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Anderson Silva: states that did not think possible beat jones ... read the interview.

Considered by many as the greatest martial artist of all time - do not see many chances to win a possible superfight against Jon Jones, light heavyweight champion.
On Monday (1), the Spider was asked at a meeting with the press on what you think of a clash against Bones, and was not very optimistic.

"Jon Jones in his division, is the best. If I fight him, do not think I'll win, "he declared, as reported on the website MMA Fighting.
Silva, who will put his belt up for grabs on July 6 against Chris Weidman at UFC 162, Jones said he sees in himself a bit of a "Anderson younger."

"Jon Jones is different. He is great and young. In the fight, I see him what he saw in me a while ago. He is very smart, "he said.
The middleweight champion, who holds the record for title defenses in the UFC, gave arguments for their analysis. In the view of Anderson, his only advantage in a duel against the U.S. is experience.

"In my opinion, I have more experience than Jon Jones, but that's the only advantage."
If Anderson will face even Jon Jones still not known. The fact is that the Brazilian faces Chris Weidman on Saturday (6), and defends the middleweight organization.

In category also think JJ complicated. How JJ will not come down even an ounce, think hard this fight out. I still think AS is superior in striking and can win yes. I would say more certain the fight with GSP, and certainly the chances of victory increase greatly for anderson.

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