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The California State Athletic Commission prohibits new exemptions for hormone replacement Entity only releases athletes who were already under use of testosterone treatment

Last UFC event in California was on 20 April, the HP Pavillon, San Jose

Controversial issue in MMA, treatment with testosterone replacement (TRT), fought by many as UFC president Dana White has added another chapter Wednesday in the United States. The State Athletic Commission of California (CSAC) has determined that new exemptions for wrestlers use this trick will no longer be allowed. At least until a review of the status of current legislation.

The California State Athletic Commission is responsible for the regulation of fighting events in the state, such as the UFC. The organization, however, allow the fighters who had already achieved the authorization to continue with HRT. The ban will reach those who do not have the exemption of the organization.

The new policy adopted by the CSAC was set to meet on Monday in Los Angeles. According to the organization, are banned new permits for treatment with TRT, except for proven cases of athletes suffering from hypogonadism irreversible structural or organic, which hinders the body to produce testosterone.

Many MMA fighters have used or are allowed to do with testosterone replacement. Among them the Brazilian Vitor Belfort, who was the subject of controversy and allegations of some opponents, like England's Michael Bisping and American Luke Rockhold. Others like Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson and veteran heavyweight Frank Mir also make use of the TRT.

To receive authorization for treatment with hormone replacement, the fighters have to submit extensive documentation to the medical committees in the U.S., proving the necessity of using TRT. Moreover, they are monitored before, during and after the competition, so an assessment of the level of testosterone in the body.

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