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Ben Askren defending belt against Koreshkov


Champion of the Bellator welterweight and one of the best wrestlers in the world of MMA, Ben Askren (11-0, pictured) already has new title defense scheduled! Criticized for his style "mooring" to fight, the fighter 28 years faces the tough Russian Andrey Koreshkov (13-0), winner of last GP welterweight event.

Scheduled for July 31, will head the duel Bellator 97, which rolls into the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA. Besides Askren Vs. Koreshkov the night of fights will still Brazilians Douglas Lima and Patricio "Pitbull" Freire facing, respectively, Ben Saunders and Robert Emerson.

Considered one of the best welterweights in the world, Ben Askren's teammate Anthony Pettis in Roufusport and is champion of Bellator welterweights, already surpassing names like Dan Hornbuckle, Lyman Good, Jay Hieron, Douglas Lima and Karl Amoussou in its path. Known for his excellent wrestling, which has led the fighter to the Beijing Olympics in 2008. With a record of 153 wins and only eight losses in collegiate wrestling, Askren is a member of the Hall of Fame at the University of Missouri and has the third highest number of "pins" (locked traditional wrestling) in NCAA history with 91.

On the other side of the hexagon, the 22 year old Andrey Koreshkov represent Sambo in combat. Signed by Bellator in 2012 after opening his career with eight consecutive victories, five by knockout and three by submission, Koreshkov left to win the GP Bellator welterweights, surpassing Derrick Krantz, Jordan Smith, Marius Zaromskis and Lyman Good to secure a place . Pupil of Alexander Shlemenko, Koreshkov trains with other known names for the fan of Bellator as Mikhail Zayats, Alexander Volkov and Akop Stepanyan.

Position 'three-support' may be reviewed under MMA rules

Three of the most influential athletic commissions U.S. want to prevent fighters will force shortages

 Prior to becoming MMA gear, the sport was called "anything goes." As its name suggested, virtually every type of scam was valid to take the opponent to KO or submit him. Nowadays, one of the rules of MMA in the United States is one in which is not permitted in the knee to kick or the opponent's head while it is in the position of "three supports." But this item will be reviewed in the Committee of the Association of Boxing 2013, organization structure rules and regulations Boxing and MMA U.S. and Canada, mainly because there are some fighters who are putting a finger or part of the hand (or hand whole) intentionally on the floor to take advantage of the rule.

If the change actually happen, the announcement should be made ​​on July 31, the last day of the Commission meeting and resolve cases where a fighter uses this rule to avoid being struck, even trying to take your opponent to a lack or loss of point. In a statement released by the website "MMA fighting," Nick Lembo, the Athletic Control Commission New Jersey, explained how the referees should do in case of change in the regulation.
- The referees should instruct the fighters are still considered standing even if they have a finger or hand part (or whole hand) on the floor. The arbitrator shall have the discretion to decide if a fighter who is with a finger or hand on the ground can still legally be hit in the head with knees and kicks. The referee may decide that the fighter in this position is putting your finger or hand on the floor just to cause a fault (to the opponent) - Nick Lembo explained.

"Referees should instruct fighters they will be considered in the standing position even if they have a finger or hand part (or whole hand) on the floor. At the discretion of the referee, a fighter who has a finger or hand on the ground can be struck on the head with knees and kicks. The arbitrator shall decide whether a fighter or fighter is placing your hand or fingers on the floor without making any offensive action or a ploy to try to improve their position. The referee must decide if the wrestler is simply trying to provoke a foul. If the referee decides that a wrestler is touching the floor just to take advantage of a fault, it should consider that the fighter is standing and decide that no fault occurs, "reads an excerpt of the document.

So for the record I am totally against the rules because it will perform when it happens again as shown below.


Lyoto bet to win the standup Phil Davis: 'Will my gap'

At the site of the UFC, Brazilian shown confident and told what to do in combat

Lyoto Machida 445x329 Lyoto aposta na trocação para vencer Phil Davis: Será minha diferença
In Rio, L.Machida (pictured) makes his first fight in Brazil since 2006. Photo: Josh Hedges / UFC

About to return to the Octagon in the co-main event of UFC Rio 4, Brazilian Lyoto Machida has shown confidence in a good presentation on Phil Davis this Saturday (3). In an interview to the official website of the Ultimate, Lyoto indicated that his standup game can be the key to a victory against the American wrestler.

"I feel very comfortable in the standup. I fought many wrestlers, I know how to handle them. So I feel very confident. The striking difference in this fight will be mine, "said the former heavyweight champion.

Next Saturday, August 3, the Rio de Janeiro receives an Ultimate edition for the fourth time. UFC 163, which takes place at the HSBC Arena, has a card full of Brazilians - with at least one athlete in the country in each of the 12 matches of the event. In the main event of the evening, featherweight champion Jose Aldo faces the "Korean Zombie" Chang Sung Jung.

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Newspaper: for revenge, A. Silva trains in Thailand and reformulates staff

After losing to Chris Weidman, Brazilian Anderson Silva begins to review where you went wrong and prepare for the rematch scheduled for December. In an interview with the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo (Brazil newspaper), the fighter said that he is changing all that supposedly failed his team, but the main culprit for the defeat is himself. To enhance preparedness, Anderson Silva will travel to Thailand to spend a few days there and then return to Rio de Janeiro to finish the training.

The fighter said that instead of being downcast in defeat, "slipped up" with the setback and respect the harshest criticism of some people in relation to their performance in the fight against Weidman. In an interview with the Brazilian still ruled out a possible participation in the Olympics in Rio in taekwondo, said he has not even sure when they will retire and said he still dreams of a possible fight against the boxer Roy Jones Jr.

"Actually, I was a little stressed at the moment, the record had not fallen. Soon after I calmed down, then Dana came in contact with my business and talked. Had a conversation with him too personal. Independe if I had won or not, there would be a rematch with Weidman, it was in the plans of the UFC. As I have a contract of 10 fights, they preferred to do the rematch with him now than let another opportunity, or give opportunity to another athlete who has not had the wins I had in the UFC. "


Dana White criticized for wanting to play Belfort headline now: 'He is beside himself'

'For some crazy reason, Vitor believe you should have to fight against Chris Weidman Anderson Silva or now, "says the president of the Ultimate

Vitor Belfort coletiva 445x289 Presidente do UFC critica desejo de Belfort por cinturão: ‘Está fora de si’After knocking out Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold, Vitor Belfort expected to win the chance to compete in the logo of the UFC middleweight belt, but was frustrated by marking the rematch between Chris Weidman, the new champion, Anderson Silva. The organization offered him a duel for the 84kg category against American Tim Kennedy for the last quarter of the year in Brazil, but was refused by the team belfort.

