segunda-feira, 29 de julho de 2013

Newspaper: for revenge, A. Silva trains in Thailand and reformulates staff

After losing to Chris Weidman, Brazilian Anderson Silva begins to review where you went wrong and prepare for the rematch scheduled for December. In an interview with the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo (Brazil newspaper), the fighter said that he is changing all that supposedly failed his team, but the main culprit for the defeat is himself. To enhance preparedness, Anderson Silva will travel to Thailand to spend a few days there and then return to Rio de Janeiro to finish the training.

The fighter said that instead of being downcast in defeat, "slipped up" with the setback and respect the harshest criticism of some people in relation to their performance in the fight against Weidman. In an interview with the Brazilian still ruled out a possible participation in the Olympics in Rio in taekwondo, said he has not even sure when they will retire and said he still dreams of a possible fight against the boxer Roy Jones Jr.

"Actually, I was a little stressed at the moment, the record had not fallen. Soon after I calmed down, then Dana came in contact with my business and talked. Had a conversation with him too personal. Independe if I had won or not, there would be a rematch with Weidman, it was in the plans of the UFC. As I have a contract of 10 fights, they preferred to do the rematch with him now than let another opportunity, or give opportunity to another athlete who has not had the wins I had in the UFC. "


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