ( 05 ) , the Mexican site " Milenio " that was released almost right the realization of UFC 172 in the country and that would be the main fight between Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum . Less than 24 hours later, however , the president of the Ultimate Dana White denied promotion event in Mexico , stating that the heavyweight champion is dealing with an injury .

" We do not offer anyone a fight card that Cain and now is injured and may need surgery . Obviously , we do not go to Mexico without Cain Velasquez , "said the official portal to " Yahoo " . At the same site , Velasquez 's manager Bob Cook said the athlete ever had a MRI and should still perform another exam , which will determine whether it will be required surgery on his left shoulder .

In the last 19 days of October, Cain Velasquez won the Brazilian Junior dos Santos for the second time , ending the trilogy against rival and keeping the heavyweight belt Ultimate . Soon after the match , it was announced that Fabricio Werdum would be next in line for title contention . The date for this showdown , however , follows uncertain , mainly due to the recovery time champion .

Dan Henderson: 'Fighting Vitor now will be a superfight for me'

For anyone following the events official UFC open workout is an opportunity to see athletes exercising, even though the drive is not exactly the same as the fighters perform in their normal training. On Thursday, however, Dan Henderson surprised everyone who attended the open workout in Goiania (Brazil) and made no move. In its time to perform, he just posed for pictures and left the training area in a few minutes. Surprise for the Brazilians, the default behavior is for the veteran.
- I never do open workouts, not training beyond what is planned. I trained last night and did not want to wear today. I was thrilled when I was told that he would return to fight in Brazil. I made my first few fights here and now turn made ​​me remember and feel again what I felt those times here. I hope to have some fans in the audience on Saturday.

Imagem Postada

Asked about his physical condition compared to the time of the first fight against Belfort in 2006, Henderson said he felt better than seven years ago.
- I'm better. Improved with experience, my body is responding well to training, and I feel smarter as a fighter. Technically I'd say I'm better as a whole, because MMA fighter and I do not workout only one mode or another. My standup is much better than it was, my wrestling and my grappling also improved. I think I'm a better fighter today than it was in 2006. My expectations are the same as always: beat the best. This means compete and win belts. This will always be my goal. I'll have a superfight ahead is against Vitor Belfort. And she is already big enough.

I will not retire because of one or two disappointing defeats. I'll still be here awhile. I think I still will take about two years to begin to think about stopping. "
                                                                                                       Dan Henderson, UFC fighter

For veteran Vitor Belfort also greatly improved , and added new weapons to your arsenal . After praising his rival , Hendo assured you do not want to let the fight be decided by the judges .

- Vitor is very dangerous and can really hurt you if you let it. He has improved a lot in striking , and his footwork is also much better than it was . He is more patient , and as we saw in his last two fights , has powerful kicks now . Vitor is a guy I like to watch fight, and he has been fighting very well in recent times . But my style is different from his last two opponents ( and Luke Rockhold Michael Bisping ) and I think he will have problems to face me . Our last fight was good , and I remember dominate it from start to finish . I won on points, and that's something I do not want it to happen now . I do not want to leave the decision to the judges. Today, what can fans expect to see is two guys who seek knockout all the time is facing. Our fights are never boring , and on Saturday I think it will be an interesting fight . It's frustrating when you know you did enough to win and not win . But on the other hand, it is important to know that you could have done something different than it did , or it could have been struggling a bit . But more frustrating is to imagine that if their fight had been judged by different judges , you probably would have won .

If Hendo will lose that remains in the UFC? Or go to Bellator challenge Rampage??????????????

UFC Fight Night 32: x Belfort Henderson
November 9, in Goiania (Brazil)

Vitor Belfort x Dan Henderson
Cezar Mutante x Daniel Sarafian
Rafael Feijao x Igor Pokrajac
Paulo Thiago x Brandon Thatch
Santiago Ponzinibbio x Ryan LaFlare
Rony Jason x Ron Jeremy Stephens

Godofredo Pepey x Sam Sicilia
Thiago Bodão x Omari Akhmedov
Thiago Tavares x Justin Salas
Adriano Martins x Daron Cruickshank
José Maria No Chance x Dustin Ortiz

Lyoto Machida: 'If losing to Mousasi, will the fifth ranking fifth pro Hells'