The American press called impressions Dana White on the refusal for a chat after the "UFC: Johnson Moraga x", and the words of the President of Ultimate were not the most pleasant:

- I do not know. Did not know that. Who knows ... For some crazy reason, Vitor believe you should have to fight against Chris Weidman or Anderson Silva now. He is beside himself.

Vitor wife and manager, Joana Prado said that the husband accepts only fight again in the middleweight division if title. But he is willing to return to the octagon before having that chance, provided it is in a fight for the light heavyweight (93kg), heavy (up to 120kg) or a combined weight.

If the UFC does not mark a duel under conditioned by Belfort, a fighter Rio will have to wait until early next year to return to the Octagon. The rematch between Weidman and Anderson is scheduled for Dec. 28 in Las Vegas, USA.

Chael Sonnen Wand strikes again: 'Weak, I'll pick a tie'

American public provocations by the Brazilian on Twitter.

After revealing last Tuesday it plans to return to middleweight after his fight against Mauricio Shogun on the 17th of August, the American Chael Sonnen wasted no time in attacking your target, the Brazilian Wanderlei Silva. On Friday night, Sonnen referred to the former PRIDE champion.

- I typed "weak" on my GPS, and guess what? I'm in your driveway - Sonnen wrote. A few minutes later, he sent new provocation.

- I'll pick a tie that neither in school.

Imagem Postada

Sonnen is known for its provocations and has traded barbs with Wanderlei Silva internet and media countless times. He came to campaign for a fight with the Brazilian in May after his loss to Jon Jones at UFC 159, but the two sides failed to reach an agreement for a duel. Sonnen ultimately took the injured Rogerio Nogueira and Shogun opponent at UFC 161 in Winnipeg, Canada, but the fight ended up being transferred to Boston on Aug. 17 by the U.S. problems to get visa to enter the neighboring country.

Demetrious Johnson invoice bonus for best submission of UFC on FOX 8

Demetrious Johnson has many reasons to celebrate on Saturday night (27). The champion flies Ultimate (57 kg.) Defended his belt for the second time before John Moraga and still pocketed the prize for best submission of UFC on FOX 8 event held in Seattle, USA. The armbar embedded in challenging the champion earned a bonus of $ 50,000, about U.S. $ 112,000 approximately.
Besides Demetrious Johnson, Melvin Guillard also had reason to celebrate. Lightweight took the prize for best knockout face Mac Danzig. But the bonus was for the best fight middleweights Ed Herman and Trevor Smith, who led the amount caught in the clash preliminary card.

Check out the complete results of the awards bonus UFC on FOX 8:
Best finish: Demetrious Johnson on John Moraga
Best KO: Melvin Guillard on Mac Danzig
Best fight: Ed Herman vs. Trevor Smith

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Lyoto complains stuck queue Cormier: 'rank must be obeyed'

Former champion believes the U.S. should win fights as a light heavyweight title shot before.

The heavyweight Daniel Cormier said earlier this week that you want to ask for a direct chance to fight for the title of the low-Roy Nelson if he wins, his next opponent at UFC 166. But the attempt to "stuck queue" bothered a leading candidate for the position of challenging media-heavy, Brazilian Lyoto Machida.

In a press conference on Thursday to UFC Rio 4, Lyoto discussed the request for Cormier. "I think there is a ranking that must be obeyed," said Machida. "He (Cormier) must make at least two fights to fight for the belt (the light-heavyweight)."

Lyoto think the UFC fighters do not disturb others in its class. Lyoto believes that the organization will mark some commitment to Cormier as a light heavyweight before he fights for the belt. "I think the UFC will not let him go down the heavyweight and now fight for the title, because there are guys who are waiting for this chance for a while. I'm in this situation, Glover Teixeira is coming with great force, the very Phil Davis ... I think it is not that way "

Lyoto Machida will face the American Phil Davis at UFC Rio fight coprincipal 4 or UFC 163, an event that will be held on August 3. There is no official guarantee from the organization that a win is worth a chance for the "Dragon" back to a title shot, but he is likely to be indicated if the winner exit combat.

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Chael Sonnen surprised and praises the brothers Diaz: "They're real"

Após a luta com Shogun, Sonnen voltará para os médios - Divulgação UFC

In an interview with "Bleacher Report", the fighter revealed his opinion of no less controversial Diaz brothers.

"I love the Diaz brothers, they are real guys and I like their style. These guys are great for sports, great athletes and they are real, not fake, that's the way their own. I think the Diaz brothers are very sincere and very honest, and they have a lot of fans, but they also have people using it against them, and that's not right, "he concluded.

Chael Sonnen confirmed this week that it has obtained permission to make use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) before the fight against Mauricio 'Shogun', held on August 17 at UFC Fight Night 26. So for the record.

Ryan Bader wants to take the place of Glover in the title race with victory in Brazil

American sees fighting feared Brazilian UFC: Glover x Bader as an opportunity.

Ryan Bader was announced as the opponent Glover Teixeira Brazilian UFC: Glover x Bader of the 4th of September in Belo Horizonte, many fans turned up their noses. It was hoped that Glover, ranking third in the weight-heavyweight UFC, caught the Fourth, Rashad Evans, who had mentioned the possibility of confrontation. Instead, Bader was chosen after being forced to give up a confrontation with the miner at UFC 160 in May because of an injury. For the U.S., ranking tenth in the category, the appeal of the duel is obvious.

- I want to fight the best. He is third in the ranking. My ultimate goal is to be the champion, and Glover is on the verge of a title shot. If I beat him, I take his place and I'm closer to title contention, which is what I want. Glover would be a huge victory and is a tough guy. I want those tough fights in main events in Brazil against Glover. Other people come running from it, but I want to prove I can beat him.

