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Liddell sends message to UFC champions: "finalize their struggles"

The "Iceman" can not stand to see more fights ending by points

One of the greatest KO-artists in the history of MMA and a member of the "Hall of Fame UFC", Chuck Liddell never liked to leave his fights go to the judges' hands. Proof of this is that the "Ice Man" has embedded a sequence of nine consecutive knockouts in his brilliant career, and it's no wonder that it is seen as one of the greatest heavyweight in history.

Liddell is currently holds an executive position in the UFC, he is the "vice president of business development" of the franchise and want to understand why so many victories in the decision, especially among UFC champions.

In an interview with "UT San Diego" Liddell sent a message to the champions who are doing bureaucratic struggles.

"I see guys concerned with ensuring victory for the next fight. When we do this, it is about much more than going there and fight. I hate hearing a corner talking to your athlete. 'You won the early rounds, just stay away from his opponent in the final round. "Sometimes the guy does not have knockout power, could not get you down the entire fight, because then you have to be afraid of him? Go there and win, do it to be exciting, knock out the guy and be done with this fight, "fired.

The message serves to at least half of UFC champions, including Georges St. Pierre, Ben Henderson, Dominick Cruz and Demetrious Johnson, who together have 25 fights decided by points. This number is staggering, when compared to the numbers of other champions like Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Cain Velasquez and Ronda Rousey, who together have only 13 bouts decided by points in their careers.

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