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Audience reality show rises in Bellator's second episode

Without competition Hockey, Fight Master earns 26% new viewers in the second week

tecnicos fight master 445x242 Audiência do reality show do Bellator sobe no segundo episódio
Fight Master technicians (from left to right): Couture, Shamrock, Jackson and Warren. Photo: Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

The Fight Master, reality show produced in the United States by Bellator in conjunction with the channel Spike TV, the big bet is to popularize every organization today is the second largest in the world. However, in the premiere episode, last June 19, the audience was well below expectations.

The executives of the channel and event blamed match valid for the final series championship professional ice hockey, which was displayed at the same time of the Fight Master, the poor performance of the debut. By checking the hearing of the second episode, aired on Wednesday, the hope of better days came. The reality show jumped from an average of 432,000 viewers in the first week to 545 thousand in the second, an increase of 26% at the hearing, now with the final series of the NHL decided.

The largest gain occurred in the hearing age male 18-34 years, the main base of MMA fans. In this group of viewers there was a 54% increase in audience. The range of 35-49, which includes fans of the early days of the new sport, years also showed good growth, according to the site reported by MMA Fighting.

The Fight Master is led by four technicians: former UFC champions Randy Couture, Frank Shamrock, former Bellator champion Joe Warren and Greg Jackson, leader of one of the most prestigious teams in the world, Jackson's MMA. Thirty-two weights means middleweight dispute sixteen places in the program in the first three episodes. The group will close the chapter that will air next week, on July 3.

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Roger Gracie on Weidman: 'You can submit anyone, including me'

(roger struggling with kevin randleman, lion kills more engaged I've ever seen)

Roger Gracie will make his UFC debut at UFC 162, on July 6. The struggle of the ten times world champion Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt is one that has been generating more expected at the event, but he knows that all eyes will be focused even for the last night. Anderson Silva will face Chris Weidman at middleweight belt in the headliner. Specialist grappling, Roger believes that is exactly the grappling that Spider are most at risk. For Gracie, the submissions of Weidman may surprise many.

- I think Weidman is very, very dangerous. His grappling is a very high level. He can finish any other top-level grappler. I think it's really good. He can compel anyone to give three taps, including me. It's just a matter of him being able to place Anderson in these situations or not. I still put my money on Anderson, but I think Chris Weidman is dangerous and may surprise you - Roger analyzed in an interview with American "ESPN".

Gracie himself will have a challenge if your fight goes to the ground at UFC 162. His opponent, Tim Kennedy, is in MMA since 2001 and was never completed - his record is 15-4.
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In August 2010, Kennedy faced another world champion jiu-jitsu, Ronaldo Jacare in a dispute Strikeforce belt. It was a fight of five rounds in which the U.S. was not afraid to go to the ground with the Brazilian. Alligator won, but it was not easy.

- It's hard to say (if Kennedy will get the fight to the ground). I saw the duel against Jacare, who, in my opinion, is much better grappler than he, but Kennedy took Jacare down twice. This showed that he really was not afraid to deal with Alligator. If he tries to fight me to the ground, but I'll be very surprised. I will not be surprised if he tries to take me down, but I do not think he'll try to fight me on the floor - said Roger, believing that American will only try to bring him down to stop the fight.

Anderson Silva uses irony to rebut support GPS Chris Weidman

Rumoured to face Anderson Silva in a superfight in recent years, canadenseGeorges St-Pierre-heavyweight champion of the UFC welterweight, said in several recent interviews that he believes that the Brazilian will be defeated by American Chris Weidman, his training partner, and will lose the belt of middleweights in the UFC 162, next July 6 in Las Vegas. The fighter Paulo, however, shrugged for predicting GSP and wryly replied on Tuesday in a conference call with the international press.
- Imagine if I listened to all that talk about me, huh. Each does and says what he thinks best. He had his chance to rule to fight me, but he did not. It's better than talking parrot turtle without leg - Spider shot.

Imagem Postada

St-Pierre, however, was not the only one who believed in declaring victory Weidman on July 6, and the chairman of the event, Dana White, even recently stated that all wrestlers who asked about the fight said the U.S. would win . Anderson descreditou the head by stating that it was a lie that he had called asking for a superfight against Jon Jones or GSP after UFC 159 ("Nor have his phone number," he said). As for those who think Weidman will be the biggest challenge of his career, Spider recalled his long career to say that nothing happens in the Octagon will surprise lo.saiba more.

- Every new struggle is a new challenge. Now is agurdar, wait for July 6. Who is best prepared will win. I fight since he was eight years old, does not have much new to me there. Nothing he does will surprerender me. Victory and defeat go hand in hand. The experience that I already have makes me not worry about what my opponent will do. My concern is to be better than I am not better than Chris Weidman will be - said Anderson.
UFC 162 takes place on the 6th of July in Las Vegas, with the fight between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman as the main event. The channel transmits the Combat tournament live and in full exclusively, and Combate.com accompanies Realtime. Check out the complete card:

UFC 162
July 6, 2013, in Las Vegas (USA)
Anderson Silva x Chris Weidman
Frankie Edgar Charles x The Bronx
Tim Keneddy x Roger Gracie
Mark Muñoz x Tim Boetsch
Cub Swanson x Dennis Siver
Chris Leben x Andrew Craig
Norman Parke x Kazuki Tokudome
Edson Barboza x Rafaello Tractor
Gabriel Gonzaga x Dave Herman
Seth Baczynski Brian Melancon x
Mike Pearce x David Mitchel

Dana events belittles rivals: "They will never be like us"

Dana White-700

UFC is the biggest MMA event in the world, everyone knows. With the financial injection of brothers Ferttita and hard work of Dana White, Joe Silva and a qualified team, took the show in a few years, the monopoly of the sport. Situation we are proud of the organization's president.

There will wonder, the topper in a recent interview with MMA Junkie, despised rivals and claimed the largest, Bellator, will never reach the quality level of the UFC, since, according to his calculations, it is impossible for any company branch work harder than their team.

- The Bellator will never be as good as us. This is what we do 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Christmas? I'm talking on the phone. Easter? I'm on the phone. Thanksgiving? Bad things happen every day, and if something bad happens, I'm on the plane to solve. Nobody will ever work harder than us. It is impossible.

Banned from UFC, former champion claims by could not see the child struggles: "Ridiculous"

Randy Couture says Dana White crossed the line to prohibit you from getting the corner of Ryan


Not even a member of the UFC Hall of Fame is immune to controversy Dana White, president of the event. What say Randy Couture, who is banned from entering any show of authority, even when her son Ryan is in action.