For the former champion of The Ultimate Fighter, the opinions of fans who believe that Glover Teixeira will win easily and the fact that the fight be held in the home state of the adversary are motivating factors. It ensures that you will feel more relieved not to have the pressure of favoritism on him inside the Octagon.

Nobody is giving me any credit and I love to go there and spoil those plans. I've been to many times zebra. I went to Japan and beat Rampage. It kind of takes the pressure off me and allows me to relax, open up and fight like me want to fight. Sets you free, no pressure to fight not to lose. I can be free and do what I do and surprise Glover - said.

World champion heavyweights do a round of interviews next to Junior dos Santos at UFC Rio 4 Eve in Rio de Janeiro

Imagem Postada

The Mexican-American Cain Velasquez gave up to come to Brazil to attend the UFC World Tour, an initiative to bring UFC fighters its main audience in some major cities in carrying out their tournaments. Heavyweight champion of the organization, Velasquez claimed not feel safe enough to come to the country and canceled their participation. The confirmation of the absence Fighter happened after contacts with sources close to the UFC.

The UFC announced last week an official statement on the World Tour, and the name of Velasquez did not appear in the latest version alongside Junior Cigano, his next opponent, and who answer questions from the press and fans.

The theme of lack of security in Brazil has come up several times when it comes to athletes who theoretically would be harassed by the ever vibrant home crowd. Some fighters theoretically arouse more heated reactions from fans, as Chael Sonnen, but the actual loudmouth said at "UFC: Evans x Davis" in Chicago in early 2012, when he faced and defeated Michael Bisping, who saw no problem with security in Brazil, which was sure to hear much booing and people of Chicago did not seem to read much local newspapers, since the city is known for high crime rates. Dana White also defended Brazil, and said that the numerous times he was in the country has ever seen any act of hostility against any fighter that would rival the Brazilians.

Recently athletes who won Brazilian fighters like Jon Jones - shortly after submitting Lyoto Machida - and Rich Franklin - who beat Wanderlei Silva in Belo Horizonte - received affection and admiration of the Brazilian fans, who do not shy away from taking photos and autographs at two, even winning Brazilian MMA greats.

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After losing to Belfort, Luke Rockhold faced Tim Boetsch at UFC 166

Former Strikeforce champion returns to the Octagon on August 19th in Houston

After debuting in the UFC to defeat the Brazilian Vitor Belfort in Jaragua do Sul (SC), Luke Rockhold has already set his next challenge. The organization confirmed the site "ESPN.com" the former Strikeforce champion will face Tim Boetsch at UFC 166 in September.

Rockhold, who fights professionally since 2007, has a record of ten wins and only two losses. His opponent, Tim Boetsch, has a record of 16 wins and six losses. In his last fight, "The Barbarian", as it is known, was beaten to Mark Munoz at UFC 162 on July 6.

The UFC 166 event that receives the confrontation between Rockhold and Boetsch, takes place on October 19, at the Toyota Center in Houston (USA). The main fight of the night marks the third meeting of Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos for the heavyweight title.

Under contract with the UFC, still wants to fight Renzo Gracie in 2013

Veteran says it can even act by Asia ONE FC event!!!

The veteran Renzo Gracie lives a busy life coaching elite fighters like Frankie Edgar and Chris Weidman, and owner of a large gym in New York. But the welterweight 46, who is under contract with the UFC, still think about fighting. Preferably before the end of 2013. And not necessarily in the biggest event in the world.

Renzo has not fought since 2010, when he was defeated by Matt Hughes at UFC 112. Despite the long downtime, he says he's ready to return. "I have trained with these guys, they are really hard," said Gracie program MMAJunkie Radio. "I had fun with them. So for sure I'll be ready to have fun too at the end of the year. "

The most curious thing about this story is that the legendary master of jiu-jitsu is placed at the disposal of other events, if you can not agree to a UFC fight. Renzo quoted ONE FC, ​​leading Asian organization today.

"UFC has become a machine. So if you do not have a name and does not follow fighting, it's hard to keep busy. If I do not fight over there (in the UFC), I do not care. I will fight on ONE, will fight a Japanese organization. That to me is fun and thank God I do not need money to do that. "

The will to fight is so great that Renzo opponent chooses not only asks that you do not offer easy life. "I'd rather fight someone tough. Do not bring me a coward. Do not insult me​​, bring someone who can beat me, "concluded the fighter still.

Sonnen UFC renews and wants to fight Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva

About a month before facing the Brazilian Mauricio Shogun in Boston, the controversial Chael Sonnen said on Tuesday, in the TV show "UFC Tonight", which renewed the contract with the UFC for five fights. In addition, the American said he intends descend back to middleweight (84kg) after "beat Shogun", as he put it. He will face Shogun in the category weight-heavyweight (93kg).
Announcing that a return to middleweight would be a requirement of your contract, said he plans to meet two of his oldest foes: Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva.
- There are two guys who want to face. The first is Vitor Belfort, because it is too much and is an amazing result. Second, is Wanderlei, I just find that going back to middleweight. The scenario has completely changed. I have a new contract and I am returning to my weight class - said Sonnen at "UFC Tonight".
Sonnen left the middleweights last year after suffering his second loss to then champion of the division, Anderson Silva at UFC 148 in July 2012. The American received a chance to fight for the title of the weights-heavyweight Jon Jones against and was defeated at UFC 159 last April. Shortly after, he accepted to face Shogun main event UFC event in Boston on August 17. Since then, middleweights gained a new champion: American Chris Weidman, who beat Anderson at UFC 162 and ended a sequence of 16 unbeaten fights inside the Octagon, and a reign of six years and nine months in the division.
Another novelty was revealed by Sonnen that he started training with compatriot Mark Muñoz at Reign MMA gym in California.

