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Ryan Bader wants to take the place of Glover in the title race with victory in Brazil

American sees fighting feared Brazilian UFC: Glover x Bader as an opportunity.

Ryan Bader was announced as the opponent Glover Teixeira Brazilian UFC: Glover x Bader of the 4th of September in Belo Horizonte, many fans turned up their noses. It was hoped that Glover, ranking third in the weight-heavyweight UFC, caught the Fourth, Rashad Evans, who had mentioned the possibility of confrontation. Instead, Bader was chosen after being forced to give up a confrontation with the miner at UFC 160 in May because of an injury. For the U.S., ranking tenth in the category, the appeal of the duel is obvious.

- I want to fight the best. He is third in the ranking. My ultimate goal is to be the champion, and Glover is on the verge of a title shot. If I beat him, I take his place and I'm closer to title contention, which is what I want. Glover would be a huge victory and is a tough guy. I want those tough fights in main events in Brazil against Glover. Other people come running from it, but I want to prove I can beat him.

For the former champion of The Ultimate Fighter, the opinions of fans who believe that Glover Teixeira will win easily and the fact that the fight be held in the home state of the adversary are motivating factors. It ensures that you will feel more relieved not to have the pressure of favoritism on him inside the Octagon.

Nobody is giving me any credit and I love to go there and spoil those plans. I've been to many times zebra. I went to Japan and beat Rampage. It kind of takes the pressure off me and allows me to relax, open up and fight like me want to fight. Sets you free, no pressure to fight not to lose. I can be free and do what I do and surprise Glover - said.

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