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UFC 159: Chael Sonnen no longer sells fights as before

Chael Sonnen shows to be tired of playing the role that made ​​him famous in MMA.

It is not easy to play the role of villain throughout his career and the main actor of the Ultimate Fighting Championship signs of tiredness.
Chael Sonnen has been highlighted in major news mixed martial arts around the world (and many millions of dollars) thanks to controversial statements aimed at celebrities mixed martial arts.
The gangster of Oregon, as he likes to be called, spared no offense to Brazilian fighters, which deserves the middleweight champion Anderson Silva, who was defeated by the two opportunities that they faced.
But beyond talker, Chael does not lose the pose and is a fighter who does not waste opportunities. Although it was completed in the first fight against the Spider and knocked out in the rematch, until recently he said the best athlete of weight and did not understand the scoring system fights.
Undoubtedly, Sonnen is a playful, but also an opportunist. When Dan Henderson said it could not face Jon Jones to eight days of fighting main event of UFC 151, Chael P promptly offered to accept the challenge. The event was eventually canceled, but the talkative once again was the beneficiary of the situation.
Jones defended the belt for the fourth consecutive time against Vitor Belfort, who finished in fourth round clash finalized and Dana White stunned the world by announcing that the fight champion protagonizaria TUF 17 with Chael Sonnen in the role of coaches in the reality show.
And the announcement does not summarized the program that gives the winner a contract with the UFC. The President confirmed as Chael next contestant in line for belt dispute even without having done a single fight in the category. The reason: Sonnen was the only man who was willing to face Bones when Henderson got hurt.
Athlete of Team Quest shone in reality and put two of his men in the final. Kelvin Gastelum Uriah Hall defeated the favorite to become the 17th The Ultimate Fighter Chael and has established itself as the best coach in the show.
But the behavior of communicative fight promoter changed after TUF. The provocative challenger has been overly respectful regarding Johnny, a fact that is surprising among journalists accompanying him for some time.
The respect shown to Jones is not the greatest sign of fatigue Chael. His interviews are no longer bright as in other times, and believe me, he can not attract attention to their struggle through its main feature: a sharp tongue.
In an interview with ESPN regarding the fight next Saturday, the 27th, when asked about his hatred of the people, Sonnen went on a tangent, said he does not hate people, especially women, and asked to touch the hair of the reporter who interviewed .
The episode, although it was funny, it was considered bizarre by the international press. "Can I touch your hair? Can you feel it? By the way, I love your hair. This has never happened before? Because everyone sitting in this chair is thinking about it, I can assure you. This is real hair, people, and is very soft, "he joked.
Without much enthusiasm, he added that it will take the belt from Jones, he does not think title fights and they do find it, as well as the main events of fighting and self-styled most interesting man in the world.
No, his former rival Anderson Silva of more interest to those who have become accustomed to seeing him shock the world with his rhetoric unmatched in the sport. He no longer answers the questions with the same courage and runs away, who would say, the controversy.
Chael Sonnen, to tell the truth, is nearing the end of the line. He is the underdog against Jon Jones at UFC 151 and the only certainty about the future is that it will remain in the heavyweight category, the fiercer the organization.
If the odds of the bookmakers are confirmed, it will be beaten by Bones and the trend is that the poor results insist cross his path in the Octagon, as the technique and explosion of 93kg fighters, mostly, are over capacity the representative of Oregon.
Chael, that shone as a coach, you must continue the career commentator on UFC Tonight program, but will be remembered as the perennial challenger that failed in title fights, unless you perform the improbable: defeat Jon Jones at UFC 159.

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