In an interview with MMA Hour program, Couture questioned the motives of the hat, it would have crossed the line to mess with his family and prevent it tried to monitor the career of Ryan Couture.

- I did not take it personally, I do not care. But stop me from working with my son and help in his career is ridiculous, and bothers me. He did everything to deserve. Worked and has the passion for the sport and doing the right things. When you start talking about the children and the family of someone, you're out of line.

Dissatisfied with the fact that Couture had signed with Bellator, rival event, Dana White publicly called him a traitor, among other offenses. Former Strikeforce fighter, Ryan was hired after the merger of the show, a fact that increased the rivalry between the former champion and UFC president.

Roger Gracie vs. Tim Kennedy on the main card of UFC 162

UFC 162 will take place on July 06 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, United States.

Roger Gracie (6 wins and one defeat and biggest name in jiu-jitsu today) will make its debut in the biggest tournament on the planet struggles against American Tim Kennedy (15 wins and 4 losses), the medium (up to 84 kg), marking the return of the Ultimate Gracie family.

The fight has just been confirmed as part of the main card of the event that will Anderson Silva - 11th title defense - and American Chris Weidman in the fight longer relevant.

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At age 19, brother of UFC star scares rivals with new lightning KO; watch

Sergio Pettis took no notice of the rival Dillard Pegg and notched its eighth straight win

The eighth edition of Resurrection Fighting Alliance proved to the world that the young Sergio Pettis, brother of UFC star Anthony Pettis has everything to go the way of family success in MMA octagons.

At just 19, the new phenomenon of the sport was not aware of the rival Dillard Pegg and notched its eighth straight win to knock him out in only 51 seconds into the first round with a sequence of punches.

This was the third career knockout of the young athlete in the sport in the curriculum which also includes two other victories by submission, and, of course, the three victories as an amateur when he was still a minor.

In turn, the elder Anthony, former champion of the defunct WEC event, recovering from the injury that prevented him from facing Jose Aldo next August 3, the fourth edition of UFC Rio

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Weidman on Anderson Silva: 'It would be a fool not to respect me'

Weidman also extols the qualities and opportunism of the Spider

Weidman 445x296 Weidman sobre Anderson Silva: Seria um tolo se não me respeitar

Considered one of the most dangerous challengers with which Anderson Silva has fought since winning the middleweight title of Ultimate, Chris Weidman follows their journey of affirmation before the champion. In an interview with UFC.com, as part of the promotion of UFC 162, the U.S. set their game to fight and ensured that the Brazilian will have to respect their qualities.

"I'm a fighter who presses. I'll be moving forward, using my height, ranging from falls and my punches. I will not go back very far. He (Anderson) would be a fool not to respect me as a fighter. On July 6, we enter the Octagon, he'll have respect for me, "said Weidman.

The challenger also extolled the Spider and stressed that it will not be able to make mistakes in front of the champion. "I have dreamed of this fight against Anderson Silva since I started in MMA. He makes you pay for all the mistakes you commit, he is an opportunist. Probably their biggest threat is his confidence, you make a mistake and he catches you. He is a great champion for a reason, but you know I'm a terrible confrontation and an opponent stronger than some people can understand, "said the American.

Chris Weidman facing Anderson Silva on July 6 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas (USA), the main event of UFC 162. The confrontation marks the eleventh title defense Spider, which holds the middleweight title of Ultimate since October 2006.

MMA event in Brazil puts weighed against super flyweight

Fight between Julio Giant Wall (220kg) and Ricardo softly Sattelmayer (57kg), the Coyotes Fight Night, time to revive sport that had no weight divisions

The division of the fighters in different weight classes is considered one of the developments that helped make MMA a sport more acceptable to the athletic commissions and the general public. However, the more nostalgic fans of the sport always remember the times of the clashes between fighters of different sizes, very common in the early UFC tournaments and weight-absolute Pride. It was with this in mind that an event in Guarulhos, in Greater São Paulo, decided to go back and put up a fight between a super heavy weight and a weight-forward fly forward in their fight page. The Coyotes 1 Fight Night, on 10th of August, will have a fight between Julio giant wall, 2.00 m tall and 220kg, against Ricardo Sattelmayer softly, 1.68 m and 57kg.
Imagem PostadaPromoter of the event, Ton Muñoz ensures that the fight will follow the unified rules of MMA, will be regulated and have all the requirements of a professional event of the sport. According to him, fights weight-absolute still happen in tournaments around the world, but are duels between giants and little people who have disappeared off the map.
- There are still disputes belts in international events in "Openweight". What time does not see this is a difference. Was to rescue the "David vs. Goliath" the days of Pride - told Muñoz.

Giant Wall Julio is a black belt in judo, a purple belt in jiu-jitsu and former rugby player. Will his MMA debut at 30 years old. Already Sattelmayer Ricardo, 32, is already a veteran of mixed martial arts, with nine fights in the sport, plus 20 fights muay thai. But the 57kg fighter ever faced an opponent with more than 70kg.
- I feel prepared, both physically and spiritually, and that to me is a challenge against myself, that no barriers, I feel like the story of David and Goliath - Sattelmayer said, according to a spokesperson for the event. He did not need to knock weight for the fight and may appear more than 57kg limit its category.

Opinion: The guys spend years seeking improvements for MMA and now recede into a pre MMA, this is a shame.

The Return of the King: King Mo knocked at Bellator 96

Foto: Dave MandelOne of the main characters of the Bellator could result in a major event held yesterday. King Mo Lawal coming off a loss to Emanuel Newton, when he was caught by an unexpected blow spinner, and needed a win at all costs before Seth Petruzelli at Bellator 96.
With just over a minute of combat, Lawal could take the fight to the ground, where now deliver blows inside the guard of the opponent. Then a bombshell just exploding Petruzelli's face, leaving the athlete unconscious immediately, putting an end to the dispute. With the victory, Mo is ranked for the final of the tournament-heavyweight promotion which will face Jacob Noe in a fight scheduled for July 31.

For the fourth consecutive year, MMA is not legalized in New York

Assembly chose not to vote on the draft regulations, is the only state in the U.S. to ban the sport.

Arena UFC 445x296 Pelo quarto ano seguido, MMA não é legalizado em Nova York
Pelo menos durante 2013, não há mais chances do UFC realizar um evento em Nova York. Foto: Josh Hedges/UFC

Not this time. Again. For the fourth consecutive year, the New York Assembly stood against the legalization of MMA in federal unit. Thus, New York remains as the only one of 50 U.S. states not to regulate the practice of Mixed Martial Arts.