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Cesar Gracie reveals that Dana White made a proposal to return Nick Diaz

Coach announces retirement from American fighter of 29 years may be revised, but we still can not say when or against whom

UFC 158 Georges St-Pierre e Nick Diaz (Foto: Agência Getty Images)
Apparently, the retirement of Nick Diaz did not last more than four months. Who raises this hypothesis is the coach himself Fighter, Cesar Gracie, told the site that the former champion BJ Penn about this possibility.
- Nick Diaz returned to Las Vegas a few days ago with a proposal on the table and that's all I can say. It's something we're all arguing with him. Dana White offered him a fight, but I can not say against whom. - Commented Gracie.
The last moments of Nick Diaz at UFC were not very good for the fighter. After the loss to Carlos Condit in February 2012 when the disputed interim belt-weights welterweight, due to injury to Georges St-Pierre, the Californian took a one-year suspension for marijuana use. The last act of Nick Diaz in the UFC was in March this year, the loss to GSP at UFC 158, when he announced his retirement. The American, 29, has 26 wins and nine losses in his career.

Cris Cyborg speculates super fight with Ronda Rousey weighing up to 63kg

After the women's title in feather-weights Invicta, Brazilian shows willingness to confront rival, champion of weights cocks UFC on combined weight

The Brazilian Cris Cyborg, champion featherweight (65kg) of Invicta, really willing to settle their accounts with Ronda Rousey. Shortly after winning the title of the largest organization of women's MMA World, on the 13th of July, Cyborg spoke to the American site ESPN about the possibility of making a superfight against American title holder in the UFC bantamweight category (up to 61kg).
- Whenever she wants to fight me, I'll be ready. My weight since I started fighting is 65kg. I'm not ready to 61kg, 63kg but maybe, who knows? Maybe ... - Cris Cyborg said.

Montagem Cris Cyborg e Ronda Rousey (Foto: Editoria de Arte/Globoesporte.com)

A possible superfight between Rousey and Cyborg is commented and speculated long ago in women's MMA, but the weight issue always appeared as the major impediment. As expected fight does not happen, both American as Brazilian exchange barbs through the press. Cris Cyborg, 28, has 12 wins and one defeat, while Ronda Rousey, 26, has seven wins and remains undefeated since joining the judo mats for MMA.

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UFC surpasses NBA and NASCAR in spending on lobbying in the United States, reveals site


According to a survey of North American website OpenSecrets.org, the UFC was the second sports league in the United States that have had more spending on lobbying in 2012. The report demonstrates that the MMA organization spent $ 620,000, nearly five times the amount invested by the NBA - the main basketball competition in the world.

According to co-director of operations of the UFC, Lawrence Epstein, a number of companies represented in the league operations. The amount spent concientizar served to politicians about the importance of martial arts to the people and encourage the development of more stringent anti-piracy laws in the country.

"I think we have much work to do to defend intellectual property in the United States. We have fulfilled our part, but the politicians who are in power in Washington is taking the decisions. These pirates are generating incredible damage to companies like ours (UFC). This needs to be a crime and these people need to be prosecuted more vigorously, "he said in an interview with Lawrence MMAJunkie.

Since 2010, Zuffa - the company that owns the UFC - has fought relentlessly against the portals on the internet that transmit illegally MMA events. Altogether, the organization has reported to Congress 271 sites, however, the U.S. penal code further provides light punishments for criminals, which has frustrated the efforts of the UFC.

Check out the sports leagues spenders on lobbying in 2012:

1 - National Football League - $ 1,140,000
2 - Ultimate Fighting Championship - $ 620,000
3 - Professional Golfer's Association - $ 380,000
4 - Major League Baseball - $ 310,000
5 - Bowl Championship Series - $ 270,000
6 - Nos. Olympic Committee - $ 240,000
7 - National Collegiate Athletic Association - $ 150,000
8 - NASCAR - $ 150,000
9 - National Basketball Association - $ 125,000
10 - National Football League Player's Association - $ 120,000

With choking defeat Roger Gracie ponders change category

Surrounded by much anticipation, the debut of Roger Gracie was less than expected. The black belt Jiu-Jitsu not only lost to Tim Kennedy, UFC 162, as he was unrecognizable in the Octagon. Dominated by the opponent, the Brazilian lost points, however, barely sketched reaction in the second and third round, although presented well in the initial stage.
Despite the numerous comments that the process of weight loss has affected his performance, Roger, in an interview with tatami, did not know precisely what happened. The fighter, who is considering moving up in class, said he was frustrated with his performance more than the result of the clash.
"It's one thing to lose when I give it my all, there is nothing to do. Another is losing because he had no gas, had no energy to respond in the fight. "

Imagem Postada

President keeps bonus night fights in UFC

"maintenance bond is a desire Fighters"

The discussion on wages paid by UFC walked heated in recent weeks, with several fighters, both active and retired, complaining that their salaries were very low in most of the MMA world organization. Dana White threatened to end the bonuses distributed in events to improve wages, but their athletes were asked the additional retained.

On Tuesday, at a press conference by telephone, the UFC president said that the bonuses will not be cut. White three types of bonus paid per event. They are: best knockout of the night, best submission and best fight, awarding general four athletes per card.

"In the last press conference, I had told the fighters that would not end with the fight of the night bonus. After I said that, I had a lot of returning fighters. They want the bonuses and want to be kept as they are. So is this. "

Currently the UFC froze the value of the bonds at $ 50,000 for each prize fighter, but the amount one day came to be $ 129,000.

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Indirectly, who loses and who wins with UFC 162?

Certamente, as consequências do sabadão bombástico não afetarão apenas Anderson e Weidman. Teremos respingos em terceiros (AP Images)

For shock the world, Chris Weidman - now technically no contract will fill the piggy bank. Besides a sympathetic renovation, the new monarch middleweight entitled to that always welcome slice of revenue from pay per views reserved for noble champions.

On the other hand, the position of Anderson Silva may have cost more than one piece of leather covered by a metal plate.

The deafening boos at the MGM Grand Arena in social networks and the bombing proved that the image of the "Spider" leaves quite scratched from UFC 162.

And the consequences can be felt in his pocket.

According to an article in the newspaper "O Globo", representatives of the "Burger King" walking worried about the backlash.

Certainly, the consequences of bombastic sabadão not affect just those two. We splash in others. Let them?

Underdogs: Dana White and Jon Jones

The bald labia has the marketer. If you slip up, sell up "cooler" for polar bear. Anderson vs. Weidman II will be great? Without a doubt. It will be the biggest fight in UFC history? There is controversy. As much as the UFC 162 has dilated pupils, it is hard to believe that, in macroeconomic terms, an American still emerging and overcome a Brazilian pop star Brock Lesnar and GSP darling (stars of UFC 100 record). Already Anderson Silva x Jon Jones could paints that could leave until Mayweather and Pacquiao to shame. People in terms of money, these two fights in question are completely different levels. Believe me, Dana and Jones lost many, many dead presidents (especially Benjamin Franklin) on Saturday.

