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Lyoto Machida: 'If losing to Mousasi, will the fifth ranking fifth pro Hells'

In conversation with host Paula Sack , UFC , Lyoto spoke on various topics , and promised that one day you want to fight Chris Weidman , if he stays with the belt category . Anderson Silva ever regain the title , Machida revealed that Spider said he wanted to do.
- He told me he would not fight me for anything, because we are like brothers . Anderson told me that he has other goals , that was a long time champion , and is focused on other goals , such as supermatches , and told me that even if it would drop the belt for a fight happen between us . But let's see how things will go . I have a tough fight against Gegard Mousasi in Jaragua do Sul , in February , and I think of it first. One step at a time.
Later , talking to the press , Lyoto spoke about his next opponent , and played what would be their future should be defeated .
- Mousasi is a very tough guy , I've seen his fights and he was champion in other events , but I 'll just prepare more specifically for his game missing four or five weeks for the fight . I do not want to space my fights too , because rhythm is very important to me . I want to feel good in that category , my place is here . He is ranked the UFC , a little below me . Today I 'm in fifth place. A win over him by the name he ever did , I consolidate the rankings and I accredit more. But if I lose this fight will be tricky . Will fall from the fifth pro -fifth of hells - joked , eliciting laughter from the press .

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