According to information released by the NY Daily News site, the Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver attended with a closed-door meeting with other Democratic colleagues on Tuesday (18). At the meeting, it was decided that the vote for the legalization of MMA would not go ahead.

The frustration of the promoters of events, the Ultimate, is evident with the negative, mainly because this year the proposal was approved in the state Senate by a wide margin in favor. That's because there was speculation that the event's 20-year UFC happen in New York.

As has been done in recent years, the solution found by Ultimate to cater to public demand Manitobans are holding events in the city of Newark - which borders New York, but is in the neighboring state of New Jersey. The most recent event held at the venue was UFC 159, which took the victory over Jon Jones Chael Sonnen as the main event.

After two straight defeats in Bellator, Renato Babalu abandons career

Former Strikeforce champion, Rio closes career as an athlete in MMA.

At 37, Renato 'Babalu' Sobral announced the end of athletic career in MMA. The Rio decided to leave the Octagon after the second consecutive loss for Bellator, before Jacob Noe, 96 in the edition of the event, held on the evening of Wednesday, Thackerville, Oklahoma. The duel was valid for the semi-finals of the heavyweight of the organization.

Reprodução/Facebook/BellatorRenato Babalu was hit with a series of punches applied by Jacob Noe, decreed the winner by technical knockout in the third round to 3min32. Before he came to defeat Mikhail Zayats also by TKO at Bellator 85 last January.

Renato Babalu excelled at Strikeforce event and had extinguished the last issue in the U.S. in January this year. The Rio won the light heavyweight belt the organization in November 2008, when he beat Bobby Southworth by TKO with medical termination. After a successful defense against Rameau Sokoudjou (won by submission), he lost the title to Gegard Mousasi in 2010, when he was knocked out.

After the second consecutive defeat, Babalu admitted he could no longer bear the harsh training routine. And admitted the income drop did end his career. "I tried to make a good fight. I would have been faster and be stronger. But my body can not keep doing this, it is time for me to leave. I will not fight anymore, but I will continue to help the sport grow, "he announced.

Black belt in jiu-jitsu, Renato Babalu ended his career with a record of 37 wins and 11 losses. Expert on call 'grappling', also stood out in wrestling (wrestling), he won no less than 19 victories by submission.

Babalu also had good pass by UFC, racking up four wins against two losses. He came to fight for the belt-heavyweight but was defeated by Chuck Liddell by TKO in August 2006. The Rio was fired after the organization's controversial bout against David Heath, in which he won by submission with anaconda and even having the referee stopped the fight, remained the bottleneck.

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Brazilian champion Bellator embarks for Holland to improve muay thai

The Carioca Eduardo Dantas, only Brazilian Bellator champion, takes an important step to enhance its already aggressive striking. The bantamweight New Union embarks on Monday for the Netherlands, the main world power alongside Muay Thai in Thailand.

Dantas will undergo a period of training at the gym Mike's Gym in Amsterdam. Led by Mike Passenier, the team has elite kickboxers worldwide sport like Moroccan Badr Hari, Gokhan Saki the Turkish, Dutch Melvin Manhoef and recently started having also the Dutch Alistair Overeem, UFC fighter.

The champion of cocks the second largest organization in the MMA world was in Porto Alegre in a goods store in MMA last weekend. It was the last public appearance Dantas in Brazil before the trip to Holland.

Through a spokesperson, said the athlete you want to do two more fights this year. As the Bellator tournament not held in any category since Marcos Loro won the right to challenge Dudu, there is a new challenger to the champion set. Dantas knocked Loro in February at Bellator 89.

Director of Commission criticizes Dana: "Like the others lay down"

Keith Kizer has condemned the criticism of the White referee Steve Mazzagatti

O diretor reprovou a atitude de Dana White no episódio envolvendo Jon Fitch - Sherdog.com

Josh Burkman shocked the MMA world last Friday (14), when he defeated Jon Fitch in the main event of the World Series of Fighting (WSOF) 3, which took place in Las Vegas in the United States. The "People's Warrior" as it is known, needed less than a minute to erase Fitch with a brutal guillotine.

After the event, UFC president Dana White condemned the performance of referee Steve Mazzagatti, who has worked in the organization of Fertitta. At the time, Fitch was a good time off the guillotine and the very Burkman dropped it on the floor, since the referee did not notice that the fight had already ended a few seconds.

Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Keith Kizer was quick to refute the statements of Dana White to the site "MMA Fighting." "The Fitch and Burkman deleted immediately dropped the guillotine. Not a bad or good job of referee, he had no work to do there. Most people thought that Fitch would leave. Dana is a nice guy, but you've probably seen how he treats his former wrestlers, athletes and even employees of the organization, until Jon Jones. He likes to throw people down, regardless of whether they are right or wrong, is an ego thing him fired.

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Evans beats Henderson at UFC 161 on points; defeated Roy Nelson out

with controversies, fights and warm "blood bath"

Estreante no UFC, Krause festejou vitória por finalização contra o ensanguentado Stout Foto: Getty Images
UFC newcomer, Krause celebrated victory by submission against bloodied Stout
Photo: Getty Images

The preliminary card of UFC 161 warm and started with many controversial results. It seemed that the fights were not good enough to warm the Canadian public in Winnipeg. But one "bloodbath" in the victory of rookie James Krause against Sam Stout encouraged the crowd, in what is likely to be the "fight of the night." It was also the only defeat of a Canadian in the preliminary bouts.

However, the effective use of local fighters can be challenged because it came two wins so controversial. Sean Pierson, for example, was very close to being knocked out, but was declared the winner on points. Before, in the first fight of the night, the Haitian nationality with Canadian Yves Jabouin also divided the opinion of the judges, but celebrated the victory. A fight between American's victory over Jake Shields Tyron Woodley, also caused disagreements.

No more fighting left over warm, with little efficiency in both submission attempts as in searches by knockouts - just Krause got a win without the judges' decision, after applying a guillotine at end of combat.

Rashad Evans made ​​a balanced fight against Dan Henderson and only managed to win by split decision after three rounds of the competition - despite being the main battle, were not played five rounds because other more important fights were cut from the card on top the hour. With the victory, Evans rebounded from two consecutive losses and firmed again as a major weights heavyweight UFC.

The fight brought together two athletes that came from a Loss for Brazilians - Evans to Rogerio Nogueira, Lyoto Machida and Henderson. Aggressively as typical style of both, the expectation was for a great duel. When the time came, it came some disappointment, since both studied too much during the first few minutes.

