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Aldo on Pettis: 'I'll make him regret having dropped weight'

On Tuesday (11), Jose Aldo had more contact with Anthony Pettis, his next challenger for the featherweight belt at UFC Rio 4. In a promotional event, the fighters took pictures at Arpoador Beach in Rio de Janeiro, and the title holder not stopped talking about his opponent.
Known as "Showtime" Pettis surprises his opponents with punches plastics and efficient. However, it depends on the Brazilian, it can also wait for the new duel Aug. 3. Aldo said that doing specific training to anticipate the attacks of the American.
"When you start the fight is 50% for each. I can also make a different move and I separate my workouts always new scams that may come. We are training to see the movement before and have no surprises. We studied many opponents and have a team that makes videos with the punches in slow motion to see the stroke before it happens. "

This fight will mark the debut of Pettis in feathers, as it operated in the light. About this change of category, Aldo said his challenger will have another idea after the war. "I will prove that he had better have stayed at lightweight and not down, where ever fought. After the fight he will regret having fallen. I'm adapted always fought. We have to respect, but here is our world and we will show who we are. "

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will the American feathers stuck in the queue, so relegated, Aldo intend to do the same, only up to lightweight. "The next step is this. I want to win this fight now and beat him so I'll ask this fight. Speak it before signing and Dana (White) agreed. I will go through this and rise to the light "

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