Underdog: The ego nationalist

We got both the heavy hand of the state here that entertainment unfortunately becomes a great crutch. Without football, volleyball, MMA, novels and Gugu programs, such people who work five months a year without receiving anything in return will smile? There is the great circus opium of the oppressed? Thus, those who fill the chest screaming "I'm Brazilian with great pride and with love" in stadiums overpriced feel the loss of another belt.

Grantee: Georges St-Pierre

Neither mother Weidman both celebrated the victory of the son and the Canadian welterweight. The success of "All-American" free GSP months and months of bullying - once the UFC certainly try to push it down our throats a superfight with Anderson Silva. Now, the champion 77kg can engage in peace to your category without being achacado a commitment that never interested him.

Grantee: Lyoto Machida

Among the heavyweight, the fighter is in limbo. For more go to the rematch against the guy who went out in the second round simply has no appeal outside of Brazil. To get around this, a change pro middleweight has been drawn long ago - and the only real drawback is the relationship with Anderson Silva. Of course not Lyoto likes to see a longtime friend writhing on the floor, but with the "Spider" out of the picture - the short to medium-term it can finally migrate quiet. UFC Lyoto x Weidman: Revenge of the Dragon. What about? This, of course, if Belfort does not come first.

Grantee: Vitor Belfort

As in a fairy tale, the "Dinosaur Young" was the problem solution. Even assuming that the Rio is the number one challenger, Dana White brought bad news: "He had his face kicked in 60 seconds. Anderson, who is at the end of his career, want new challenges. If I ask him 'And Vitor?' He will say, 'I annihilated Vitor. Vitor did not seem like a guy who should be fighting me. "Now, Belfort sure that, even if not in the next round, your chance will come before the golden curtain close.

segunda-feira, 8 de julho de 2013


Dana says Spider wants rematch: 'There's nothing he wants more'

UFC president asserts that say it was armed is idiocy and defeat Anderson cost much money to him, St-Pierre and Jon Jones.

Rematch against American and even wondered retire, but, according to UFC president Dana White, there's nothing he wants more. The Ultimate boss further explained that the setback cost much money to Anderson, Georges St-Pierre and Jon Jones, since supermatches lost their meaning.

- This fight cost the GSP, Jon Jones and Anderson Silva much money because Anderson Silva was the connection between the two supermatches. Anderson Silva has lost before, but no longer knows what it is to lose. He'll have to deal with it for a few days, but I assure you there is nothing more that he wants a rematch against Chris Weidman - Dana said at the press conference of UFC 162

A reporter asked Dana White about allegations that the result could have been armed and was quickly refuted by UFC president.

- To say that the result was armed is the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life. Many people said that Weidman would win because of his wrestling. Anderson did a great job in defending the attempts of falls - said.
Dana also denied that Anderson Silva has been disrespectful against Chris Weidman. In the opinion of the director, was a good fight and dances, laughs and other games of Spider in the Octagon was not lack of respect for the American.

Imagem Postada

- Anderson Silva is so talented who knows what kind of punishment they can withstand. If I had won today, we would be saying that he was the greatest of all time, he won even doing all that he did. I felt like in his fight against Demian Maia. That day I wanted to kill me, the fight was horrible. Today, no. The fight was very good, the two fought and tried to win, and Anderson was knocked out spectacularly. He was disrespectful?

I do not know. It's a fight, the guys got hit in the face, pull their heads out and have to be respected. I'm sweaty, my coat is soaked, almost fainted twice ... was a memorable moment. I would like to do the rematch next Saturday (laughs) - concluded.
About Vitor Belfort, who immediately initiated campaign to address Weidman, Dana said his head is totally in the rematch between the American and Anderson:

- I'm not even thinking of Vitor Belfort now. I received 172 messages Vitor today. And he is a man of God, but he certainly cursed me in several of them. I answered them all with "Rematch".

I do not know if you've noticed the tear filled eyes of AS talking after the fight with Rogan, I say again, Rocky III, a life lesson, who else liked this defeat was GSP who got rid of S.Luta for now, and the rematch will sell more than bottles of water and coca-cola together.

Anderson Silva plays, Weidman wins by knockout in UFC history, and makes

Chris Weidman made ​​history in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the early hours of Sunday. He became the first fighter to take the middleweight belt to Anderson Silva, with an incredible victory: the Brazilian played in the first round, caused the American, but exaggerated in this ugly tactic and lost by knockout in the second round. It's probably a new era in MMA as the "best of all time" will now be questioned and criticized more than ever.

The Weidman is made ​​of something ten fighters tried, but never succeeded: take the belt from Anderson Silva seemed almost impossible. The category was virtually "clean", but the promising American appeared asked the fight against Brazilian and ended the series with 16 straight wins Anderson. Now Chris cartel is bright defintivamente: ten wins in ten matches played, with wins over Demian Maia, Mark Munoz and impressive knockout tonight.

Anderson's provocations have started in seen when Weidman reached out to greet the Brazilian, who did not return the gesture. When the fight began, was exactly what the American took full advantage by knocking down Silva and sharp blows hit him.

When the fight happened again on foot, then came over to play Anderson, who declined to dodge, put his hand on her waist, smiled and asked for the American hit him harder. Even in the range called the Brazilian Weidman to fight.

The banter continued Anderson in the second round, when he came to make up dances in front of Chris. However, when the Brazilian's guard was down again, the new middleweight champion landed a powerful punch that knocked the Brazilian and wrote a new story in the UFC.

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With kiss Weidman Anderson Silva beats weight for UFC 162

The Brazilian Anderson Silva returns to the Octagon this Saturday (06), to defend the middleweight belt in front of American Chris Weidman. But before the collision, the athletes had a moment unprecedented in weighing the show.

After spiking 83.5 kg, almost 500 grams below the allowed limit, Anderson went to seen and reached out to touch his lip at the mouth of the rival. Weidman did not back down and the fighters were separated by Dana White, president of the franchise, with a smile.

