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[UFC 159] With broken toe, Jones and Sonnen grinds equals record heavyweight.

Chael Sonnen may be controversial and good at promoting fights, but Jon Jones again proved that it is the greatest talent MMA today. In major combat Issue 159, Saturday (27), the light heavyweight champion 'sliced' the loudmouth with sharp elbows ever, secured the TKO in the first round and achieved the record for consecutive title defenses in the history of the division five, equaling the mark of Tito Ortiz.
Bones crunched Sonnen was sent to attack the base of courage. Jones accepted the short and fixed his opponent on the ground with ease, repeatedly, to exercise full of ground and pound elbows features - and targeted enforcement. Thus, gradually massacred the opponent on the ground until the referee stops and enact technical knockout in just under 30 seconds to the end.
Broken toe.

The most unusual - At the time of the interview yet in the Octagon, Jones realized he had broken his left big toe. The camera filmed the bizarre injury and heavyweight champion realized that if the fight went to the second round, obviously would not be able to continue. Ie, Chael Sonnen, theoretically, was almost 30 seconds to get the belt heavyweight UFC.

"My coaches have asked for action against Sonnen. Was what I did. Did not feel pain (the thumb) on time, just then I saw a little blood", endorsed the champion.
"When he (Jones) goes to 'kill', there's no stopping it. Need to think about which category will be (medium or heavyweight.) Do not wanna be one of these guys who are floating between divisões.Esta probably was my last chance, "said Sonnen.
[After the fight] About toes, elbows, and titles supermatches.
Control - Belcher and Bisping began fighting with dynamic exchanges of blows, to ensure benefits. In the second stage, Bisping took control actions more explicitly with jabs, and kicks directly placed on the legs of the opponent. Belcher was constantly changing base, but could not pursue his game.
In the final step, Bisping applied good direct right. Even little explosive or exciting, the pattern of the fight unless assured his points victory over a liability Belcher, who also received an accidental finger in the eye, causing dangerous cut in the eyelid and forced the referee end the fight just before the time expires.

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