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Jose Aldo promises to surprise Anthony Pettis at UFC 163

Champion trained with K-1 legend in Holland and states have added new moves to the already varied arsenal of punches


Jose Aldo was in Amsterdam where he trained with former champion of K-1 Max Andy Souwer to defend the belt of pesos worth of the Ultimate Fighting Championship on August 3, when he will face the talented challenger Anthony Pettis in the main event of UFC 163 fight, event to be held in Rio de Janeiro.

Scarface explains that the trip to Holland is co he leaves the comfort zone to learn new moves for the next challenge in the Octagon. Champion recalled in an interview with Fighters Only that this was not the first time he trained with eminent striker.

"Andy Sower is a great friend and fighter spectacular. He always helped me and I'm always very happy to have this training in the Netherlands. It has been very helpful in the first time and is now again. I'm sure it'll show the Pettis moves that he does not expect to see and I'll keep the belt for Brazilian fans and my friends "- he said.

Anthony, who is known as the Showtime dynamically as works in their presentations, descended category lightweight to challenge Aldo for the title until immediately Jr 66kg. The Brazilian athlete sees challenging as a great challenge but ensures that it will be prepared.

"Pettis is a big challenge but I'll be more than ready to face it. I can develop the psychological part of being in a different country alone, focused only on training. No new cultures and practices and it brings only good things. I've returned to training on New Union because it is my home and it is where is the best preparation in the world for lighter weight fighters "- said.

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