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Sonnen says he 'chases' Belfort and Wand, but would fight Anderson even without belt

sonnen volta a provocar wand ele e o pior lutador do ufc 445x242 Sonnen diz que corre atrás de Belfort e Wand, mas que lutaria com Anderson mesmo sem cinturão

Chael Sonnen returns to the Octagon on Saturday, the main event of UFC Fight Night 26, to face Mauricio Shogun, in the commitment that may be his last as a light heavyweight. Sonnen says he still has some Brazilians in sight - even if no belt is at stake.

The U.S. participated today in a conference call to promote the event next Saturday. Showing respect unusual compared to previous speeches, Sonnen said his next targets are Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva.

"I'm really chasing two guys. I'm running behind Vitor and Wanderlei. Wanderlei has announced it is returning to 84 pounds. There was also a lot of motivation. "

In fact, there is more motivation than that. Chael continued and talked about his recent opponents. According to the fighter, he would again face both Jon Jones and Anderson Silva, even if they do not have another title to defend.

"I do not always chase titles. I want to fight Jon Jones even if he does not have the belt. Want to fight (Anderson) Silva even if he does not have the belt. Grieving with them now! "

However, Sonnen Sonnen is not without a hint of provocation. Even a light version, the "Gangster from West Lynn" left one for Wanderlei.

"I would not mock someone if he was weak. I will not bully anyone. The fact that these guys have so many great victories meant that I was behind them. Never choose someone weaker than me. Taking Wanderlei, I would never do that. "

Mauricio Shogun faces Chael Sonnen at UFC Fight Night 26 on the 17th of August. The event marks the debut of the organization in the new FOX Sports 1 in the United States.

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