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Guess the UFC On FOX 7

The lightweight title is featured on the UFC On FOX 7, held every Saturday in the United States. The champion Ben Henderson puts merit on the line against former Strikeforce champion Gilbert Melendez, who finally debut at Ultimate, directly into a title fight.

Two other former champions today too late Strikeforce debut at Ultimate. Josh Thomson and Daniel Cormier. The Brazilian Hugo Wolverine is the only Brazilian on the card. Check out analysis and forecasts for the major fights of the night.
Ben Henderson x Gilbert Melendez
Henderson has held the crown of light with solid pattern and passionate struggle. With privileged physical for the division champion hits the weight limit of 70kg a day earlier, but clearly presents itself to the fight with at least 6 or 7 pounds more a handicap (fair or not) used by many fighters who take advantage weighing the trade the day before the fighting.
Left, the champion has great firepower in his left hand and has good variety of elaborate counterattacks against right-handed opponents. Chutes breakers are also part of the arsenal, marked as wrestling and cohesive.
With seven straight wins, Melendez is a guy prone to trade blows. Former Strikeforce champion has solid jabs - but still relies almost exlcusivamente power of his right hand - as well as systematic attempts to falls, for elboradas not exposed to counterattacks.

Melendez will have to invest heavily in the game drowns. To take Henderson's comfort zone and undermine the powerful blows of volume, is the most suitable blocking or dodging the (almost) inevitávies kicks and then try to corner him against the bars of the octagon, the moment he seems more vulnerable.
Already recipe keeper belt is butchering with kicks and attest characteristic advantages in clinches and drops aggressive.
GUESS: two guys are accustomed to disputes five rounds and promises to challenge the frantic search for the typical angulation battles handed southpaw x.
Overall, Melendez should not bring anything that surprises Henderson. But the defiant stubbornness in wanting to show service in the new organization can be providential. Unless you can fit solid game of movement and attacks, athleticism and technical dominant champion again be sovereign. Henderson wins on points decision


Daniel Cormier x Frank Mir
Heavyweight duel that brings Cormier awaited debut in the UFC. Strikeforce GP champion wrestler and high strain, the fighter will have good chance to prove he has the ability to be among the heads of the division immediately.
The veteran Mir follows dangerous, but do not get rid of the fame of 'yellow' when hit most severely, and show unreliable in timing entries falls in recent presentations. Even so, the ground game follows one of the most efficient and lethal category, with guard work cohesive and good variety of finishes.
By pedigree in wrestling, Cormier hardly be placed in the soil at a disadvantage unless Mir pull guard and try any submission. Cormier knows leverage loopholes in grappling to put heavy cross and uppercuts, and has built piecemeal in boxing skills.
GUESS: Cormier wins by TKO.
Nate Diaz vs. Josh Thomson
Diaz was summarily defeated by Ben Henderson title shot in the UFC On FOX 5 (December 2012). Thomson is a former Strikeforce champion who penou during his career by the amount of bruising.
The game's provocative Diaz with open guard and sloppy punches is jaded, but the Californian follows dangerous opponents that stop in front of her, and always makes it worth the larger scale (as is the case here). Thomson has precise combinations of jabs and kicks / knees, that it uses to maintain and esgrimar offensiveness without risking too much.
On the ground, Diaz is always attentive to pounce and try any submission, but Thomson is very active defensively, escaped hip and enough skill to get rid of most of the snags.
GUESS: Nate Diaz wins by decision or submission.

Nate Diaz

Matt Brown x Jordan Mein
Jordan left good impression when winning Dan Miller, issue 158 in March, when it debuted the organization. Now, joined as a replacement for Dan Hardy this commitment and will have great litmus test when they face Brown, which comes packed with four consecutive victories in the organization and has proven tough nut to crack, especially for power-absorbing blows above average.
GUESS: Combat promises, wherever taken. Jordan has more polished standup game and great defensive power on the ground. But this time will not be enough against the combative style of experienced opponent. Brown wins by knockout.

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