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Against accidental blows, CFU starts development of new gloves

Foto: Divulgação/UFCThe large number of competitors beaten around the eyes during the UFC 159 drew the attention of the directors of the company for the need to develop new gloves. In the event of April 27, Vinny Magalhaes, Gian Villante and Alan Belcher eventually reached on the spot and in the case of the latter two, their matches were halted. In an interview with ESPN Radio 710 in Los Angeles, the organization's president stated that new gloves are in development to minimize the risk of accidental blows prohibited.

Dana White:"We actually already started working on a new glove that your hand curve. The type, the glove is curved like a 'U', then you can still open the hand, but the fingers do not point straight out. "

White listed the problems faced with the issue including Boxing, calling for extra attention from competitors to strike, holding hands closed, minimizing the risk of contact with the eyes of rival. 

Gian Villante x Ovince Saint Preux UFC 159 (Foto: Getty Images)"With finger gloves still have this problem. With a Glove Boxing existed several episodes of accidents involving the big toe in the 70s and 80s. The gloves that looked like lobster claws resulted in many problems, that's why you have to make the toe connected. I just can not imagine how it could be done when we think there is in MMA grappling. In fact, the personnel must keep your damn hands closed. You can not move your hand towards the opponent's face with her open. 

In recent years the UFC has been trying to improve its rules, both inside and outside the Octagon, whenever any great controversy arises. Since a greater control over the doping, to the definition of the main event fights, not even worth belt, have a duration of five rounds to a hunt against any cheaters who use TRT in order to obtain benefits, indicate the disposition the company's direction in solving the main problem encountered in mode, without displaying the stillness present in other sports.

Source: Disclosure UFC.

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