In conversation with host Paula Sack , UFC , Lyoto spoke on various topics , and promised that one day you want to fight Chris Weidman , if he stays with the belt category . Anderson Silva ever regain the title , Machida revealed that Spider said he wanted to do.
- He told me he would not fight me for anything, because we are like brothers . Anderson told me that he has other goals , that was a long time champion , and is focused on other goals , such as supermatches , and told me that even if it would drop the belt for a fight happen between us . But let's see how things will go . I have a tough fight against Gegard Mousasi in Jaragua do Sul , in February , and I think of it first. One step at a time.
Later , talking to the press , Lyoto spoke about his next opponent , and played what would be their future should be defeated .
- Mousasi is a very tough guy , I've seen his fights and he was champion in other events , but I 'll just prepare more specifically for his game missing four or five weeks for the fight . I do not want to space my fights too , because rhythm is very important to me . I want to feel good in that category , my place is here . He is ranked the UFC , a little below me . Today I 'm in fifth place. A win over him by the name he ever did , I consolidate the rankings and I accredit more. But if I lose this fight will be tricky . Will fall from the fifth pro -fifth of hells - joked , eliciting laughter from the press .

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Tim Kennedy clears Rafael Sapo and raises military crowd at UFC Fight for the Troops

Tim Kennedy hits a powerful overhand in Brazil to win the fight

Tim Kennedy Credit Esther Lin STRIKEFORCE 445x303 Tim Kennedy apaga Sapo e levanta torcida militar no UFC Fight for the Troops

Rafael Sapo had a mission ahead: defeating Tim Kennedy , a former army sniper the U.S. , within a military base in the United States . And despite a good start in the fight , the Brazilian was surprised by a coup left late in the first round and was knocked out . The fight was headlining the UFC Fight for the Troops 3 , also called UFC Fight Night 31 event held on the evening of Wednesday ( 06 ) , Fort Campbell , United States.

The fight

Called just 30 days before the fight , the duel began Rafael Sapo surprising American.
Missing 20 seconds to the end of the round , Tim Kennedy shortened the distance , took the guard of Brazilian and embedded powerful blow left. Sapo went down and the American hit just one more punch to end the dispute , knocking out Rafael .

The result marked the second consecutive win for Kennedy before a Brazilian - previously he had defeated Roger Gracie in his UFC debut - and a breakdown of three wins in series of Toad .

Check out the results of the preliminary card of UFC Fight for the Troops 3

Tim Kennedy defeated Rafael Sapo by KO in R1;

Alexis Davis defeated Liz Carmouche in a unanimous decision;

Yoel Romero Ronny Markes defeated by TKO in R3;

Rustam Khabilov defeated Jorge Masvidal via unanimous decision of the judges;

Michael Chiesa finished Colton Smithcom a rear naked choke in R2;

  Preliminary card

Bobby Green defeated James Krause by TKO in R1;

Francisco Rivera defeated George Roop by TKO in R2;

Dennis Bermudez defeated Steven Siler in a unanimous decision;

Amanda Nunes Germaine de Randamie defeated by TKO in R1;

Lorenz Larkin defeated Chris Camozzi by unanimous decision of the judges;

Yancy Medeiros defeated Yves Edwards by KO in R1;

Seth Baczynski defeated Neil Magny unanimous decision of the judges;

Derek Brunson Brian Houston finished with a rear naked choke in R1;

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Dana says Belfort faces the winner of Weidman vs. Spider case pass by Hendo

In a teleconference with the press officer confirms Brazilian number one

Vitor Belfort is very close to returning to fight for the belt middleweight Ultimate . Touted as one of the leading names to fight for the title, but having your expectation frustrated sometimes , the Brazilian has just one more challenge ahead before a new title match . According to UFC president Dana White , Dan Henderson beat event on Saturday ( 09 ) , Belfort will face the winner of the rematch between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman .

" Yes , I would say yes ( Vitor is first in line to face Anderson Silva or Chris Weidman ) . Definitely , "said the leader in media teleconference on Tuesday ( 05 ) . " Vitor has to win this fight (against Hendo ) . This is one of those fights . Vitor is going up to heavyweight and will face another guy who also beat the average weight . They just decided not to cut weight and fight 93 kg , "added the officer .

