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VIDEO: EA Sports reveals images of the official game of the Ultimate Fighting Championship

Anthony Pettis and Ben Henderson are the highlights of the presentation of the EA Sports UFC

Reprodução/EA Sports 

This week, EA Sports - division of Electronic Arts - has revealed for the first time, images of the official game of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. In a video presentation of the new graphics engine that will be used in the next sports games, the company unveiled the scenes version of UFC for Xbox One, which will be released later this year.

The graphics engine responsible for the new generation of games be called IGNITE and provide greater realism for players with fast rendering, accurate and complete artificial intelligence system integration online. According to EA Sports, the movements of virtual athletes is more like the real world and the facial expressions have stunning detail.

In addition to the EA Sports UFC, the IGNITE will be present in FIFA 14, Madden 14 and NBA Live 14. "After years of investment and research, we have developed a technology for all EA Sports games we offer an impressive level of accuracy, realism and experiments which previously could only dream of," said Andrew Wilson, Executive Vice President of EA Sports.


In the video, the MMA fan will recognize one of the most impressive scenes in sports history: the amazing Anthony Pettis kick on Ben Henderson at WEC 53 in December 2010. In that fight, Pettis defeated current UFC lightweight champion, and won the title of the category up to 70.3 kg WEC, which was acquired the following year by the franchise Dana White.

EA Sports announced the purchase of the rights to the game UFC in August 2012, at E3, the largest fair in the world of games. Before the acquisition, the game was developed by THQ, which produced three editions of UFC Undisputed. The new MMA game has no release date set. It will be available for the Xbox and Playstation One 4. The Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii U and laptops should also make their own versions.

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