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If Anderson Silva hit 77kg, GSP accept face it

Super fight between Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva would happen if the Brazilian can download up to 77kg.

A few years ago Georges Saint Pierre ponders the possibility of rising to the category average weight, but the welterweight champion revealed during editing program The Joe Rogan Experience that is easier for him to lose weight and fight in the lightweight division.
"I do not cut much weight [77kg to fight]. It would be easier for me to fight with 70kg to 84kg fight. With 70kg I would be on my weight more naturally "- explained. "There are guys in the lightweight weighing about 86kg like me. They think I'm great because I have a lot of structure, but I'm no big guy, I'm not dense. "
The fight world like that ST-Pierre went up to middleweight to face Anderson Silva - in what would be the battle between two of the most dominant champions of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The Canadian does not rule out the fight but says that the organization and the fighters will have to decide which division confrontation occur.
"Anderson is very large. It weighs 104kg. He is a really great guy and I'm 86kg. It is much difference in weight. If this fight happen one day, we will have to decide in which weight class and everything. "
It is generally agreed that the super fight should happen in a weight class but usually combined President Dana White stated that the clash has to be done in the class of medium or medium medium to be valid for a belt.
There are about twelve years old, Anderson Silva competed with 76kg and even 'Spider' has said he is able to make the cut weight again. GSP said he would accept the fight if the fighter's X-Gym really get down to the limit of their division.
"If he can hit 77kg, it can weigh 77kg, I can weigh 77kg and all will be well" - said.
Georges will wait for the fight between Anderson and Chris Weidman at UFC 162 in July, to decide his next challenge in the organization. Dana White has already stated that it will hold a super fight between Silva and St-Pierre if he chooses to fight for what is noted as the largest of the twenty years of the Ultimate, but the king of the welterweights implies that face Johny Hendricks.
"We'll see. Anderson will fight with Weidman and Hendricks is hysterical. He wants to fight me. We will see what will happen in the future - will probably be the Hendricks "- he said.
I think he had already reported some time ago.

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