After the 'kiss', Anderson kept the weighted speech and praised his rival. "All fighters are in the UFC are great. They are the best fighters in the world. Tomorrow he will have a chance to win the belt. Let's see what happens, "he said.

Check out the official weigh-in results from UFC 162:

Main card

-84 Kg. Anderson Silva (83.5 kilograms.) Vs. Chris Weidman (84 pounds.);

Up to 65.8 kg. Frankie Edgar (66.2 kg.) Vs. Charles Oliveira (65.2 kilograms.);

-84 Kg.: Roger Gracie (84.4 kg.) Vs. Tim Kennedy (84.4 kilograms.);

-84 Kg.: Tim Boetsch (84.4 kg.) Vs. Mark Munoz (84 pounds.);

Up to 65.8 kg. Dennis Siver (65.8 kilograms.) Vs. Cub Swanson (65.2 kilograms.);

Preliminary card

-84 Kg. Andrew Craig (84.4 kilograms.) Vs. Chris Leben (84.4 kilograms.);

Up to 70.3 kg. Norman Parke (70.8 kg.) Vs. Kazuki Tokudome (70.3 kg.);

Up to 120 kg.: Gabriel Gonzaga (118.9 kg.) Vs. Dave Herman (109.8);

Up to 70.3 kg. Edson Barbosa (70.3 kilograms.) Vs. Rafaello Oliveira (70.3 kg.);

Up to 77.1 kg.: Seth Baczynski (77.1 kg) vs. Brian Melancon (77.1 kilograms.);

Up to 77.1 kg. David Mitchell (77.6 kilograms.) Vs. Mike Pierce (77.6);

* Fights are not valid for belt has a tolerance of 0.5 kg.

Debuting in Las Vegas, Roger Gracie keeps family tradition in the UFC

Brazilian face Tim Kennedy in issue 162 and hopes to start career with win

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

The Gracie family will have another representative in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. After Royce, Renzo and Rolles, Roger Gracie will be another member of the clan that revolutionized Brazilian jiu-jitsu, creating a unique identity for the gentle art practiced in the country. It will debut on the world's largest Octagon at UFC 162 on Saturday in Las Vegas before the American Tim Kennedy, duel valid at middleweight.

The Gracie family is directly linked to the UFC. Rorion Gracie took advantage of the growing interest for jiu-jitsu in the U.S. and created the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which was the first event in 1993, with the participation of prominent brother, Royce, champion of the first edition and repeated the dose in the second, the following year.

After Royce Gracie Rolles had stint in UFC - was hit by Joey Beltran (TKO) in issue 109. Renzo also played a struggle by the organization, UFC 112, when he lost to Matt Hughes (TKO. A family that has revolutionized the traditional jiu-jitsu had another athlete to excel in MMA, Rickson Gracie, who won the 11 matches played, including the now defunct Pride in Japan

At age 31, Roger Gracie passed by the former Strikeforce, with four wins and one defeat, to get to the UFC. He fought for the light heavyweight category went and won the two fights as a midfielder. The Brazilian will face another athlete coming from the event that took the last issue in January, Tim Kennedy, former title challenger category.

Roger Gracie believes that represent the family is proud to face UFC debut. At the same time, he showed himself aware that will have an additional responsibility in the duel against Tim Kennedy. "I am very happy for my family history written in the Octagon and I hope to do the same. But I can not think of the past, I have to go out there and show my best to keep the family legacy, "he said.

UFC president Dana White also highlighted the return of a member of the traditional family to the Octagon hottest in the world. "None of us would be here if not for the Gracie family. It's always exciting to have a representative of the family struggling here, "the agent said in an interview to journalists in Las Vegas.

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Steven Seagal defends Spider: "Many people have been talking nonsense.

Actor and eventual coach Spider, Seagal says that people who consider Chris Weidman favorite has no martial arts experience.

Indeed virtually impossible to be imagined for months ago, Anderson Silva has been considered the underdog by many UFC fighters in the fight against Chris Weidman, scheduled for next Saturday. Even elected by Dana White as the greatest athlete to have fought in the UFC, the ability to defend Falls Champion, considered their weakest point by analysts, coincidentally is the main weapon used by the challenger.

Weidman is known to have a higher level of wrestling, which may complicate life for Silva. Disgusted with the "favoritism" of Weidman, Steven Seagal, renowned actor and occasional coach Anderson, decided to express their discontent with what he considers "the views of people who never fought," as stated to MMA Fighting.

"Where I come from, people often say that talk is cheap. What matters is how things happen in the Octagon. Anderson has experienced very difficult times. Against Chael Sonnen when he fought seriously injured, was not easy. It was very difficult. And I think there's no way to be much more difficult than that. If I think will be the toughest fight of his career? No. But Weidman is a great kid, has a very complete game and is very strong. We are living in a very strange time. There are a lot of people who have no experience in martial arts and they are talking as if they had done it for 50 years, and talking as if they were masters. There are a lot of people who are talking shit. There are a lot of people who have huge egos and huge mouths, like to talk and say a lot of things. And then there are people who are really highly credentialed people who have been in martial arts for a long time. Certainly, we want to hear them. "

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Perceived tension between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman at UFC collective

In response, respect. Seen in a voltage. So it can be defined the press conference's official UFC 162, held on Thursday at the MGM Grand. After showing great care in remarks to reporters, Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman, the protagonists fight main event, which will be held in the belt of middleweights, made ​​a glare tense, touching chins for a few seconds, under the eyes of Dana White.
Held at the entrance lobby of the MGM Grand hotel, the conference could not have had a more favorable climate. The Brazilian fans packed the venue and shouted "Silva!" on the first response Weidman, who asked to shout more. In the end, new show of Brazilian singing "The champ is here!" while the fighters were preparing for seen. After envisage, Anderson played with Weidman and offered to American belt.

Coletiva UFC 162 Anderson Silva Chris Weidman (Foto: Evelyn Rodrigues)

- I am very happy, this is normal healthy competition between Brazilians and Americans. We have to show that we came here with education, because today (July 4, Independence Day) is an important day for them. Let's pray that everything will work again - said the champion, in Portuguese, Brazilian addressing the present.

The champion does not polemical, and gave short answers when asked about the expectations for the fight.
- It's another normal working day - said the fighter.

