quinta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2013

Sonnen reveals desire to face Belfort: 'I think I can win'

-Sonnen "I have tried to fight Vitor for a long time. I think he is probably the second scariest guy in the UFC, getting just below Jon Jones, but I think he is beatable. I think I can beat him and do not care, because I'll punch your face repeatedly, "said the fighter

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Sonnen made ​​a parameter in the first confrontation between the athletes, the Pride in 2006, and today. For weight-heavyweight, Hendo, despite two consecutive setbacks, showed a great evolution, while Vitor, even with two straight wins by knockouts overwhelming, is at the same level.

"I trained with Dan Henderson before the first fight between the two. Henderson dominated. They came, they fought hard, but Dan dominated the fight. Dan is better now than it was then. I do not think Vitor is better now, just think he has a different haircut, "he added.

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