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Thiago Silva accepts challenge of Bigfoot and proposes to duel intermediate weight: We can do combined weight of 104kg

Heavyweight made ​​some concessions in its demands to accept the challenge of compatriot, showing that Brazil also has rivalry.


With so much talent and disposition, strong fighter does not lower his head to any opponent and always goes forward. Proof of this is that the athlete was not intimidated by the size of Antonio "Bigfoot" and accepted the challenge from rival.

Companion Rafael "Bean" in Team Nogueira, athlete knocked out by Thiago on Saturday (8), Bigfoot said to have a rivalry with the former fighter after the match and had considered cutting down to almost 30 kg category and face it between light heavyweight (93 kg). Effort that will not be necessary, according to the interview itself Paulo site.

Thiago Silva:- "I can not say much about Bigfoot. We trained together, I know him, I think he is a guy who has hate in his heart. It is meaningless because I beat his friend (Rafael Feijao). If he wants to fight me, okay, come to 205 pounds (93 kg). Or rather, I will give you an idea: we can make a combined weight, like 220 ​​or 230 pounds (between 98 and 104 kg), he was downloading. I do not have problem. I want to fight. I fight for money and I like to hit stupid people like him. So if he wants to fight me, we can make combined weight of 220 pounds (104 kg), and I'll be ready to beat him. You bet, "shot in an interview with Thiago site.

Former training partners in the gym American Top Team fighters seem to have old problems. But Thiago ensures that everything is just creations maybe next opponent, as the possible reason for the disagreement would be the output of Thiago team to train with Rashad Evans and Vitor Belfort in Blackzilians.

Bigfoot: - I have no idea. I think because I left American Top Team. But he knows why I left the gym. No coaches, no one teaches you anything and they just give you water, you know?

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