Weidman was longer in his answer to the same question:

- Sonnen Anderson knocked several times, watched this fight many times (at UFC 117), but I'm not exploiting it. I will not do exactly what Sonnen did. Chris Weidman will be and try to be as devastating as possible. I think when Chael was over he was very reckless. When I am, I'll be more relaxed. This is my world. Has no reason to rush things.

Betting exchanges pointing small advantage of Anderson
The advantage of Anderson Silva only 2 to 1 on the betting exchanges was the subject of some questions, and Dana White said fighters opinion in favor of the challenger may have influenced the punters.

- This is the smallest margin of advantage that Anderson Silva has had in history, I believe that for many fighters have said they can beat Chris Weidman Anderson Doe. There are many questions about what will happen, and they will only be answered on Saturday night.

Anderson said he did not care about the opinions of athletes.
- It is normal. Everyone has an opinion. I have mine and they have theirs. Does not affect me at all, and also does not motivate me.

The U.S., meanwhile, said that the greatest pressure comes not from small favoritism champion, but of himself.

- Definitely not. I've put enough pressure on me. I want to be here and face the Anderson long ago. Put pressure on me by my family.

Asked appear to have the recipe for 28 years even though 38 years old, Anderson Silva said that age is at the head of each.

- It is a joy to be here, to do my job. Old age is on everyone's mind. When you do what you love, everything is easier.

To be compared with Pele, for its popularity in Brazil and the world champion extolled his love for what he does.

- When you do something with love, regardless of whether people think you're the best, the result is this: it can be one of many idols. I am very happy to be here to fight and do what I do with love.

UFC 162 Main Event: Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman

Sonnen interview Anderson

"UFC Tonight". The UFC middleweight champion spoke about his fight against Chris Weidman, and also warned that any fighter facing the organization.

"I fight Jon Jones, I fight the guys in my category or UFC fighter. Respect Jon Jones, Chris Weidman.'m Here to work, not afraid of Jones or Weidman.'s It."

During the conversation, Georges St. Pierre has been cited as one of the athletes who bet on a victory for Weidman on Saturday, Anderson joked Canadian opinion, but then spoke seriously. "" I respect Georges St-Pierre. He has a great history in the UFC. UFC has the best fighters in the world. Georges has their opinion, I have mine, Jon Jones has his. This is normal. "

Sonnen took advantage of the climate of good humor and asked the champion if he would accept it faces the third time. "Surely," said Anderson.

Mark Muñoz, who trains with Anderson in 2010, betting on the former partner win on Saturday

Mark Muñoz was the last of the nine victims of Chris Weidman in MMA. On the other hand, he was part of training camp to Anderson Silva's first fight against Chael Sonnen Spider. With experience of knowing the two protagonists of UFC 162, Muñoz bet victory Anderson.

"I think Anderson will win. He'll have to drive forever, but he is so precise that you will be able to avoid falls. Chris will try to shorten the distance and Anderson will work the angles, like he always does. And if they do, it will be an easy fight. If Chris can take it to the grid and bring it down, then he'll have a chance, but if Anderson move the way I know he can, Chris will have a long night. "

Weidman and Muñoz faced UFC On FUEL TV 4 in July 2012, when the current middleweight challenger won by TKO in the second round. Both ended up hurting more and not fought since. At UFC 162, Muñoz Weidman and return to share the same card, with Mark facing Tim Boetsch.

Chris Weidman: 'Anderson Silva will see what the hell to face me'

In an interview with "MMA Fighting," the U.S. ensured that always knew he would win the Brazilian if faced after training entirely for combat.

- Honestly, I always knew that when faced, I win. For me it was always a fact. Since my arrival in the UFC, the first day, I felt that I can beat him. Just do not come out and say it because I did not want the attention that this statement would put on me. If I had a full-time training, and I felt the win. If I do not win this fight, in my head will be a failure competa. I got into this sport to be champion. When I decided to make the transition from wrestling to MMA, I knew it would be a great sacrifice for my family, but I had to make a decision. And she was working full every day, do the best you can with the skills that I have. I knew my talent and my potential, but it is easy to waste it all. I could beat my opponents without me trying so hard, but what I really wanted was to be known as the guy who trained more in the gym, which I was not before going into MMA. But now that I had decided to submit my family to this sacrifice, so that I was to be number one. That's the only reason I'm here now.

Claiming to be prepared to face Anderson Silva in all fields, on the floor or standing fight, Weidman said his training took away any kind of insecurity that could come to hurt him before the middleweight champion of the UFC.
- If you go to the octagon with some uncertainty, Anderson will feed it, and you'll end up with. He will do this insecurity grow and make you feel you do not deserve to be there, and he can knock you out when you want. I've seen guys melt before Anderson Silva, almost giving up because they are defeated mentally. But Anderson Silva will see what the hell to face me, and will have to go through hell to beat me.

- Did not have to put ice on my shoulder operated only once during the entire training period, my house is practically rebuilt after months of work, and Matt Serra is recovering, but still can not travel. So his father, Charlie Weidman, will be in his corner on fight day, working not as a coach but as a support for the child at a turning point in your life. Just like at the time Chris Weidman started competing in wrestling as a child.

- I feel things lining up perfectly. I have no excuses to lose this fight. Everything is happening at the perfect time, and the best possible way. The stars are aligning for me to win this belt. Do not see myself losing. I do not see this happening - finished.

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20 years of the UFC is confirmed with Georges St. Pierre

UFC 167 has just been confirmed on Nov. 16 in Las Vegas, celebrating 20 years of the biggest fights of the tournament time.

The 1st edition of the UFC took place on November 12, 1993 in Denver, United States.

The main event will feature the ninth title defense of the Canadian welterweight Georges St. Pierre, who will take the American challenger Jonhy Hendricks.

Hendricks has 15 wins and one loss, coming of success by points over his compatriot Carlos Condit more relevant in the second fight of UFC 158 in March.

On the other hand, St. Pierre boasts 24 wins and 2 losses, from the defense of his reign the eighth time to beat the challenger Nick Diaz in the main event of UFC 158 on March 16, 2013. Spawned the sixth consecutive win on points. The latest achievement was not in the hands of the jury happened at UFC 94 on January 31, 2009, when he knocked out the Hawaiian BJ Penn.

