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New game 'UFC Undisputed' delays and should only come out next year

EA Games producer, responsible for the title, did not include the game in its previous releases

UFC Undisputed 3 445x353 Novo jogo UFC Undisputed atrasa e só deve sair no ano que vem
Brazilian Anderson Silva was the cover of "UFC Undisputed 3." Publicity photo

Bad news for fans of the UFC video game aficionados was released on Thursday (09) by specialized site Joystiq. According to the page, the game "UFC Undisputed" will not be released before March 2014.

The Joystiq explains that the title, which had its production rights acquired by EA Games THQ next to last year, is not included in previous releases of the producer Electronic Arts for its current fiscal year - which ends on 31 March 2014.

The latest release of a game in the franchise was in February 2012, with the "UFC Undisputed 3" - still under license, now bankrupt, THQ. The game was the ninth of the Ultimate video game and eighth in the gender struggle - because it was produced in 2011 "UFC Personal Trainer" physical preparation.

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