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UFC in Jaragua: former Strikeforce athletes want to shine

The two main fights on the card of Santa Catarina in Brazil will have participants from the former tournament. Luke Rockhold and Jacare service will attempt to show Dana White

O duelo entre Rockhold e Jacaré no Strikeforce; no sábado, eles estarão no card principal do UFC em Jaraguá do Sul

In this Saturday, 18/05/13 in the city of Jaragua do Sul, the first in the South of Brazil to receive a UFC event, is not the only rookie on the night of fights Saturday in Santa Catarina. The event will also have the arrival of two anything inexperienced newcomers to the franchise. The two main card fights have athletes coming from former Strikeforce tournament. The practice of buying other mixed martial arts competitions and then absorb the best fighters of these tournaments have become habit for Dana White, UFC President. Besides Strikeforce, Dana and the Fertitta brothers had already acquired the Pride and WEC. The script is always the same: after some time, the franchise ends with the smaller tournaments and sign contracts with some of the players of the tournament - the best, of course. Successful athletes like Jose Aldo, the featherweight champion, Quinton Jackson, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Mauricio Shogun Rua and Wanderlei Silva were some of the names have changed after the tournament UFC bought the franchises that used to fight. On Saturday night, expectations are focused on Luke Rockhold, who picks Vitor Belfort in the main event, and Ronaldo Jacare, which is the second main event fight.

The American won all their nine matches played in the tournament extinct. He became even middleweight champion, defeating Ronaldo Souza. Rockhold has defended his belt twice and established itself as the ultimate champion of the division. Now employed by the UFC, the American will debut against none other than Vitor Belfort, the Brazilian former heavyweight champion and light heavyweight. The fight can give a lot of visibility to the career of Luke Rockhold into your new franchise. It is believed that it can be accredited for a title shot if they beat Brazil in Santa Catarina.

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