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Weidman plans quick victory for Anderson: "I do not want surprises"

"My other camps were not scheduled. I woke up, calling people to work and devoted myself to the fullest. But this time, all days were planned in advance. It was good to fall in comfort. Moreover, it was the first time I brought some people like Stephen Thompson to train me. I have a lot of different looks, and I'm very happy with everything I learned. "

"I really can not say exactly what will happen. I wish I could, but I can guarantee that I will enter the Octagon to end the fight before the five rounds. I'm going up there to win quickly, "said Chris Weidman confident that with the support of the kickboxing specialist Stephen Thompson during his camp to face Anderson Silva.

I think the Weidman a fighter differentiated most Americans who are top in wrestling, he knows finish and has a great ground and pound ... for me it comes from this new wave of wrestlers who are very knowledgeable MMA Jiu like Jon Jones. But there also has the striking skills to cope with Silva.

 I believe he will work to champion, but must suffer unless it has pressure every minute ... if it is analyzing the fight and waiting for the best time to take down will delay now from pressing upwards.

Anderson Silva: states that did not think possible beat jones ... read the interview.

Considered by many as the greatest martial artist of all time - do not see many chances to win a possible superfight against Jon Jones, light heavyweight champion.
On Monday (1), the Spider was asked at a meeting with the press on what you think of a clash against Bones, and was not very optimistic.

"Jon Jones in his division, is the best. If I fight him, do not think I'll win, "he declared, as reported on the website MMA Fighting.
Silva, who will put his belt up for grabs on July 6 against Chris Weidman at UFC 162, Jones said he sees in himself a bit of a "Anderson younger."

"Jon Jones is different. He is great and young. In the fight, I see him what he saw in me a while ago. He is very smart, "he said.
The middleweight champion, who holds the record for title defenses in the UFC, gave arguments for their analysis. In the view of Anderson, his only advantage in a duel against the U.S. is experience.

"In my opinion, I have more experience than Jon Jones, but that's the only advantage."
If Anderson will face even Jon Jones still not known. The fact is that the Brazilian faces Chris Weidman on Saturday (6), and defends the middleweight organization.

In category also think JJ complicated. How JJ will not come down even an ounce, think hard this fight out. I still think AS is superior in striking and can win yes. I would say more certain the fight with GSP, and certainly the chances of victory increase greatly for anderson.

Demian Maia: "Roger and Jacare have all the tools to be UFC champions"

Demian Maia, 35, keeps an eye out to the panorama of Jiu-Jitsu MMA linked to high level.
In recent conversation with GRACIEMAG superstar welterweight had only praise for old acquaintances Ronaldo Jacare and Roger Gracie, who fought in times of Jiu-Jitsu.

"The Alligator is already struggling in major MMA events for almost as long as I do not have or what I speak. Roger, after a while undecided between gi and MMA, made his choice and, for me, has everything to be one of the best 84kg, and perhaps even the champion. He and the Alligator, both. Roger has less fights and not so experienced, but has all the tools in my view: it has a lot of weight to height, is strong compared to the opponents, has a wingspan that disrupts the guys, and tips and your Jiu-Jitsu is out of the ordinary. Just the distance he hit him on foot, knowing fight away and fight closely, you will barely take a beating, since most opponents will be much lower than it, "says Demian Maia, who prescribed the prescription for the Gracie who makes his octagon debut against Tim Kennedy at UFC 162 on Saturday to get his ground game flowing.

"Roger will need to always be reinforcing the practice of boxing, as I did. Hopefully he does not neglect the Jiu-Jitsu, a mistake that I made in quotes. The bid is to seek to balance the two modalities. The best way is to fix the phases of each training, and in the final fight for the sharpening quite positions in Jiu-Jitsu and adjust the submissions, which is what saves us time H. Another silly he should avoid is to get in fights too relaxed. Jiu-Jitsu is not, if we do not go there just tuned a blow, and it was. This was a feature of it in the cloth, but the UFC has to be linked since before the fight begins. If it does not falter, will munch "advises Demian, for whom the black belt from Carlos Gracie Jr can surprise even if it can not rival the takedown.

"When the fight goes down, then it will be time to fight Roger calm because there is immense superiority. And I think Jiu-Jitsu so good that in some fights he can even pull guard he will find a way to scrape or pick. Above or below whatever, for it will not be much danger, no "beats the Paulista.

To tell the truth, I would like to see Roger in 93, facing Jones in a possible situation in which it would under and finishing what Vitor tried to start ...

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UFC announces new versions of The Ultimate Fighter outside the United States

Reality will issue flocking Australian and Canadian premiere in China

The Ultimate Fighting Championship promote new reality shows outside the United States. Besides Brazil, who already had two editions, and another meeting Australian and British fighters, the UFC announced version x Canada Australia and the first The Ultimate Fighter in China.

The version of TUF with Canadian and Australian coaches have already defined. Patrick Côté will represent Canada and Kyle Noke Australia. The international edition of the reality show will have fighters in the categories medium and welterweight. Sectionals will be in Toronto and Sydney, still no date set. The program should appear in early 2014.
tuf china 300x300 UFC anuncia primeira edição TUF China ainda em 2013
Another edition of TUF will be announced by the organization in China with the selective scheduled for July and August next. Coaches have not yet been defined, as well as the weight categories. Athletes will be observed divisions featherweight, lightweight and welterweight. The Asian country has only two representatives in Ultimate - Tiequan Zhang (one win and three defeats) and newly hired Jumabieke Tuerxun.

The first TUF in China has not scheduled to be shown on TV. Sectionals are scheduled for Beijing, Singapore and Macau - which has also been confirmed as the venue for the final of the reality show. The program is part of the expansion project at UFC Asian territory, after the first visit to China last year, in Macau, which had the main fight Cung Le knocking out Rich Franklin.

In the United States, The Ultimate Fighter 18 walks for the season, which will begin airing on TV in September with the coaches Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate. The reality show has spread in other countries, such as Brazil, which had the first version last year - ending in Mineirinho - and whose outcome was second last month in Fortaleza. In addition, TUF: Smashes, bringing Australians and British, in 2012, was another international edition of the program.