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Chael Sonnen calls Spider, confesses that he is concerned about their safety in Brazil. Around to criticize and Wanderlei Silva: It's horrible!

Chael Sonnen mostra preocupação com sua ida ao país - Reprodução Youtube

After being confirmed by the UFC as one of the coaches of the next edition of the Brazilian reality show struggles of the organization , The Ultimate Fighter Brazil with Wanderlei Silva , Chael Sonnen American confessed he is worried about his stay in the country .

Sonnen should be coming to Brazil for the recordings of the program , which should take place in January 2014 , showed that he is concerned with the reception that Brazilians can give him after his remarks weighed on the country .

" Yes. I can tell you this : I never asked for the approval of the public , whether in Brazil or the U.S. . And I will not start now .

A fan can do what you want when it is related to boos , screams or something. And I can do the same thing . I can say and do whatever I want .

I can not touch a fan, and a fan can not touch me . That's the deal . I will not do anything , since the fans did not do anything . " The fighter said in an interview with , when asked if he was worried about his future coming to the country .

Sonnen took the opportunity to again criticize his future opponent, Wanderlei Silva .

"It's an easy fight . Wanderlei is horrible . His fights in Japan were a farce . People treated him as a champion of the event there ( the now defunct Japanese Pride event ) , and it makes me very angry .

The fighter was also bothered after recording the video where he and Wanderlei met in Las Vegas , but promises to respect the Brazilian if treated with respect.

" Wanderlei has to be very careful when you do that . I do not know Wanderlei Silva . When he comes to me and threatens me , I'll defend myself .

If he comes privately and want to tell me a few things , I will listen. Even though I did not like what he is talking about , I'll listen.

But if he approaches me publicly , and still takes friends with him , I have no choice but to return .

He has to be very careful . He should not do that , especially with a guy like me . " Said the fighter .

Sonnen reconfirmed that his invitation to Anderson Silva to join their team in the program is true .

" Anderson Silva will officially invited . I called Ed Soares ( manager) to help me , but Ed was in Iowa to work and could not talk . But Anderson Silva will be invited . " Confirmed Sonnen .

Before devoting himself to reality , Sonnen will face Rashad Evans at UFC 167 on Nov. 16 in Las Vegas .

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