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Dana video blog shows behind the scenes of UFC 158: GSP X Diaz

Foto: Reprodução/Youtube.
UFC president is responsible for managing all the gigantic structure necessary for the maintenance of the promotion shows. Making a comparison with our known soccer, Dana would be the leader responsible for the daily contact with the athletes, a reminder in case of slips and voice that praises when success appears. A kind of Football Manager whom the company relies heavily for its success.

In another edition of his traditional video blog, Dana White showed all that was behind the curtains of the troubled UFC 158: GSP X Diaz. In attraction, welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre completely dominated Nick Diaz fighting in five rounds. In the second most important fight, Johny Hendricks is accredited as the main challenger to overcome the same category Carlos Condit in a major combat level.

See the video blog this week.

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