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Evans beats Henderson at UFC 161 on points; defeated Roy Nelson out
The strategy was Evans at times seek the clinch and throw the opponent to the grid, but Henderson avoided this and still landed a strong punch left, which was the sharpest blow up then. Caution ended in the second round and then the fighters began to hit more often. Evans recovered until it showed more movement, and Henderson could only defend attempts to fall.

In the third and final round was Rashad Evans who tried to go on the attack, with a sequence of punches that hit Henderson, but he withstood the pressure. The two continued on foot, but they could fatigue avoided a knockout. Evans led the opponent to grid confirmed the reaction and the victory won by split decision.

Stipe Miocic Roy Nelson wins by unanimous decision

Knockout artist by nature, Nelson went on the attack with fast punches, hooks and feints, but Miocic was cautious and learned to defend themselves. Then went to the Croatian counterattack efficiently and put to the test resistance Nelson - American endured many punches, but was hurt and stunned.

After the break, Miocic not desconcentrou and came to dominate the fight, this time including kicks and knees among the various punches that hit. The fatigue of the Nelson fumbled and it only got worse in the third round. He even tried starting up, walk forward and strike, but the greater range of Miocic made ​​a difference and he secured victory by unanimous decision.

The result ended a run of three straight wins that were taking Nelson to top heavyweight. Miocic has already recovered from the defeat against Stefan Struve and should continue facing the major players in the category.

main card

Rashad Evans defeated Dan Henderson in split decision

Stipe Miocic defeated Roy Nelson by unanimous decision of the arbitrators

Ryan Jimmo defeated Igor Pokrajac by unanimous decision of the arbitrators

Alexis Davis Rosi Sexton defeated by unanimous decision of the arbitrators

Shawn Jordan defeated Pat Barry by TKO at 59s of R1

preliminary card

Tyron Woodley defeated Jake Shields by split decision

James Krause Sam Stout finished with a guillotine in 3R

Sean Pierson defeated Kenny Robertson by majority decision of the arbitrators

Roland Delorme defeated Edwin Figueroa via unanimous decision of the arbitrators

Mitch Clarke John Maguire defeated by unanimous decision of the arbitrators

Yves Jabouin defeated Dustin Pay by split decision

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Fighters hit the weight and fighting at UFC 161 are confirmed

In the main event of the evening, former champions Rashad Evans and Dan Henderson measuring forces in Winnipeg

Rashad Evans vs. Dan Henderson PESAGEM 445x264 Lutadores batem o peso e combates do UFC 161 estão confirmados161 CFU. Photo: Play / Youtube

The Ultimate returns to Canada on Saturday (15), for the realization of UFC 161 in Winnipeg. But before the event, which brings the challenge as a headliner between former champions Rashad Evans against Dan Henderson, athletes have successfully passed the challenge against the balance.

In traditional weighing prior to the event, veteran Dan Henderson, 42, hit 92.6 kg. while Evans got 93.5 kg, the limit of the light heavyweight division. After seen, Rashad was full of praise for his rival. "Dan is a very tough guy, I'd love to fight him, get a chance to face him. But I want to win this fight. "
Check out the complete results of the UFC 161 official weigh-in:

Up to 93.0 kg.: Rashad (93.5) vs. Dan Henderson (92.6 kg.)

Up to 120 kg.: Stipe Miocic (110.2 kg.) Vs. Roy Nelson (118.0 kg).

Up to 93.0 kg. Ryan Jimmo (93.5 kilograms.) Vs. Igor Pokrajac (93.5 kilograms.)

Up to 61.2 kg. Alexis Davis (61.8 kg.) Vs. Rosi Sexton (61.2 kg.)

Up to 120 kilograms. Pat Barry (111.2 kg.) Vs. Shawn Jordan (112.5 kg.)

Preliminary card

Up to 77.1 kg.: Jake Shields (77.6 kg.) Vs. Tyron Woodley (77.6 kg.)

Up to 70.3 kg. James Krause (70.5 kg.) Vs. Sam Stout (70.8 kg.)

Up to 77.1 kg. Sean Pierson (77.1 kilograms.) Vs. Kenny Robertson (77.1 kilograms.)

Up to 61.2 kg. Roland Delorme (61.7 kg.) Vs. Edwin Figueroa (61.2 kg.);

Up to 70.3 kg. Mitch Clarke vs. John Maguire (70.3 kilograms.);

Up to 61.2 kg. Yves Jabouin (61.7 kg.) Vs. Pay Dustin (61.2 kg.).

* Fights are not valid for belt has a tolerance of 0.5 kg.

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Patrick Cote and Kyle Noke are technicians 'TUF: Australia x Canada'

Reality show debut in early 2014 and will have fighters welterweight (77kg), same weight in competing coaches

The Canadian Patrick Cote and Australian Kyle Noke been officially announced by the UFC on Friday as trainers of "TUF Nations: Canada v Australia". The reality show will debut in early 2014 and will have fighters welterweight (77kg), same weight in the two competing technical. Sectionals will begin in September and will be held in Toronto and Sydney. The organization has not announced whether Cote and Noke will meet in the final event of the season, but is expected to happen as usual.

montagem UFC Kyle Noke x Patrick Cote  (Foto: Editoria de Arte / Globoesporte.com)

Cote, 33, has a record of 19 wins and eight losses and former challenger belt middleweight Anderson Silva. He comes from a triumph by unanimous decision over Bobby Voelker at UFC 158 in March.
Already Noke, of the same age, has 20 wins, six defeats and a draw in his career. The Australian athlete comes from a TKO victory over Charlie Brenneman in September.

Pettis gets hurt and Aldo defends belt against "Korean Zombie" at UFC Rio 4

Dana White confirmed the injury of former WEC champion and officiated Chan Sung Jung as a new opponent of Brazilian

Anthony Pettis is out of UFC 163 in Rio de Janeiro. The American fighter suffered a knee injury and was cut from the event. The South Korean Jung Chan-Sung, known as "The Korean Zombie", will be the replacement of Pettis and dispute the belt featherweight champion Jose Aldo before.

UFC president Dana White, who was released information on the afternoon of Friday, via Twitter. "Pettis hurt his knee, the Korean Zombie will now face Jose Aldo for the title card in August in Rio," said the representative.

Also through social networking, Anthony Pettis lamented the injury. He said he was well prepared for the confrontation, but know that injuries are part of the sport. "I had a little bruised meniscus. I was so ready for this fight, but it will not stop me! Be back soon. "

Former WEC lightweight champion, Anthony Pettis made ​​his UFC debut in June 2011 with loss to Clay Guida in unanimous decision. After that setback, he built a series of three consecutive victories - one by split decision and two by knockout - and won the chance to fight for the belt. However, instead of facing Ben Henderson, champion of 70kg category, he chose to challenge José Aldo, owner of the featherweight belt.

