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Chris Weidman: 'Anderson Silva will see what the hell to face me'

In an interview with "MMA Fighting," the U.S. ensured that always knew he would win the Brazilian if faced after training entirely for combat.

- Honestly, I always knew that when faced, I win. For me it was always a fact. Since my arrival in the UFC, the first day, I felt that I can beat him. Just do not come out and say it because I did not want the attention that this statement would put on me. If I had a full-time training, and I felt the win. If I do not win this fight, in my head will be a failure competa. I got into this sport to be champion. When I decided to make the transition from wrestling to MMA, I knew it would be a great sacrifice for my family, but I had to make a decision. And she was working full every day, do the best you can with the skills that I have. I knew my talent and my potential, but it is easy to waste it all. I could beat my opponents without me trying so hard, but what I really wanted was to be known as the guy who trained more in the gym, which I was not before going into MMA. But now that I had decided to submit my family to this sacrifice, so that I was to be number one. That's the only reason I'm here now.

Claiming to be prepared to face Anderson Silva in all fields, on the floor or standing fight, Weidman said his training took away any kind of insecurity that could come to hurt him before the middleweight champion of the UFC.
- If you go to the octagon with some uncertainty, Anderson will feed it, and you'll end up with. He will do this insecurity grow and make you feel you do not deserve to be there, and he can knock you out when you want. I've seen guys melt before Anderson Silva, almost giving up because they are defeated mentally. But Anderson Silva will see what the hell to face me, and will have to go through hell to beat me.

- Did not have to put ice on my shoulder operated only once during the entire training period, my house is practically rebuilt after months of work, and Matt Serra is recovering, but still can not travel. So his father, Charlie Weidman, will be in his corner on fight day, working not as a coach but as a support for the child at a turning point in your life. Just like at the time Chris Weidman started competing in wrestling as a child.

- I feel things lining up perfectly. I have no excuses to lose this fight. Everything is happening at the perfect time, and the best possible way. The stars are aligning for me to win this belt. Do not see myself losing. I do not see this happening - finished.

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