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Anderson Silva plays, Weidman wins by knockout in UFC history, and makes

Chris Weidman made ​​history in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the early hours of Sunday. He became the first fighter to take the middleweight belt to Anderson Silva, with an incredible victory: the Brazilian played in the first round, caused the American, but exaggerated in this ugly tactic and lost by knockout in the second round. It's probably a new era in MMA as the "best of all time" will now be questioned and criticized more than ever.

The Weidman is made ​​of something ten fighters tried, but never succeeded: take the belt from Anderson Silva seemed almost impossible. The category was virtually "clean", but the promising American appeared asked the fight against Brazilian and ended the series with 16 straight wins Anderson. Now Chris cartel is bright defintivamente: ten wins in ten matches played, with wins over Demian Maia, Mark Munoz and impressive knockout tonight.

Anderson's provocations have started in seen when Weidman reached out to greet the Brazilian, who did not return the gesture. When the fight began, was exactly what the American took full advantage by knocking down Silva and sharp blows hit him.

When the fight happened again on foot, then came over to play Anderson, who declined to dodge, put his hand on her waist, smiled and asked for the American hit him harder. Even in the range called the Brazilian Weidman to fight.

The banter continued Anderson in the second round, when he came to make up dances in front of Chris. However, when the Brazilian's guard was down again, the new middleweight champion landed a powerful punch that knocked the Brazilian and wrote a new story in the UFC.

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