Jung Chan-Sung, who also comes from the defunct WEC, made ​​his UFC debut in March 2011 and won three consecutive triumphs. He beat Leonard Garcia, Mark Hominick and Dustin Poirier. Korean is the fourth in the ranking officer of feathers and had the injury Pettis to get the chance to fight for the title.

In an interview given to "BJPenn.com" Chan Sung Jung proved quite displeased with the fact Pettis have the title shot soon its debut among the feathers.

"I feel that Pettis 'jumped the queue'. I disagree with the choice of the UFC. It's not as if I thought I should fight Aldo before all. Is that Pettis has not earned his place in the division. I think the (Ricardo) Sludge or some other guy should have won the title shot before Pettis, "the" Korean Zombie ".

Jose Aldo, meanwhile, has defended the UFC belt four times. He defeated Mark Hominick, Kenny Florian, Chad Mendes, and Frankie Edgar. The winner has not yet ruled on the exchange of opponent at UFC 163, which will take place on August 3 at the Arena in Barra da Tijuca.

Thiago Silva accepts challenge of Bigfoot and proposes to duel intermediate weight: We can do combined weight of 104kg

Heavyweight made ​​some concessions in its demands to accept the challenge of compatriot, showing that Brazil also has rivalry.


With so much talent and disposition, strong fighter does not lower his head to any opponent and always goes forward. Proof of this is that the athlete was not intimidated by the size of Antonio "Bigfoot" and accepted the challenge from rival.

Companion Rafael "Bean" in Team Nogueira, athlete knocked out by Thiago on Saturday (8), Bigfoot said to have a rivalry with the former fighter after the match and had considered cutting down to almost 30 kg category and face it between light heavyweight (93 kg). Effort that will not be necessary, according to the interview itself Paulo BjPenn.com site.

Thiago Silva:- "I can not say much about Bigfoot. We trained together, I know him, I think he is a guy who has hate in his heart. It is meaningless because I beat his friend (Rafael Feijao). If he wants to fight me, okay, come to 205 pounds (93 kg). Or rather, I will give you an idea: we can make a combined weight, like 220 ​​or 230 pounds (between 98 and 104 kg), he was downloading. I do not have problem. I want to fight. I fight for money and I like to hit stupid people like him. So if he wants to fight me, we can make combined weight of 220 pounds (104 kg), and I'll be ready to beat him. You bet, "shot in an interview with Thiago BJPenn.com site.

Former training partners in the gym American Top Team fighters seem to have old problems. But Thiago ensures that everything is just creations maybe next opponent, as the possible reason for the disagreement would be the output of Thiago team to train with Rashad Evans and Vitor Belfort in Blackzilians.

Bigfoot: - I have no idea. I think because I left American Top Team. But he knows why I left the gym. No coaches, no one teaches you anything and they just give you water, you know?

UFC confirms Swedish as opponent Jon Jones in September

Com fratura no dedo, Jon Jones comemora vitória contra Chael Sonnen em abril deste ano Foto: Getty Images
After defending his title against Chael Sonnen, American Jon Jones has a new challenger in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC): Swede Alexander Gustafsson has been confirmed as the new opponent heavyweight champion. The announcement was made by Dana White on Thursday, when he took to confirm the date of the fight: September 21 at UFC 165 to be held in Canada.

Had expected the fight between Jones and Gustafsson in the MMA world. On Thursday morning, the rumors got even bigger after Dana replied to a fan on Twitter saying that this fight would actually happen. Then, at a news conference this afternoon, UFC president made ​​the official announcement.

Jon Jones is unbeaten in nine fights in the UFC, but had fractured her toe in the victory over Sonnen in April - so his return was expected after October, but he quickly recovered and asked that his new fight was scheduled quickly. However, confirmation of the fight    against Gustafson frustrates the expectations of a superfight against Anderson Silva, who will face Chris Weidman in July.

Gustafsson is now unbeaten in six matches, but has not fought this year - he would face Gegard Mousasi in April, but had an injury at the last minute so it was cut out of the card for UFC Sweden.

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The California State Athletic Commission prohibits new exemptions for hormone replacement Entity only releases athletes who were already under use of testosterone treatment

Last UFC event in California was on 20 April, the HP Pavillon, San Jose

Controversial issue in MMA, treatment with testosterone replacement (TRT), fought by many as UFC president Dana White has added another chapter Wednesday in the United States. The State Athletic Commission of California (CSAC) has determined that new exemptions for wrestlers use this trick will no longer be allowed. At least until a review of the status of current legislation.

The California State Athletic Commission is responsible for the regulation of fighting events in the state, such as the UFC. The organization, however, allow the fighters who had already achieved the authorization to continue with HRT. The ban will reach those who do not have the exemption of the organization.

The new policy adopted by the CSAC was set to meet on Monday in Los Angeles. According to the organization, are banned new permits for treatment with TRT, except for proven cases of athletes suffering from hypogonadism irreversible structural or organic, which hinders the body to produce testosterone.

Many MMA fighters have used or are allowed to do with testosterone replacement. Among them the Brazilian Vitor Belfort, who was the subject of controversy and allegations of some opponents, like England's Michael Bisping and American Luke Rockhold. Others like Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson and veteran heavyweight Frank Mir also make use of the TRT.

To receive authorization for treatment with hormone replacement, the fighters have to submit extensive documentation to the medical committees in the U.S., proving the necessity of using TRT. Moreover, they are monitored before, during and after the competition, so an assessment of the level of testosterone in the body.

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Swedish loses his composure and requires date to fight for the UFC belt

Alexander Gustafsson will be the next opponent of light heavyweight champion Jon Jones?

Despite being the number two contender among the light heavyweight (93 kg), the Swede Alexander Gustafsson showed greater bargaining power backstage and left the Brazilian Lyoto Machida back in time to fight for the title of the category.

His morale is so high that, while the Brazilian returns to the Octagon in August against American Phil Davis, ranking number eight, he had the luxury of making a public collection to Dana White, UFC President.

Through his Twitter account, the Swedish wrestler, coming off a win over Mauricio "Shogun" was right to ask for a date to face Jon Jones for the number one spot in the division.

- Give me a date

Though not officially confirmed as the next challenger for the belt, Gustafsson has your name as the main focus since Machida and Anderson Silva, Possible quoted are with appointments.

In turn, the light heavyweight champion still recovering from surgery that made the left big toe.

