quinta-feira, 4 de julho de 2013

Sonnen interview Anderson

"UFC Tonight". The UFC middleweight champion spoke about his fight against Chris Weidman, and also warned that any fighter facing the organization.

"I fight Jon Jones, I fight the guys in my category or UFC fighter. Respect Jon Jones, Chris Weidman.'m Here to work, not afraid of Jones or Weidman.'s It."

During the conversation, Georges St. Pierre has been cited as one of the athletes who bet on a victory for Weidman on Saturday, Anderson joked Canadian opinion, but then spoke seriously. "" I respect Georges St-Pierre. He has a great history in the UFC. UFC has the best fighters in the world. Georges has their opinion, I have mine, Jon Jones has his. This is normal. "

Sonnen took advantage of the climate of good humor and asked the champion if he would accept it faces the third time. "Surely," said Anderson.

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