On Saturday ( 06 ) in Goiânia ( GO ) , Vitor Belfort faces American veteran Dan Henderson in the main event of UFC Fight Night 32 . The Brazilian is currently the number two ranked middleweight , standing only behind champion and compatriot Chris Weidman Anderson Silva . Against Hendo , the " Phenomenon " seeks its third consecutive victory in 2013 after wins over Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold also in events held in Brazil .

According site, UFC 172 will be in Mexico and will fight Werdum vs Velasquez as principalSegundo site, UFC 172 will be in Mexico and will fight Werdum vs Velasquez as main

According to news site Milenio, event will take place in April 2014 in Mexico City

Mexico may be about to receive its first edition of Ultimate soon. According to the Mexican site " Milenio " , the North American country would host UFC 172 in April 2014 . Also according to the news , the main fight of the night was the dispute between the heavyweight belt Fabricio Werdum and Cain Velasquez .

Opting for a fight between Werdum and Velasquez is not surprising . After all , the heavyweight champion is descended from Mexicans and is an icon of the Hispanic community in the United States . Werdum , in turn , is not far behind . The Brazilian, fluent in Spanish , is the official commentator on the broadcasts of UFC for the country .

Also according to the publication , other athletes of Mexican origin - as Gilbert Melendez , Diego Sanchez and Kelvin Gastelum - would be part of the card the night of fights . In addition , Erik Perez , currently the only wrestler from Mexico in the cast of the Ultimate also be confirmed to perform at the event - which should happen in the Arena Ciudad de Mexico, local capital.

Bellator's President Dana White responds and exalts numbers Alvarez vs Chandler 2

Leader abandons quiet style and used his Twitter to rebut the taunts of rival leader

Bjorn Rebney celebrates the success of Bellator 106. Photo: Bellator (Disclosure)

Always direct and incisive in their placements, Dana White seems to have found someone to hit the front. After the Bellator 106, an event that had its pay-per-view and eventually canceled the cable TV in the U.S., the leader of the UFC used Twitter to bring the organization's President Bjorn Rebney rival, but got no response. Rebney not only hit back and took the opportunity to celebrate the good figures achieved by the night of fights.

According to official figures released on Bellator 106, the event reached the milestone of 1.1 million viewers in the U.S., peaking at 1.4 million. So the night of fights broke the record of the current Bellator and became the most watched event in the history of the organization. Previously, the edition number 85, which had the battle between Michael Chandler and Rick Hawn as the main confrontation was the record holder, with audience of about 850 000 people.

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New game from the 'UFC' will champion Jon Jones on the cover

Picture will release second wrestler chosen by vote.
Produced by EA Sports, new 'UFC' arrives in 2014 for PS4 and Xone.

Jon Jones estará na capa do game 'UFC' feito pela EA Sports (Foto: Divulgação/EA)
The new fighting game of "UFC" only comes in the first half of 2014 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but EA Sports announced on Monday (4) the cover of the game. The American Jon Jones, champion of the light heavyweight in MMA organization (mixed martial arts), will share the spotlight with a second fighter, who will still be chosen by online voting.
After three titles of "UFC" developed by THQ and Yuka, EA Sports takes the game production organization and introduces a new graphics engine, the Ignite.
While using a pre-alpha version of the game, a demonstration appears in August by Electronic Arts showed fighters expressing stress or pain when a movement that requires strength was applied, or when some stroke acertava most sensitive regions of the body.
In the video, it was also possible to see the skin of fighters bending and deforming as Jones and Swede Alexander Gustafsson at the time of the American challenger belt, and moved the Octagon to hammer each other.
According to EA, the new game "UFC" fighters will also like Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate. "Women are in impressing the UFC fights," says Dana White, UFC president, in a statement. "The women's division has become a big part of the UFC and fans will fight them in the game."

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Eddie Alvarez defeats Michael Chandler returns and resumes Bellator belt

Headlining the Bellator 106 can now be considered one of the best fights of the year 2013

bellator casa revanche entre chandler e alvarez a mais aclamada luta de sua historia 445x242 Eddie Alvarez devolve derrota a Michael Chandler e retoma cinturão do Bellator

Spectacular ! So you can set the duel between Eddie Alvarez and Michael Chandler at Bellator 106 realiado event on Saturday ( 02 ) in Long Beach . The fight between lightweights , which entered attraction of the show , replacing the dispute between Tito Ortiz and Quinton Rampage Jackson , did not disappoint and can now be considered one of the best in the year 2013 .