Aldo on Pettis: 'I'll make him regret having dropped weight'

On Tuesday (11), Jose Aldo had more contact with Anthony Pettis, his next challenger for the featherweight belt at UFC Rio 4. In a promotional event, the fighters took pictures at Arpoador Beach in Rio de Janeiro, and the title holder not stopped talking about his opponent.
Known as "Showtime" Pettis surprises his opponents with punches plastics and efficient. However, it depends on the Brazilian, it can also wait for the new duel Aug. 3. Aldo said that doing specific training to anticipate the attacks of the American.
"When you start the fight is 50% for each. I can also make a different move and I separate my workouts always new scams that may come. We are training to see the movement before and have no surprises. We studied many opponents and have a team that makes videos with the punches in slow motion to see the stroke before it happens. "

This fight will mark the debut of Pettis in feathers, as it operated in the light. About this change of category, Aldo said his challenger will have another idea after the war. "I will prove that he had better have stayed at lightweight and not down, where ever fought. After the fight he will regret having fallen. I'm adapted always fought. We have to respect, but here is our world and we will show who we are. "

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will the American feathers stuck in the queue, so relegated, Aldo intend to do the same, only up to lightweight. "The next step is this. I want to win this fight now and beat him so I'll ask this fight. Speak it before signing and Dana (White) agreed. I will go through this and rise to the light "

Pettis discards ground game against Jose Aldo: 'I want to win by knockout'

Specialist in the fight standing, especially in taekwondo, Anthony Pettis not think about winning the duel against Jose Aldo otherwise than by knockout. The American, who is not yet a black belt in jiu-jitsu, won six of 16 career victories by submission, but promptly dismissed trying to put the Brazilian down at UFC Rio 4, where they will face. With seven victories by knockout or technical knockout, Pettis showed a lot of trust in the standup meeting with the Brazilian press on Tuesday:
- I want to win by knockout. I will not look for the falls, nor will I seek completion. It is supposedly one of the best strikers in the world, and I hope he will change standing with me too. Definitely will knockout, or something crazy will happen. Said the Brazilian site: Combate.com in a hotel in São Conrado neighborhood, in Rio de Janeiro.

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Pettis was in Rio de Janeiro for a little over a month to train jiu-jitsu with Diego Moraes and returned early on Monday to participate in activities with the UFC to promote the event. He travels back to the U.S. late on Tuesday and takes on luggage affection of Brazilian fans. Diego, by the way, will also travel in a week to finalize the preparation of Pettis. The team returns to Brazil only in the week of the fight.
- I feel so good being here. Was flying the plane and saw that it really is an amazing place. I am very happy to be back. It's a shame it's only for two days but love here. Airport employees recognized me as soon as I got off the plane. It's kind of crazy. I think that MMA is much higher here than in the U.S.. Many people are fan of MMA here.

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EA Sports UFC will have bruising and cutting edge graphics to One Xbox and PS4

EA Sports UFC, produced by Electronic Arts, has won some details about graphics and gameplay in the company conference at E3 2013. The ad featured the cameos from Bruce Buffer, Dana White, Jon Jones and Ben Henderson, with their belts on stage at the event.

EA Sports UFC (Foto: Renan Dayube/TechTudo)

EA has revealed the new directions for the game inspired by one of the fastest growing sports in the world, promising a reality never before seen in the franchise. Touted as Full Body Deformation, technology that will reveal bruises and more serious impacts on the body of the fighters will make the title more brutal, approaching the electronic version of the fighting taking place in the actual events of the UFC.

Produced with EA Sports IGNITE, the game will bring fighters with a very high artificial intelligence, plus a handling very close to reality. The punching and kicking movements have lighter, as well as the execution of the submissions. The gyms also come to life, with a more active crowd.
The title will be released in early 2014 for Xbox one and PlayStation 4.

Bruce Buffer, UFC narrator, Jon Jones and Benson Henderson enters the stage for the presentation of EA Sports UFC. Anderson Silva can be seen in the images on the screen. Jon Jones talks about the reactions and reflexes required in a UFC fight. To bring this unpredictability to the game, we present the Full Body Deformation, which reproduces the impacts on the entire body of ateltas the game. The game will come out in early 2014 for the Xbox and PS4 One. A trailer for the game was shown.


UFC on Fuel TV 10 results: Fabrício Werdum submits Nogueira

Fabricio Werdum goes for an armbar against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. (Getty)

Fabrício Werdum def. Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira
Werdum managed to put Nogueira on his back early in the first round, but "Big Nog" was able to fight his way back to his feet. Nogueira started pushing the pace shortly after, and he even managed to land some hard shots. Unfortunately for Nogueira, his decision to pull guard and go for a guillotine choke during the second round ended up leading to his demise, as Werdum eventually transitioned to his back, bringing their contest to an end via armbar at the 2:41 mark.
Leonardo Santos def. William Macario (The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 2 Finale)
Macario managed to impose his will early in their UFC on Fuel TV 10 encounter, landing decent shots and mixing in a few takedowns. Macario continued to dominate the fight during the second round, but Santos turned things around with an outside-trip, putting Macario on his back. Santos quickly transitioned to mount, and he secured an arm-triangle shortly after, forcing the tap at 4:43 of round two.
Thiago Silva def. Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante
Feijao got off to a good start at UFC on Fuel TV 10, landing the cleaner, harder strikes early on. However, he seemed to slow down a bit towards the end of the first round, and Thiago capitalized on his fatigue, increasing his output until a barrage of punches against the cage ended Feijao's night at 4:29 of round one, where he won award for best fight and best knockout of the night.

Erick Silva def. Jason High
High went for a takedown early in their UFC on Fuel TV 10 encounter, but Silva sprawled and transitioned to his back. Silva threatened High with a couple of chokes before finally forcing the tap with an arm-lock 71 seconds into the fight.

Rony "Jason" Mariano Bezerra def. Mike Wilkinson
After a brief feeling-out period, Wilkinson put Bezerra on his back with a double-leg takedown, but it turned out to be a big mistake. Bezerra locked up a triangle choke shortly after, bringing their UFC on Fuel TV 10 encounter to an end 84 seconds into the first round.
Raphael Assuncao def. Vaughan Lee (armbar, round two)
Felipe Arantes def. Godofredo Castro (TKO, round one)
Ildemar Alcantara def. Leandro Silva (unanimous decision)
Rodrigo Damm def. Mizuto Hirota (split decision)
Caio Magalhaes def. Karlos Vemola (rear-naked choke, round two)
Antonio Braga Neto def. Anthony Smith (kneebar, round one)

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Life after-UFC: Bellator emerges as best option for fighters

Rampage Jackson vs Cheick Kongo seemed to have more prospects in the UFC. But Bellator offers new horizons to veterans

The UFC continues and will likely continue for many years been the leading MMA organization on the planet. With events on all continents (except in Africa) have been held so far, Dana White & co. carry their cards with married struggles that attract crowds to arenas and pay-per-views in the world.

