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Position 'three-support' may be reviewed under MMA rules

Three of the most influential athletic commissions U.S. want to prevent fighters will force shortages

 Prior to becoming MMA gear, the sport was called "anything goes." As its name suggested, virtually every type of scam was valid to take the opponent to KO or submit him. Nowadays, one of the rules of MMA in the United States is one in which is not permitted in the knee to kick or the opponent's head while it is in the position of "three supports." But this item will be reviewed in the Committee of the Association of Boxing 2013, organization structure rules and regulations Boxing and MMA U.S. and Canada, mainly because there are some fighters who are putting a finger or part of the hand (or hand whole) intentionally on the floor to take advantage of the rule.

If the change actually happen, the announcement should be made ​​on July 31, the last day of the Commission meeting and resolve cases where a fighter uses this rule to avoid being struck, even trying to take your opponent to a lack or loss of point. In a statement released by the website "MMA fighting," Nick Lembo, the Athletic Control Commission New Jersey, explained how the referees should do in case of change in the regulation.
- The referees should instruct the fighters are still considered standing even if they have a finger or hand part (or whole hand) on the floor. The arbitrator shall have the discretion to decide if a fighter who is with a finger or hand on the ground can still legally be hit in the head with knees and kicks. The referee may decide that the fighter in this position is putting your finger or hand on the floor just to cause a fault (to the opponent) - Nick Lembo explained.

"Referees should instruct fighters they will be considered in the standing position even if they have a finger or hand part (or whole hand) on the floor. At the discretion of the referee, a fighter who has a finger or hand on the ground can be struck on the head with knees and kicks. The arbitrator shall decide whether a fighter or fighter is placing your hand or fingers on the floor without making any offensive action or a ploy to try to improve their position. The referee must decide if the wrestler is simply trying to provoke a foul. If the referee decides that a wrestler is touching the floor just to take advantage of a fault, it should consider that the fighter is standing and decide that no fault occurs, "reads an excerpt of the document.

So for the record I am totally against the rules because it will perform when it happens again as shown below.


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