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Debuting in Las Vegas, Roger Gracie keeps family tradition in the UFC

Brazilian face Tim Kennedy in issue 162 and hopes to start career with win

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The Gracie family will have another representative in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. After Royce, Renzo and Rolles, Roger Gracie will be another member of the clan that revolutionized Brazilian jiu-jitsu, creating a unique identity for the gentle art practiced in the country. It will debut on the world's largest Octagon at UFC 162 on Saturday in Las Vegas before the American Tim Kennedy, duel valid at middleweight.

The Gracie family is directly linked to the UFC. Rorion Gracie took advantage of the growing interest for jiu-jitsu in the U.S. and created the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which was the first event in 1993, with the participation of prominent brother, Royce, champion of the first edition and repeated the dose in the second, the following year.

After Royce Gracie Rolles had stint in UFC - was hit by Joey Beltran (TKO) in issue 109. Renzo also played a struggle by the organization, UFC 112, when he lost to Matt Hughes (TKO. A family that has revolutionized the traditional jiu-jitsu had another athlete to excel in MMA, Rickson Gracie, who won the 11 matches played, including the now defunct Pride in Japan

At age 31, Roger Gracie passed by the former Strikeforce, with four wins and one defeat, to get to the UFC. He fought for the light heavyweight category went and won the two fights as a midfielder. The Brazilian will face another athlete coming from the event that took the last issue in January, Tim Kennedy, former title challenger category.

Roger Gracie believes that represent the family is proud to face UFC debut. At the same time, he showed himself aware that will have an additional responsibility in the duel against Tim Kennedy. "I am very happy for my family history written in the Octagon and I hope to do the same. But I can not think of the past, I have to go out there and show my best to keep the family legacy, "he said.

UFC president Dana White also highlighted the return of a member of the traditional family to the Octagon hottest in the world. "None of us would be here if not for the Gracie family. It's always exciting to have a representative of the family struggling here, "the agent said in an interview to journalists in Las Vegas.

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