At the end of 25 minutes of an intense battle , Eddie Alvarez avenged the setback in 2011 , broke the invincibility of Chandler and took the title rival.

In the other title fight for the Bellator 106 , Emanuel Newton defeated King Mo Lawal and got the interim belt light heavyweight , while Daniel Straus surprised Pat Curran in contention for kingship among feathers .

Alvarez vs . Chandler

If the first fight between Eddie Alvarez and Michael Chandler was considered the best of the year 2011 , the rematch tonight not leave for less .

Just as it had done in the first meeting when the victor , Chandler imposed a blistering pace early . With boxing jabs and takedowns , the champion came close to end the dispute with a rear naked choke. However , valiantly Alvarez escaped the finalization and follow the race live .

In the second round , Eddie was able to recover from the poor start , avoided the falls rival and began to loosen his striking . With good strikes of boxing, the challenger opened a cut on the face of the champion, who was bleeding heavily .

In the third round the race went back to being balanced . In the fourth , the champion sought to regain control of the fight and came back to the cut in the eyebrow rival . But Alvarez , with great vigor , always answered the attacks of Michael .

In the fifth round , ready to resume his belt , Eddie Alvarez opened the game and it was all up to the champion. With a good combination of punches , he succeeded in arresting Chandler against the bars , and then get back to riding . After hitting several blows over , he came close to fitting a rear naked choke and stop the fight . But Michael defended himself and finished the intense battle over the fight on the ground .

At the end of 25 minutes one of the best fights in recent years , Michael Chandler defeated Eddie Alvarez in split decision ( 48 × 47 , 47 × 48 , 48 × 47 ) and regained the Bellator lightweight belt .

Newton hit a second time King Mo

In another rematch of the night , the winner of the first clash prevailed . As was done in February , Emanuel Newton beat known Muhammed ' King Mo ' Lawal .

Specializes in wrestling , King Mo even managed to impose his game at the start when he got a good fall in the first round . But with a good base and takedown defense to date , Newton has avoided the game 's rival in the subsequent partial .

He kept the fight standing , hit the best boxing punches and took the fight in a unanimous decision ( 49 × 46 , 49 × 46 , 29 × 46 ) .

Daniel Straus surprising Curran and takes lightweight belt

In the first title fight of the night , the surprise appeared on the show . Pat Curran entered in the show tipped as favorite wide , but just surprised by Daniel Straus .

With a solid game and tactical fighter , who was arrested for involvement with drugs , dominated the battle and avenged the setback to the rival in 2009 .

After winning the first round and lost the second part , Straus returned to the third round willing to change the course of the fight. With a good set of falls , he caught the tactics of rival and even benefited from the point loss by Curran because of an illegal coup .

At the end of 25 minutes of fighting , victory Daniel Straus in a unanimous decision ( 49 × 45 , 48 × 46 , 48 × 46 ) .

" Curran is a great fighter . I'm sure we'll meet again, " Daniel said after the triumph .

Check out the results of Bellator 106:

Main card

Michael Chandler defeated Eddie Alvarez in a unanimous decision of the judges;

Emanuel Newton defeated Muhammed Lawal in a unanimous decision;

Daniel Straus defeated Pat Curran by unanimous decision of the judges;

Mike Richman defeated Akop Stepanyan téncico by KO in R1;

Preliminary card

Cristiano Souza Alejandro Garcia finished with a rear naked choke in R3;

Brandon Halsey defeated Hector Ramirez by TKO in R1;

Mike Guymon Aaron Miller finished with a triangle in R2;

Cleber Luciano defeated Joe Camacho in a unanimous decision;

Josh Smith Darren Smith defeated in a unanimous decision;

Gegard Mousasi faces Lyoto Machida at UFC on Jaragua II (Brazil)

Combat, the division of medical, meets the challenge in front of the Armenian Brazilian

Lyoto chuta Hendo 445x330 Lyoto Machida encara Gegard Mousasi no UFC em Jaraguá II

The first UFC event in Brazil in 2014 has already set his protagonist . The karateka Lyoto Machida was announced in the main event of UFC Fight Night in Jaragua , show scheduled for Feb. 8 . He sees the Armenian Gegard Mousasi , who had challenged Machida on Saturday.

