sexta-feira, 10 de maio de 2013

Sonnen back causing Wanderlei: 'You have 24 hours to accept'

American wants a confrontation with the 'Mad Dog' in UFC

Chael Sonnen foi novamente ao Twitter para provocar Wanderlei Silva por uma luta (Reprodução)

Chael Sonnen once again used Twitter to cause Wanderlei Silva. Seeking a confrontation in the UFC octagon with former Pride champion, the American was the social network and gave the Brazilian a period of 24 hours to accept to be his next opponent in the UFC.

"Wand, you have 24 hours to accept. If you do, I promise to donate 10% of my purse to help schools in your city, Curitiba ... I mean: VEGAS ", nudged the American, in reference to the fact Wanderlei live in the United States.

The tactic of getting fights through provocations public is not new to Chael Sonnen. Getting opportunities clashes against champions Anderson Silva (middleweight) and Jon Jones (light heavyweight) because of his sharp tongue. The fact, however, is that just Sonnnen defeat in both fights, and became a laughing stock on the internet.

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