However, this method "matchmaker" is not to everyone's liking: not 100% public, or 100% of the fighters. Optionally, came Bellator, with a fairer system considered: the fighters face off in a GP. The winner of the GP is entitled to shred category champion. In this system, for example, Anderson and Smith vs. matches. Chael Sonnen would not have happened if the U.S. had not earned the right inside the Octagon.

Apparently, some fighters begin to "rebel" against the form shaped by the larger event fights Earth and sympathize with "Bellator mode" to see the fighting. Yesterday, the event led by Bjorn Rebney announced the signings of heavyweight Cheick Kongo and former heavyweight champion of the UFC, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.

In an interview with TMZ, the fighter (and actor) "Rampage" Jackson declared his satisfaction with the new contract and how he sees the world of MMA:

"When you look at my agreement in the UFC, and the context in which my contract with Bellator and TNA is, is a dream come true. When other fighters have a chance to see everything that I will be able to do with this Agreement and the benefits it offers, you will see a big change in MMA. I guarantee. "

In addition to the contract with the event, "Rampage", which comes with star status, yet signed clauses for reality shows and TNA, telecatch also produced by Bjorn. The contract with the former champion of the Pride GP exposes further the Bellator brand, showing every day its strengths and bothers certainly sleep Dana White ever again.

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Neymar at Barcelona and marijuana in the UFC

Neymar ainda não deu adeus ao Santos, mas foi citado até por Pelé durante esta semana Foto: Fernando Dantas / Gazeta PressThe UFC recently followed the path pointed out by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and decided to increase the level of tolerance for metabolic marijuana tests pre and post-fight, 50 ng / mL (nanograms per mililetro) to 150 ng / mL. The new rule will be valid for international events where the UFC itself acts as regulator.

The vice president of regulatory affairs UFC Marc Ratner, revealed the decision during a meeting with the Advisory Panel for Testing Drugs and Steroids Athletic Commission of Nevada (NSAC), on Friday in Las Vegas.
- When we autorregularmos around the world, we use the standard Wada 150, and we're starting it right away - said Ratner.
The purpose of the change is to target athletes who are competing directly about the influence of marijuana, instead of picking fighters who have used the drug in the days or weeks before the fight and still have trace amounts of metabolic on your system. WADA recently adopted the same tolerance level, under the suggestion that the change will help catch athletes who use the substance during the competition, instead of athletes who use marijuana out of competition, when the drug is not considered a banned substance.
None of this means, however, that marijuana users should "relax" and cut the drug only a few days before his fights. The amount of metabolic marijuana present in the body depends on the metabolism of each person, and traces of the substance can be detected in urine tests up to 90 days after the last use. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

matt riddle spent the week training with nick diaz

Chael Sonnen UFC announces x Mauricio Shogun in the main in Boston

Fighters will be the protagonists of the event scheduled for August 17th

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has officially announced late on Tuesday that Chael Sonnen and Mauricio Shogun Rua will face off in the first event of the organization in the new channel Fox Sports in the United States. The two are scheduled for the main event of UFC on Fox Sports 1:1, scheduled for August 17, at the TD Center in Boston.

Mauricio Shogun and would face Chael Sonnen at UFC 161 on Oct. 15 in Winnipeg, Canada, after sonnen offered to replace Rogerio Nogueira, away from the event because of injury. The organization is not confirmed, but according to reports from sources, would have complied with the request of the loudmouth to face the Brazilian

However, according to information reported also not confirmed by the UFC, the fight could not be played in Winnipeg. The reason is that Chael Sonnen did not have a visa to enter Canada, even though the U.S., since we had problems with the law because of money laundering.

Both come from Shogun as Sonnen at UFC defeat. The Brazilian was overcome by Swede Alexander Gustafsson, by unanimous decision last December. Sonnen already lost the title fight for the light heavyweight Jon Jones by TKO in the first round in April this year. Despite the setback, the U.S. decided to keep the weight off and stay in the division.

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Problem with visa delays Sonnen fight Shogun for August 17 Americans have trouble getting the document in time to fight in Winnipeg, Canada. Grief should be the main event in Boston

The fight between Maurício Shogun and Chael Sonnen did not last more than a day at the UFC 161 card. Without giving reasons, the Brazilian posted late on Monday on Twitter that the duel will no longer be played in Winnipeg, on June 15. The Combate.com found to sources close to the organization that Sonnen had visa problems for Canada and with that Brazilian and U.S. should be doing headlining the show Ultimate in Boston, United States, about two months later. This change of date and venue has not been announced officially, but is verbally correct.
- We just know that the fight against Chael also fell. I wanted to apologize to the fans, I did my best to fight. Back in August 17 - Shogun posted.

MMA Maurício Shogun e equipe (Foto: Reprodução/Instagram)
Mauricio Shogun studying videos of Sonnen when he learned of the postponement (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

The fight between Maurício Shogun and Chael Sonnen did not last more than a day at the UFC 161 card. Without giving reasons, the Brazilian posted late on Monday on Twitter that the duel will no longer be played in Winnipeg, on June 15. The Combate.com found to sources close to the organization that Sonnen had visa problems for Canada and with that Brazilian and U.S. should be doing headlining the show Ultimate in Boston, United States, about two months later. This change of date and venue has not been announced officially, but is verbally correct.
- We just know that the fight against Chael also fell. I wanted to apologize to the fans, I did my best to fight. Back in August 17 - Shogun posted.

UFC officially confirms hiring Jessica Andrade Fighter should be the first Brazilian to fight for the UFC. Charles Oliveira and Roger Gracie will keep company with the Spider on the main card of UFC 162

The UFC has officially confirmed that Jessica Andrade will be the same opponent Liz Carmouche at UFC: Johnson x Moraga, July 27, in Seattle (USA). Thus, unless any last minute change to happen, it will be Jessica's first woman born in Brazil to compete in a fight in Ultimate.
Bronx and Roger Gracie featured in UFC 162
Aside from Anderson Silva in the main event, UFC 162 will have other Brazilians in the previous two matches. The official website of the Ultimate has put the cards in order, and you can see that the principal will be coevento Frankie Edgar x Charles Do Bronx.