Machida , who has a cartel in MMA 20 wins and four losses , debuted at middleweight division last Saturday ( 26 ) . In the clash , Brazilian needed just over two minutes to knock out Mark Munoz .

Already Mousasi , who has a professional record of 34 wins, two draws and four defeats , will make his second appearance in the Octagon , the first in the category of medium . After migrating the exinto Strikeforce debut in the UFC with a victory over Iliir Latifi , UFC Sweden in April.

Return to Jaragua
The fight between Lyoto and Mousasi will headline the second pass by the Ultimate Jaragua do Sul Santa Catarina The city has hosted an event of the organization in May this year , with Luke Rockhold and Vitor Belfort in the main event .

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Rogerio Nogueira is out of the fight with Gustafsson by back injury

Five days after name confirmed by UFC to fight with Swedish, Brazilian feel the same injury that kept him out of the clash against Mauricio Shogun

Five days after being confirmed for duel before the weight - heavyweight Alexander Gustafsson , March 8, 2014, in the London edition of the UFC , the Brazilian Rogerio Nogueira suffered a back injury and is out of the fight . The information was first given by site ' MMA Fighting " and was confirmed by the president of Ultimate , Dana White, who has not a substitute for combat.

Without fighting since February this year , when he defeated the American Rashad Evans via unanimous decision at UFC 156 and the cancellation of a match, Rogerio Nogueira should only return to the octagon in May of next year . Apparently , this is the same problem that took the fighter duel against Mauricio Shogun in June at UFC 161 .
At 37 , Rogerio Nogueira has 21 wins and five losses in his career. Since 2009 the UFC , the Brazilian has suffered with injury history , so much that he has not fought any time in 2012 and entered the octagon only once in 2013 , in the victory over Rashad Evans .

Hendricks suffers burn on his back during recording trade UFC

Fighter, who challenges champion Georges St. Pierre at UFC 167, had to delay their training in nearly a week

Johny Hendricks is slated to challenge welterweight title before the champion Georges St. Pierre at UFC 167 , but not nearly the athlete was forced to leave the show due to an unexpected accident .

The American suffered a second degree burn on his back when he recorded a commercial for the UFC . According to reports in the American press , the lights were burning very close to the fighter and caused the injury .

Ted Ehrhardt , entrepreneur Hendricks revealed that the fighter tried to train two days after the accident , but the burns prevented him . With this, he had to deal with a doctor who specializes in burns and delay the return to training for almost a week .

" The Johny never gets angry . He just got angry because it disrupted their training , "said Ehrhardt , the U.S. website MMA Fighting.

The fight between Georges St. Pierre and Johny Hendricks will headline UFC 167 , an event that celebrates the 20th anniversary of Ultimate and is scheduled for Nov. 16 in Las Vegas in the United States .

Josh Barnett will undergo tests to WADA's anti-doping fight at UFC 168

Former heavyweight champion, who was caught doping in 2002, had his permission to fight at UFC 168 on the condition of random

Josh Barnett Josh Barnett será submetido a testes antidoping da WADA para lutar no UFC 168

Josh Barnett is still paying the price for their past. After being caught in doping test of the UFC in 2002, the former heavyweight champion lost the title stayed away from the organization over the long period. Now back to the UFC, the fighter will be the first event to be tested by the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency).

Barnett petitioned the Nevada State Athletic Commission, a body that will sanction the UFC 168, the request to renew your license fighter. But its history, it will only be approved to fight in the event pass for additional doping tests. In addition, Marc Ratner, UFC representative.

"I know I made mistakes. I take responsibility for them, no matter the situation. I'm 35 years old and I'll never ask for a license to do hormone replacement, "said the fighter.

Josh Barnnet is slated to face Travis Browne on the main card of UFC 168, an event that takes place on December 28th in Las Vegas. In the main event of the night, Anderson Silva tries to regain the middleweight belt in front of Chris Weidman.