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Life after-UFC: Bellator emerges as best option for fighters

Rampage Jackson vs Cheick Kongo seemed to have more prospects in the UFC. But Bellator offers new horizons to veterans

The UFC continues and will likely continue for many years been the leading MMA organization on the planet. With events on all continents (except in Africa) have been held so far, Dana White & co. carry their cards with married struggles that attract crowds to arenas and pay-per-views in the world.

However, this method "matchmaker" is not to everyone's liking: not 100% public, or 100% of the fighters. Optionally, came Bellator, with a fairer system considered: the fighters face off in a GP. The winner of the GP is entitled to shred category champion. In this system, for example, Anderson and Smith vs. matches. Chael Sonnen would not have happened if the U.S. had not earned the right inside the Octagon.

Apparently, some fighters begin to "rebel" against the form shaped by the larger event fights Earth and sympathize with "Bellator mode" to see the fighting. Yesterday, the event led by Bjorn Rebney announced the signings of heavyweight Cheick Kongo and former heavyweight champion of the UFC, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.

In an interview with TMZ, the fighter (and actor) "Rampage" Jackson declared his satisfaction with the new contract and how he sees the world of MMA:

"When you look at my agreement in the UFC, and the context in which my contract with Bellator and TNA is, is a dream come true. When other fighters have a chance to see everything that I will be able to do with this Agreement and the benefits it offers, you will see a big change in MMA. I guarantee. "

In addition to the contract with the event, "Rampage", which comes with star status, yet signed clauses for reality shows and TNA, telecatch also produced by Bjorn. The contract with the former champion of the Pride GP exposes further the Bellator brand, showing every day its strengths and bothers certainly sleep Dana White ever again.

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