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Indirectly, who loses and who wins with UFC 162?

Certamente, as consequências do sabadão bombástico não afetarão apenas Anderson e Weidman. Teremos respingos em terceiros (AP Images)

For shock the world, Chris Weidman - now technically no contract will fill the piggy bank. Besides a sympathetic renovation, the new monarch middleweight entitled to that always welcome slice of revenue from pay per views reserved for noble champions.

On the other hand, the position of Anderson Silva may have cost more than one piece of leather covered by a metal plate.

The deafening boos at the MGM Grand Arena in social networks and the bombing proved that the image of the "Spider" leaves quite scratched from UFC 162.

And the consequences can be felt in his pocket.

According to an article in the newspaper "O Globo", representatives of the "Burger King" walking worried about the backlash.

Certainly, the consequences of bombastic sabadão not affect just those two. We splash in others. Let them?

Underdogs: Dana White and Jon Jones

The bald labia has the marketer. If you slip up, sell up "cooler" for polar bear. Anderson vs. Weidman II will be great? Without a doubt. It will be the biggest fight in UFC history? There is controversy. As much as the UFC 162 has dilated pupils, it is hard to believe that, in macroeconomic terms, an American still emerging and overcome a Brazilian pop star Brock Lesnar and GSP darling (stars of UFC 100 record). Already Anderson Silva x Jon Jones could paints that could leave until Mayweather and Pacquiao to shame. People in terms of money, these two fights in question are completely different levels. Believe me, Dana and Jones lost many, many dead presidents (especially Benjamin Franklin) on Saturday.

Underdog: The ego nationalist

We got both the heavy hand of the state here that entertainment unfortunately becomes a great crutch. Without football, volleyball, MMA, novels and Gugu programs, such people who work five months a year without receiving anything in return will smile? There is the great circus opium of the oppressed? Thus, those who fill the chest screaming "I'm Brazilian with great pride and with love" in stadiums overpriced feel the loss of another belt.

Grantee: Georges St-Pierre

Neither mother Weidman both celebrated the victory of the son and the Canadian welterweight. The success of "All-American" free GSP months and months of bullying - once the UFC certainly try to push it down our throats a superfight with Anderson Silva. Now, the champion 77kg can engage in peace to your category without being achacado a commitment that never interested him.

Grantee: Lyoto Machida

Among the heavyweight, the fighter is in limbo. For more go to the rematch against the guy who went out in the second round simply has no appeal outside of Brazil. To get around this, a change pro middleweight has been drawn long ago - and the only real drawback is the relationship with Anderson Silva. Of course not Lyoto likes to see a longtime friend writhing on the floor, but with the "Spider" out of the picture - the short to medium-term it can finally migrate quiet. UFC Lyoto x Weidman: Revenge of the Dragon. What about? This, of course, if Belfort does not come first.

Grantee: Vitor Belfort

As in a fairy tale, the "Dinosaur Young" was the problem solution. Even assuming that the Rio is the number one challenger, Dana White brought bad news: "He had his face kicked in 60 seconds. Anderson, who is at the end of his career, want new challenges. If I ask him 'And Vitor?' He will say, 'I annihilated Vitor. Vitor did not seem like a guy who should be fighting me. "Now, Belfort sure that, even if not in the next round, your chance will come before the golden curtain close.

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