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Chins Hard UFC


When a fighter has the amazing ability to absorb blows, we say he has a hard chin. Takes punches, but does not erase, and therefore, it becomes very difficult to knock him out. This is the case of the American Roy Nelson, who returns to the Octagon tomorrow at UFC 159. Gordo, or the American MMA fighter looks. Even opposing the aesthetic form of the majority, Nelson is considered one of the best fighters in the category. Besides the hard chin - the athlete has only been knocked out once in his 25 fights, and resist the beatings provided by Gypsy and Werdum - American also has a very strong right arm, responsible for 11 knockouts in his 18 career victories. So, is favorite for the duel before Cheick Kongo. Having a hard chin really helps define the outcome of a fight. Which brings us to the curious: who are the fighters with chin harder than UFC?

Prepared a list of some fighters to start the discussion, which will certainly have twists and turns. Dan Henderson and Mauricio Shogun: American made ​​37 fights and was never knocked out. Both have very heavy right arm and clashed at UFC 139. After five rounds played, where the two received blows very strong, both were still standing at the end of the fight. That have proved tough chin, as well as the former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar. The U.S. has never been knocked out and proved against Gray Maynard, who can hold a huge amount of hits and keep whole. Expanded the list and the reasons for each choice.

Continuing the discussion begun in the column this Friday (26), followed by listing of the toughest chins in the UFC. Besides those mentioned in the column, we can still highlight more fighters. 

-Anderson Silva

He lowers his guard, opponents attack and nothing happens. In 15 years of fighting and with 37 fights on his record, the Spider has never been knocked out. Even giving chances, literally, for the opponents do it. Generally, the opposite happens. Anderson Silva who just knocking out opponents.

- Clay Guida


Always warrior, Clay Guida shows a willingness and determination in single combat. Even with 12 losses in his career, the American has never been knocked out. In 2009, he faced Diego Sanchez at the TUF 9 Finale: caught, but was defeated after three rounds by the judges' decision.

- Mark Hunt


The heavyweight Mark Hunt just suffered a knockout career. Was the maximum allowed. Faced two legends, Cro Cop's kicks and punches Fedor, but Hunt refused to fall. With great absorbing blows, the New Zealander deserves the list.

- Takanori Gomi

Takanori Gomi

I know that the post refers to UFC fighters, but worth an exception to Takanori Gomi, who has one of the toughest chins in MMA. The Japanese PRIDE made ​​history with his 41 fights and no losses by knockout. The main attempt was to fight Takuya Kuwabara, who applied several kicks, but Gomi's chin continued strong.

- Stephan Bonnar


The eight defeats Career Bonnar were ugly. Especially against Jon Jones, Lyoto Machida, Forrest Griffin and Rashad Evans. Great fights, but they had the same build: hit the U.S.. Still, the tough Stephan Bonnar endured to the end. The aforementioned, three losses were by decision and one by medical intervention. The resistance Stephan Bonnar closes our list.
And you agree with our selection? Remember to add someone else on the list? Join in the comments.

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