Roger Gracie, lutardor de MMA (Foto: Getty Images)

Already Roger Gracie will debut in the organization against Tim Keneddy the penultimate fight of the night. Brazil still has three other representatives at the event on 6 July in Las Vegas (USA). On the preliminary card, Edson Barboza will make a homemade duel against Rafaello Tractor at lightweight. And the heavy, Gabriel Gonzaga returns to the Octagon to measure forces with Dave Herman.

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Lyoto Machida will face Phil Davis at UFC 163 in August in Rio de Janeiro

"Dragon" will need another victory at heavyweight before fighting for the title

Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty ImagesThe PVT reported, on Monday, that Lyoto Machida is one of the attractions of UFC 163, which will take place on August 3 at the Arena in Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro. He must face the American Phil Davis in the co-main event. "The PVT heard rumors about the fight and confirmed on Monday with sources close to the fighter," published the site.

First place ranking official UFC in 93kg category, Lyoto Machida is coming off two straight wins. In August 2012, he defeated Ryan Bader with a fulminating knockout in the second round, the fourth edition of Ultimate in partnership with FOX. Back in February this year, the "Dragon" beat veteran Dan Henderson in split decision at UFC 157.

Phil Davis, meanwhile, also won his last two fights, both before Brazilians. In October last year, the U.S. surpassed Wagner Prado, the "Cauldron", by submission in the second round at UFC 153. In April 2013, at UFC 159, he knocked Vinny Magalhaes by unanimous decision.

UFC event in racetrack ponders carry capacity to 142 thousand in Vegas

Complex circuits in Las Vegas can host edition of UFC with record attendance

Jeff Gross/Getty Images/AFP

In an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dana White has revealed the interest in holding a superfight in September this year in a race track with capacity for 142,000 people. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway, NASCAR evidence it receives, is the desired stage for the largest MMA league in the world. "It would be cool too and we have some interesting fights coming up that could happen there," said the representative of the UFC.

According to American publication, Dana White had a brief meeting with the president of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Chris Powell, last Friday. They discussed the possibility of promoting a UFC event in the circuit - probably in September - and both proved excited about the idea. "This all makes sense. We do big events and they, too, "said Powell, who has plans to erect a temporary arena on site to provide the public a great show. "We will add special effects to the event."

Unable to release the MMA in New York, Dana wants superfight in Vegas
Georgia. Scott Cunningham/Getty Images/AFPCreated in 1971, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is a complex with multiple circuits, the main one being shaped oval. Located north of Las Vegas, the circuit can receive a superfight between Anderson Silva, welterweight champion, and Jon "Bones" Jones, owner of the light heavyweight belt. The initial idea of ​​the UFC was to promote this fight in New York's Madison Square Garden to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the organization in November. However, the mixed martial arts are banned in New York since 1997 and the league has yet to release the sport in the state.

If the UFC really promote an event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the attendance record of 129 edition will be broken. On April 30, 2011, the Stadium Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada, received over 55,000 MMA fans. That event featured two title fights: Jose Aldo faced Mark Hominick and Georges St-Pierre faced Jake Shields. The champions retained the title, both in a unanimous decision.

UFC plans mega-event with Silva vs Jones and Velasquez vs. Dos Santos

The twentieth anniversary of the Ultimate Fighting Championship will be celebrated with a mega-event at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. According to journalist Dave Meltzer, the organization plans a card with Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones and the third fight between heavyweights Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos in the 12th or 19th of October.

The initial plan was to promote the show for the first time in New York, but it is unlikely that Madison Square Garden is released to receive the first show of the Ultimate that city, where the sport is not yet released. Silva, Jones, Velasquez and Dos Santos are four of the biggest names of today and the mission would fill a stadium with a capacity of 100 thousand people.

Brazilian fighters have in common sponsorship from Nike and Corinthians. Anderson Silva is the current middleweight champion and make a combined weight fight against light heavyweight champion, Junior dos Santos while just to earn the right by the belt dispute to 120kg with a win over Mark Hunt by KO.

Question to readers of the blog: If confirmed both fights, he is the greatest card of all time in the UFC?

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Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson is the newest hired Bellator and Cheick Kongo is also possible

Since Quinton "Rampage" Jackson (32-11) confirmed his departure from the UFC in January after losing to Glover Teixeira, wrestler and American actor was untraceable defined. According to the findings by MMA News, Rampage, who could not sign a contract with any other MMA organization until a month after his resignation, finally has a track: Bellator Fighting Championships.

Besides having the destination set, Rampage Jackson already has a fight scheduled probable, which is scheduled for November this year. The opponent can not confirmed, would be the boxer Roy Jones, 44, who is seeking the MMA world, since, as a boxer, his glory years passed and he had accumulated three consecutive defeats. Even Anderson Silva, the UFC middleweight champion, said he would rather face the boxer to meet the renowned Jon Jones and Georges St-Pierre in some superfight.

Another fighter who perhaps Bellator as a destination is the heavyweight Cheick Kongo (2.8.18), which after losing to Roy Nelson was also dismissed by the Ultimate. Kongo, however, is still doubt as the UFC can try a new contract with the fighter. According to sources said, a few weeks ago there was a deal with Bellator fighter, however nothing has been defined and agreed.
There are rumors that this can hit Kongo with Bellator would be because the Ultimate Fighter consider an organization with events and struggles too "heavy", which could get out of it better and triumphs, in order to thus end his career in "high style". Kongo has not had any fights set for the rest of the year.

UFC increases tolerance for marijuana in doping

Change, which favors names like Thiago Silva, Nick Diaz and Matt Riddle, is effective in TUF 2 Finale Brazil, in Fortaleza Brazil.

Minotouro machuca joelho e sera substituido por Thiago Silva na Suecia UFC aumenta tolerância para maconha no antidoping

After several cases have arisen in recent months, the UFC decided to increase the metabolic tolerance for marijuana in doping tests conducted by the organization. Now, the limit was 50 ng / mL (nanograms per milliliter) becomes 150 ng / mL. The change in regulations following the path indicated by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

The new regulation shall be exercised in TUF 2 Finale Brazil, an event that happens in Fortaleza, on Saturday (08). The law is not valid for disputes in the United States, where the local athletic commissions are responsible for regulating.

"When we autorregularmos around the world, we use the standard WADA 150, and we're starting it immediately," said Marc Ratner, vice president of regulatory affairs UFC.

The measure helps to deal with the UFC several athletes caught doping in the use of the drug. Nick Diaz, Dave Herman, Matt Riddle (twice), Thiago Silva (pictured), Robbie Peralta Alex Caceres and Pat Healy are among those caught.